Call-In Special: The Alton Browncast 51

Call-In Special: The Alton Browncast 51

Today I’m doing things a little differently. I’m going to answer some of your questions (from my secret number). See what happened and what was discussed when fans answered.

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    2 questions if that is OK… (1) Please explain your use of the phrase “A pint’s a pound the world around” as used in the three episodes on chocolate. I’m afraid it just flies in the face of what I thought I understood about ounces by weight v. ounces by volume. (2) What is the chemical reaction that occurs when you pour mirin into soy sauce? Thanks

  2. 4
    April Dawn

    Why is that Long Island chick STILL cooking for her TWENTY-THREE YEAR OLD???? Congrats on raising a man-child! Good luck marrying him off. Fames optimum condimentum.

    • 5

      I would have told that mother to first dope slap her son, and then just make him eat whatever she wanted to cook–and eat everything.

  3. 8

    Alton it seems we have, on the surface, similar day to day family lives. We have families, we have kids, we ride motorcycles around town, we both work in a field where you can be sitting with clients at a desk and the next minute a dirty and stained from our work. How do you dress on a non tv daily fashion, as to look good all the time. I frequently wear polo shirts and jeans because they can take the abuse and are inexpensive. But I want more.

  4. 9

    Glad to see question and answer sessions. I don’t know if you will ever have time to cover it, but I’ve been wondering what this “natural flavoring” that has appeared in every unsalted butter product I can find is. I have a beef intolerance and oddly enough, a mild reaction is also caused by this unsalted butter. Normal butter does not cause the problem. Any idea if or how these might be connected? Any idea on how I can find unsalted butter without additives or how to adjust recipes for unsalted to deal with the salt in the salted butter? Thanks.

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      Shakira Miguel

      Hi Darcie,
      Not sure if Mr. Brown will get to this, but usually if one of my baking recipes asks for unsalted butter it is to control the amount of salt that is being put in. With some help from the Nutrition table on the back of your butter box you should be able to calculate an approximate amount of salt per serving of butter and from there add the difference for the salt needed. This may require some experimentation but if your butter serving is very high in salt add more fat like coconut oil to balance it. This should work if the difference is considerable small. Also this is just a hunch, but the unsallted butter may be processed differently and the protein structures may retain their integrity better.

  5. 11

    Love that Alton is back podcasting (had to find the new RSS feed). I think Julia is perhaps upset with the way the podcast ep. 51 was edited. Alton sounds the same.

    • 12

      You said you had to find the RSS feed. Where did you find it? Please share. I really don’t want to have to use iTunes or Stitcher if I don’t have to.

  6. 13

    I miss the old Alton-the kind and funny lovable nerd. This new know-it-all, elitist, often rude snob is a total 180 from the original tv personality. Maybe a happy medium can be achieved?

  7. 15
    Yvette Shockley

    I live a block from the Pacific Ocean and with the moisture in the air always (surely you have the same problem living in the South) I have issues with my spices clumping. How can this be prevented? Thanks for your help with this from the Thinline girl. =o.~=

  8. 16

    Loved the latest two episodes…where oh where can a fella find AB’s secret number; I’ve got to get the low-down on crispy turkey skin.

  9. 18

    In regards to the picky 23 year-old man child who eats like a 5 year old, i used to have a similar issue (altho i wasn’t nearly as bad). A huge part of the problem in my situation was that both my parents were really bad cooks, so the food they were trying to serve me was legitimately not very good. Once i moved out of the house and started eating food made by other people, i was able to branch out my tastes. My advice to the mom is to get that guy a girlfriend and have her cook for him.

  10. 19
    Matt NYC

    Yo AB, On the Podcasts App, it is only updated to the Shatner cast. How do we get the current casts?

    Side note: In NYC, I saw you on Gansevoort and Wash this summer and star struck I banged on the glass at you and you gave me the death stare. But you had a fast gait and I probably looked like a crazy person. I just assumed you were late to meet someone at waxman’s place. Sorry If I was a rude fan. 🙂

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