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  1. If you ask me to send you stuff it’ll probably take a while because I am never at the office and I tend to run out of stamps.
  2. Please DO NOT send me show ideas because my lawyers (who refuse to go buy me stamps) won’t let me read them.
  3. At this time, I cannot respond to Eagle Scout letter requests.

Good Eats

  1. Good Eats DVD sets are hard to come by, as in they’re not sold anywhere. I myself don’t even have the full set.
  2. With that said: All seasons of Good Eats are available for purchase on Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play and Xbox Video with about half of the seasons/series also available on Vudu.  

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  1. 1

    QQ has motivated my wife and I to try new things… well cooking things anyway. I know that with your experience and expertise it must be tough to not get just the right camera angle and sound and light. We aren’t that particular. If we can see you or Elizabeth (mostly anyway) and can hear most of what you say we can make it to another week! Thanks for taking the time to make something for us to enjoy. May you find a way to monetize it while not getting divorced! 😉

  2. 4

    Your reloaded chicken stock recipe where you show burning an onion at the bottom of the pot made me cringe.
    It shows me that your recipes still lack basic cooking common sense. Who wants blackened, burnt onion flavors in a delicate chicken soup?
    Then you leave the onion burning and blackening and go to the other part of the kitchen.
    This is beyond stupid. In what world do you leave a burning pot on the stove unattended!?!
    I think you are doing viewers a disservice by showing burnt onions in a pressure cooker. Why not add a little neutral oil and carmelise the onions?

  3. 7
    Daniel Sitarski

    My friend’s son Facebook post:

    Hey everyone, I need your help! As many of you know my mom and dad are battling COVID-19. Mom is at home and doing ok, Dad has been at the hospital since last Friday. My dad LOVES Alton Brown so much so that he was FRONT ROW CENTER when Alton was in Detroit and I am trying to get Mr. Brown to record a video message for my dad to lift his spirits! Dad is a @detroit_police Officer and has dedicated his life to protecting others! Please help me get accomplished! Please like, Share, use the #altonbrown and #grantstrong

  4. 8
    Sue McKenney

    Gday!! Thoroughly enjoying your Quarantine You tube. I’m an Aussie Boomer living in Queensland, luckily my girlfriend in Canada prodded me to watch. Absolute GOLD.. It’s like I’m sitting on a stool on the other side of your kitchen bench, with my glass of wine, and laughing with you. Thank you so much you guys, keep cooking up some fun, keep safe. Cheers.

  5. 10
    Becky Schneider

    During these challenging times of lock down in N.Y. State due to the Covid-19 pandemic I have been trying to meet the needs of my family. I am working with a limited budget,
    limited kitchen skills and a host of dietary, physical and mental issues of providing for the needs of my loved ones in the house who are 83 and 86 years old. We are sequestered
    at home and it has been a concern how to best meet their needs within the tight restrictions we face. I stumbled upon your Chocolate Chip “Good Eats” episode about a week
    ago and scribbled notes on the show in order to try one of the methods you described. Yesterday I made the chewy recipe and it came out perfect. It has helped extend our
    limited budget, made the finest chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made in my life and helps meet the needs for some sweet treat relief in our home. After a career in Tool & Die,
    my kitchen skills need retooling and thanks to your “Good Eats” series, they have been improving slowly. I’d own the entire series if I could – they are wonderful. Thank you for
    helping me stretch our resources during these difficult times. Warm regards, Becky Schneider
    — – – – and yes, we do play the banjo – classic, jazz and bluegrass!

  6. 11

    Just saw your 2010 the catfish will rise again episode. Catfish in the south is coated with corn meal. I was aghast at your uncle character using flour. For shame on you. Love you Alton, very happy that you are making new episodes.

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