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If you want to get in touch, here’s where you do it. I’m the only one who reads this stuff and I will eventually read it and probably even respond…eventually again being the operative word. Since I don’t have an assistant or minions or anything…

  1. If you ask me to send you stuff it’ll probably take a while because I am never at the office and I tend to run out of stamps.
  2. Please DO NOT send me show ideas because my lawyers (who refuse to go buy me stamps) won’t let me read them.
  3. At this time, I cannot respond to Eagle Scout letter requests.

Good Eats

  1. Good Eats DVD sets are hard to come by, as in they’re not sold anywhere. I myself don’t even have the full set.
  2. With that said: All seasons of Good Eats are available for purchase on Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play and Xbox Video with about half of the seasons/series also available on Vudu.  

A little bit about Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science, including volunteers, etc. (PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU EMAIL):

  • The dates and locations listed on are all the cities we’ll be hitting or the Fall 2017 leg of the tour. That doesn’t mean there won’t be more shows later on down the line but for now, this is the list. I am of course available for private showings in living rooms, back yards, garages, etc… if the price is right. We’ll talk. 
  • Yes, I ask for volunteers during the show and they really truly are chosen completely at random. We absolutely DO NOT book or screen the volunteers in advance. That would be like…zero fun. This is also the case if it’s your birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc. They’re truly chosen at random. Please do not ask. 
  • We’re not able to do Meet and Greet sessions during this leg of the tour, but you never know when I’m going to hold a flash signing. Flash signings are usually decided the night before the show, so we won’t know until nearly the last minute. When we do announce them we’ll do so through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so keep your eyes open for Post-its with times, latitude and longitude.

If you have any other questions about the Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science tour, please visit the FAQ section here before emailing me.

*Before sending, please read: This contact form does not accept links. Please only use plain text in the subject box below.

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  1. 1

    Can you please send me the old yellow cake recipe the name of the show was called Cake on every Plate Season 6 episode 14

  2. 2

    My super market adds water to meat to increase the weight. I placed a steak on a hot grill pan and it BOILED in its own water. I spoke to a manager of the meat dept. of another store and he used “Food Network buzz words” like “wet aging” and brine. Who in the world would ever brine a steak?? Any ideas how to make them stop?

  3. 4

    A friend of mine swears by this. They say they put a turkey in a brine bag and cover it in about 1 gallon of Frank’s hot sauce. No extra water, salt, or sugar -just straight hot sauce. It sounds crazy to me. Have any of you tried this? In theory should this even work?

  4. 5
    Evelyn Wildman

    Every freaking year! In fact, I’m stuffing my face with it as we speak. He’s a MF’ing genius- that Alton Brown. I won’t make my turkey any other way! It cooks fast; and because you seat it, no basting! Juicy, juicy, juicy! Granted, I have an apartment size oven so the skin gets a bit crispy- but I don’t eat the skin. I cooked a 20lb turkey in less than 3 hrs. Do it! You won’t regret it!

    • 6
      Evelyn Wildman

      Sorry, sear it! Yes, I use regular old frozen turkeys I get free when you spend $100 at grocery store. Whichever brand store is giving away or is cheapest, I get!

  5. 8
    Jeff P

    Has anyone tried the frozen brined turkey receipt from Alton’s Everyday Cook book? Where do you get a frozen turkey that isn’t injected with salt? I assume Alton used a natural turkey that was frozen in-store and after major holidays.

  6. 10
    Greg Dahlen

    Does anyone know, if I have fluid whipping cream from cows, can it be said that one of its several components is “oil”? Is there a way to separate this oil out from the cream? Would it be called “cream oil”?

    I suppose one can separate oil in vegetables out from the rest of the vegetable to get vegetable oil, so possibly one can do the same with cream?

    Just curious about food.

  7. 12
    Jane Krall

    Hello Alton, It’s been 9 years of trying to recreate this pizza parlor recipe that is so delicious! I’m almost giving up though It’s hard to give up on the most wonderful, delectable, tasting pizza in the world. I would be glad if I could send you a frozen one in dry ice already cooked or just the shell so you can figure out the technique and maybe the recipe. It seems like it would be simple enough but so far it’s been too difficult to figure out. I’ve tried everything that I could possible think of to replicate it but it’s not enough by far. It could be that my oven isn’t hot enough or just my technique is wrong. The ingredients are listed on the package when I purchase the frozen pizza shell. It’s very basic it just includes flour, yeast, salt, and vegetable oil. I can’t duplicate the look or the taste! It’s about time I wrote to you because we both know that you can duplicate this pizza right now pizza please!!!

  8. 20
    Maia Leppo

    I am trying to send a message through the contact form, but it is not working. Is there an alternative way? Thank you, Maia

  9. 21
    phyllis kilpatrick

    Thanks for all the years of Good Eats!! I live near Tampa and seem to get at least two episodes every evening on the Cooking Channel. All the best to you and your family!

  10. 22
    frank willett

    Dear Mr Brown

    You are a cooking legend. This is why I think you should become an Aquabat.
    The Aquabats need you! with your cooking ability and skills the Aquabats would be stronger.
    please get in touch with The Aquabats if you are interested.

    P.S You might have a long lost relative or brother in England that looks almost identical to you.
    Many thanks

    • 24

      Hi Debra,
      We watch Good Eats almost every night on the Cooking Channel – you need cable to find this channel. Love it too. It probably appeals to my dark side.

  11. 25
    Julie Wall

    Tried to leave a message but it is not working. I am trying to put on a fundraiser for a Hearing and Mobility dog. I was hoping you might support me with a small item. Regards, Julie Wall

  12. 26

    Are you no longer posting to your web page for us old people without social media? Or did I miss some high falutant new fangaled subscription thingy madoodle?

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