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If you want to get in touch, here’s where you do it. I’m the only one who reads this stuff and I will eventually read it and probably even respond…eventually again being the operative word. Since I don’t have an assistant or minions or anything…

  1. If you ask me to send you stuff it’ll probably take a while because I am never at the office and I tend to run out of stamps.
  2. Please DO NOT send me show ideas because my lawyers (who refuse to go buy me stamps) won’t let me read them.
  3. At this time, I cannot respond to Eagle Scout letter requests.

Good Eats

  1. Good Eats DVD sets are hard to come by, as in they’re not sold anywhere. I myself don’t even have the full set.
  2. With that said: All seasons of Good Eats are available for purchase on Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play and Xbox Video with about half of the seasons/series also available on Vudu.  

A little bit about Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science, including volunteers, etc. (PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU EMAIL):

  • The dates and locations listed on are all the cities we’ll be hitting or the Fall 2017 leg of the tour. That doesn’t mean there won’t be more shows later on down the line but for now, this is the list. I am of course available for private showings in living rooms, back yards, garages, etc… if the price is right. We’ll talk. 
  • Yes, I ask for volunteers during the show and they really truly are chosen completely at random. We absolutely DO NOT book or screen the volunteers in advance. That would be like…zero fun. This is also the case if it’s your birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc. They’re truly chosen at random. Please do not ask. 
  • We’re not able to do Meet and Greet sessions during this leg of the tour, but you never know when I’m going to hold a flash signing. Flash signings are usually decided the night before the show, so we won’t know until nearly the last minute. When we do announce them we’ll do so through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so keep your eyes open for Post-its with times, latitude and longitude.

If you have any other questions about the Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science tour, please visit the FAQ section here before emailing me.

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  1. 1

    Can you please send me the old yellow cake recipe the name of the show was called Cake on every Plate Season 6 episode 14

  2. 2

    My super market adds water to meat to increase the weight. I placed a steak on a hot grill pan and it BOILED in its own water. I spoke to a manager of the meat dept. of another store and he used “Food Network buzz words” like “wet aging” and brine. Who in the world would ever brine a steak?? Any ideas how to make them stop?

  3. 4

    A friend of mine swears by this. They say they put a turkey in a brine bag and cover it in about 1 gallon of Frank’s hot sauce. No extra water, salt, or sugar -just straight hot sauce. It sounds crazy to me. Have any of you tried this? In theory should this even work?

  4. 5
    Evelyn Wildman

    Every freaking year! In fact, I’m stuffing my face with it as we speak. He’s a MF’ing genius- that Alton Brown. I won’t make my turkey any other way! It cooks fast; and because you seat it, no basting! Juicy, juicy, juicy! Granted, I have an apartment size oven so the skin gets a bit crispy- but I don’t eat the skin. I cooked a 20lb turkey in less than 3 hrs. Do it! You won’t regret it!

    • 6
      Evelyn Wildman

      Sorry, sear it! Yes, I use regular old frozen turkeys I get free when you spend $100 at grocery store. Whichever brand store is giving away or is cheapest, I get!

  5. 8
    Jeff P

    Has anyone tried the frozen brined turkey receipt from Alton’s Everyday Cook book? Where do you get a frozen turkey that isn’t injected with salt? I assume Alton used a natural turkey that was frozen in-store and after major holidays.

  6. 10
    Greg Dahlen

    Does anyone know, if I have fluid whipping cream from cows, can it be said that one of its several components is “oil”? Is there a way to separate this oil out from the cream? Would it be called “cream oil”?

    I suppose one can separate oil in vegetables out from the rest of the vegetable to get vegetable oil, so possibly one can do the same with cream?

    Just curious about food.

  7. 12
    Jane Krall

    Hello Alton, It’s been 9 years of trying to recreate this pizza parlor recipe that is so delicious! I’m almost giving up though It’s hard to give up on the most wonderful, delectable, tasting pizza in the world. I would be glad if I could send you a frozen one in dry ice already cooked or just the shell so you can figure out the technique and maybe the recipe. It seems like it would be simple enough but so far it’s been too difficult to figure out. I’ve tried everything that I could possible think of to replicate it but it’s not enough by far. It could be that my oven isn’t hot enough or just my technique is wrong. The ingredients are listed on the package when I purchase the frozen pizza shell. It’s very basic it just includes flour, yeast, salt, and vegetable oil. I can’t duplicate the look or the taste! It’s about time I wrote to you because we both know that you can duplicate this pizza right now pizza please!!!

  8. 14

    Anyone know where they get the salt dish that they have used on Good Eats? I want one and for the life of me cannot locate one!

  9. 20
    Maia Leppo

    I am trying to send a message through the contact form, but it is not working. Is there an alternative way? Thank you, Maia

  10. 21
    phyllis kilpatrick

    Thanks for all the years of Good Eats!! I live near Tampa and seem to get at least two episodes every evening on the Cooking Channel. All the best to you and your family!

  11. 22
    frank willett

    Dear Mr Brown

    You are a cooking legend. This is why I think you should become an Aquabat.
    The Aquabats need you! with your cooking ability and skills the Aquabats would be stronger.
    please get in touch with The Aquabats if you are interested.

    P.S You might have a long lost relative or brother in England that looks almost identical to you.
    Many thanks

    • 24

      Hi Debra,
      We watch Good Eats almost every night on the Cooking Channel – you need cable to find this channel. Love it too. It probably appeals to my dark side.

  12. 25
    Julie Wall

    Tried to leave a message but it is not working. I am trying to put on a fundraiser for a Hearing and Mobility dog. I was hoping you might support me with a small item. Regards, Julie Wall

  13. 26

    Are you no longer posting to your web page for us old people without social media? Or did I miss some high falutant new fangaled subscription thingy madoodle?

  14. 27
    Jennifer Walker

    I’ve been trying to send you a message through the contact form, but it won’t let me. Looking for donation of an autographed cookbook for a raffle for a small town festival. please let me know how to submit a request. Thank you!

  15. 30
    Lydia ( Kim) Brown

    This one may surprise you! We are a retired Professional husband and wife who have been forced to come to terms with life and death with Agent Orange for my terribly ill husband. We are bull headed, full of humor, over the top with love of life and for sure watching your show. My husbands restrictions are heartbreaking, but if you could just see him with a Parkinson’s walker in a store asking for a “Alton’s salt pan” for his wife to use…it would bring you to both, humor and heartbreak. Jim is able to understand you and follow you when he cant keep up with other people and the doctors at V A are asking me “who-o-o- is Alton? I want you to stand tall and be proud of how you are helping a man who is loosing his battle he faught years ago in Vietnam, but he is going in style cooking with you, not hardly remembering which is sugar and which is salt. Thank You for a part of your show you may not consider to be a purpose and a reason..the nurturnig and support of War Hero. You are right there with his Honors all over our house in stripse and posts and Goverment and America atrabutes to him. Its kind of cute when they say how do you deal with this and often his answer is ” keeping up with Alton”..what? they ask… and I proudly say ” Alton Brown” … thanks Lydia and Jim Brown

  16. 31

    your 2009 orange marmalade needed a little help from some liquid pectin…followed your recipe and
    marmalade was too “relaxed” .

  17. 33
    Tom Ngo

    I just read about your effort in bringing to us a cooking show similar to Good Eats. The article stated that monetization plays a part in getting the project started. I would be willing to pay a subscription fee for access to the show!


  18. 34
    Christa Balk

    Just read and made your steamed soft eggs!!!! The best ever!!!! I was actually able to peel them! Thanks! Even a old hand at cooking can learn new tricks!

  19. 35

    Mr. Brown, I sent you an email a while ago in reference to a very special opportunity at the Dobbins Air Reserve Base air show in March 2018. I would be happy to provide the details again if you did not receive it.

    Col K.

  20. 36
    Joey Leach

    Mr brown. My daughter Carli (3yrs). And I got started watching you on good eats via Netflix. And have became fans she calls you “cookin man” and we dvr every episode that comes on. We missed you when you came to Nashville. If I mail you a copy of everyday cook. Could you sign it for me and yes I’ll send it with a extra stamp and box If so where would I get your mailing info. Thank you so much mr brown you have gave my daughter and I something to bond with your show and cooking.

  21. 37

    Mr. Brown, you have probably already done a show on this topic so I apologize ahead of time for asking but I have to know… I recently started using instant coffee and researched the internet for a way to improve the taste. A couple of posts suggested dissolving the instant granules in cold water before adding the hot water and, I will be a monkey’s uncle, it worked to remove the bad taste. Am I having a positive psycho semantic response to this suggestion as a means of looking at myself in the mirror for drinking instant, or is there true science involved?

  22. 38

    will you be hiring for your new endeavors? and where can one submit their resumé? Know some good baristas, dishwashers, late-show writers, assistants to the assistant, pig dusters, chauffeurs, coffee taste testers…#georgiaeconomy
    Seriously though, are you hiring?

  23. 39
    Abby Hickey

    Is MagicSpace a valid Shop to selling your CD? I have emailed them 2 times since I purchased it as a gift for my husband.(11 days ago) I have received no information indicating the CD has shipped and no response to my emails. Merry Christmas and may 2017 be a great one for you and your family.

  24. 42

    Hi Mr.Brown,
    I hope you got my message. If not:
    Could you please do a show on how to properly use spices? I listened to your old podcast with the owners of The Spice House and now I’m really interested in cooking with spices but I don’t know how to apply them correctly or where to start with adding more spices to my food.
    Thank you for your help!

  25. 46
    Thomas Speir

    The troops overseas get to live in shipping containers, sometimes with a microwave. Could you suggest ingredients that they should be sent to make their own dishes so as to avoid the chow hall? Not saying military food is bad, but some times “one size fits all” doesn’t really work.

  26. 54

    SPREAD THE WORD! Tell ALL your family members and friends to vote ONLY Democrat 2016! Just another reason to vote ONLY Democrat 2016 and shove the republican’ts and the corporations and their ilk so far down that they will never recover and end up in the trash heap of history where they belong. NO more misogyny, racism, bigotry, theology, etc. NO more Vichy DINO Democrats such as Reid/Debbie Wasserman Schultz/Manchin/Pelosi/etc, RINO Republican’ts and these problems will be gone forever. The influences of the last 40yrs plus of Reagan and both Bushes will be gone FOREVER!! More socialism NOT less, MORE government NOT less, MORE unions NOT fewer, More regulations NOT less. MORE POPULISM NOT LESS!! No more austerity! STEAL FROM THE RICH TO GIVE TO THE POOR! Minimum 70 Dems US Senate and minimum 300 Dems US House of Reps and minimum 30 Dems Governor and take back ALL state legislatures and make ALL Democrats 2016! DON’T NEED NO CHECKS ON THE DEMOCRAT WHITE HOUSE. THEN NO MORE obstructionism, fascism, bigotry, rascism, filibusters, corporate lackeys, etc. STOP USING SCARE TACTICS!
    STOP already! It is the corporations NOT the gumbmint that are causing problems in this country. Stop listening to Fixed Noise propaganda coolaid. Freedumb doesn’t mean voting against your own interests and for republican’ts and those who vote for and assist them.

  27. 57
    Caitlin McQuilken-Scholze

    Hi Alton Brown!
    I just sent you a message through the form above. I really hope to hear back from you soon! Thank you!


  28. 58
    Bud Johnston

    Two questions.– Is the C-206 I saw you loading and toddling around in,, a couple shows ago, your personal ride?
    What is the best way (if any) t keep blueberries from bleeding into a custard filling?

    I’m 74….cooking 69 of them. My 12 year old grandson commented that he enjoys your show the most because “he tolls you how to do it.” Same reason as mine (Ironically the same reason my, indifferent cook at best, wife doesn’t like the show.
    She doesn’t grasp the thought that if you feed someone, they have a meal. If you give them the recipe they can eat forever, and that there is a reason some things go together and some don’t Keep up the good work and consider Topeka, KS a good place to have a show. Have fun and stay well.

  29. 59

    Trying to send you an email and it keeps giving me the following error…..Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.
    i tried waiting and still nothing is there another email please

  30. 63

    Red Velvet Cake… cream cheese icing, only ermine, period. Save the cream cheese for Carrot Cake!
    Forever a fan from Texas!!

  31. 64
    Carole Mann

    Have e-mailed you 9 times over the past 3 months-Hmm-No reply???-Just wanted permission to use one of your recipes in my next book-“Recipes from the Other Side”—I am a clairvoyant—-and doing a Story Cookbook-Simon Majumbar sent me one, so did Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri–I am so dissappointed-but still LOVE Cut throat Kitchen-never miss an episode-Thank You-Carole Mann

  32. 67
    Jack Marshall

    Have loved your “Good Eats” series for some time and I will never tire of watching them as they are so well done..
    The cooking channel has done so well with your show over the years so please keep the reruns coming..

  33. 68
    charlotte Drescher

    Nobody ever helps us diabetics with good tasty food,,,and while i want a specific recipe today, griping about that is also highly important,,,,that being said,,,my stuffed peppers always come out kinda bland and pasty,,i use hamburger spices and white rice because brown rice always seems grainy to me even after i cook it to the specific directions on the package,,,so,,help me please,,,you are my favorite which is why i am asking you for help,,,loved you right from Good eats ,,,all the way to ,,,Iron Chef America and on to Cut throat kitchen,,,so please,,,dont let this SOLID fAN DoWN,,,HELP!!!

  34. 71
    Jennifer Sabatino

    Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method. this message is popping up again 🙁

  35. 72
    Lauren Tatum

    Hello, Alton!

    My name is Lauren Tatum (native of Marietta, now living in Jacksonville). My fiance, Justin, is a giant fan of yours. He actually buys specific cookware based on your “Good Eats” recommendations, and tries out as many of your show recipes as he can afford! (In fact, we are watching the “Dis-Kabob-ulated” episode of GE, as I’m secretly typing this to you.) – It has been decided that we are going to make your recommended kabobs tomorrow night! Haha!

    He’s a great guy and I’m proud that he looks to someone like you as a role model. After a hard day of work, he loves coming home and watching yours shows with me. He is actually the one who got me hooked! He’s a good dude. He drives 4 hours a day to and from work, comes home with a smile on his face, and has an awesome outlook on life. To show my appreciation for him, I’m writing you in hopes that I could convince you to send him a personalized autographed photo or anything, really. Nothing in this world would make him happier, and I love to see him happy.

    If you can find the time, please do feel free to email, mail, or call if additional information is needed.
    I’ve provided his information below, should you have any chance to fulfill this request.

    Thank you so much for your time,

    Lauren Tatum
    (904) 403 4471


    Lauren Tatum
    7816 Southside Blvd, Apt #164
    Jacksonville, FL 32256

  36. 76
    Jason Brown

    When baking, I often hear it is more accurate to measure ingredients by weight rather than to measure by volume. This really makes sense, especially for flour. Depending on how it’s measured –scooped and leveled, spooned and leveled, not leveled at all, packed or loose- and depending on the brand –Gold Medal vs King Arthur vs White Lily vs some other brand- you can get wildly different results. However, nearly every recipe published in the USA has flour by the cup rather than by grams. It seems like the latter would be far more consistent.
    My question, then, is this: What is the weight, in grams, of one properly measured cup of all purpose flour?

    • 77

      This is what I have found.
      All-Purpose Flour: 1 cup = 4 1/2 oz
      Bread Flour: 1 cup = 4 1/2 oz
      Whole Wheat Flour: 1 cup = 4 1/2 oz
      Cake Flour: 1 cup = 4 oz
      Pastry Flour: 1 cup = 4 oz

  37. 78
    Joshua Waldron

    Hi Alton

    Just a quick msg id love to spitball around.

    So I’m a big fan of blowing spit bubbles…Uber disgusting I know, I.m pretty sure you have done so yourself being an inquisitive soul.

    Down to the Math of it all, whats going to give you the maximum bubble output ? I know you know 🙂 I find after vaporizing particular herbs & then eating basil & coriander and mint afterwards is the only thing that will show increased bubble ability of the person trying to produce such vulgar expression of human capability!

    Your Thoughts ?

  38. 79
    Tim Croteau

    Hi Alton!
    Thank you so much for everything you do from good eats to cutthroat kitchen to iron chef and more!

    I’m 23 and you’ve inspired me since i was a young child. Your passion is unmatched. You helped me fall in love with cooking, and the details behind every action i take in the kitchen. I think you’re brilliant and hope to have the same amazing mental encyclopedia of knowledge one day. Can’t wait for the next great show!!

  39. 81
    Tom Wales

    Mr Brown, I made your overnight cinnamon rolls and took them to Christmas breakfast at a friends house and I must say they were by far the best I have ever made, the overnight rise has got to be the key. Just like pizza dough the overnight rise gives the dough a unique and delicious flavor. Thank You ever so much, I use so many of your procedures and recipes that to comment on them all would take a web page in its own right.
    Alton Brown, You ROCK buddy.

  40. 82

    Hello Mr. Brown, would you please fix your page? I got the following notice when I tried to send a message: “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.” I don’t have a silly fan question. I actually have a real question I need to know the answer to. I know you are really busy, but I hope you will have the time to read your comments today. Thank you.

  41. 83

    I really miss Good Eats. Anyone can have a recipe but very few understand (or want to) the science behind it. I’ll take the science any day!

  42. 87
    Tanya Dulas

    Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do. My husband has many food allergies – corn, soy, barley, sesame, nuts – and we have had to learn to cook the very basic items. I always look to your recipes first because if any knows how to make something right from scratch it is you.
    Tanya D

  43. 88

    Love your Turkey recipe. I have been using this since your first show on Thanksgiving Prep.
    I did want to provide you with an update on an easier way to brine than using a cooler. You can purchase an Igloo 5 gal beverage jug. I think they are about $20 at walmart and other retailers. The reason why… its fully insulated, so no need for ice, unless you are in a warm region. and the amount of brine is 50% less than in a cooler as the 5 gal beverage is the same shape as the turkey. Plus you get better insulation performance

  44. 89
    Mallory Elwood

    You’re a culinary genius! I absolutely love watching you on every show & so does my 7 year old daughter & 3 year old son! You’re inspiring future chefs. My son’s most favorite thing to do is cook & he recognizes you on every cooking show we watch. We even named our 5 month old boy who was born in June Bennett ALTON Elwood! 🙂 Loving science & cooking you make it beyond interesting & puts cooking in a whole new perspective. THANKS ALTON!!! 🙂 & Happy Thanksgiving!!

  45. 90

    I always get the best results and most compliments from your recipes— huge fan! I love to cook and prep as much as I can in advance of Thanksgiving so I can spend more time enjoying our company. What can/should you prepare in advance, what can you half-prep, and what should absolutely be done the day of? Thanks and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  46. 91

    We have a 23lb fresh turkey and we want to do a wet brine on it. I watched your video on Facebook with the frozen turkey. Will we still brine it for 2 days, in the fridge? Thank you! Love your recipes.

  47. 93

    Dear Alton,
    My husband and I have been fans of yours for years and have incorporated your turkey brine into our holidays for the last several years. We actually live overseas now in Okinawa Japan due to the military. Unfortunately, they don’t carry allspice berries. I have looked everywhere for a substitute and haven’t found one that comes close to the flavor we have come to love. Do you have any suggestions? Also, I was hoping to get your advice on the base for the brine. Normally we would use vegetable stock but they don’t carry that here either. We have opted for chicken broth and use less than it normally calls for so we don’t get fat deposits. What advice can you give to us to get the same great taste with next to no supplies? Thank you so much!
    We use black peppercorns, kosher salt, Rosemary and Allspice powder (leaves an awful residue.) We have everything else we need to follow the recipe. Thanks for making our holidays merry!!!
    The Ellers

  48. 94
    Bill Kohlman

    AB – I have enjoyed the AltonBrowncast. I happen to catch the very first one and have downloaded all of them. But the last one is almost a year ago. Have you permanently discontinued them, just put them on the back burner, or what? I realize that with your road show and food network shows and projects that your time must be stretched very thin. However, I felt that the Browncast was a way to reach out for people who are not in front of their TV or computers. It is always interesting to hear about the behind the scenes or to catch up with the actors who appeared on Good Eats. Best of luck to you – Hope to be downloading a Browncast soon.

  49. 96
    Larry Cicchiello

    Can anyone help me by sending me Alton’s recipe for chicken thighs with smoked paprika? I have spent over 30 minutes searching all over for it. SINCEREST thanks!

  50. 98
    Christina Hamous

    I’m getting an error when sending you a message

    Error: “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”

  51. 100
    imogene hstdip

    I made your blueberry muffins this morning. I used coconut oil. We had houseguests. We all agreed that they were the very best muffins that we had ever eaten (we are old).

    Thank you so much for your delicious recipes.

  52. 101

    This is the Alton Brown I miss…Inspiration…Instruction. Cutthroat Kitchen is cool, but I learned so much from ‘Good Eats.’ I think it should be shown in elementary schools.

  53. 103
    Jim Richardson

    Alton, you used to be good. Good Eats and Iron Chef were great. Your latest shows however – Cutthroat Kitchen and the newest one I can’t even recall the name of – well, frankly, they are simply awful. They have nothing whatsoever to do with cooking. You have fallen off the high road and travel a path to oblivion. Please return to a decent show that’s all about the food and not the crazy clown antics you now seem to ooze.

  54. 105

    I had the craziest dream about sitting in a small but stylish cabin style kitchen at a wooden table. You were so excited about having me taste something you’d created. You placed a white plate in front of me with bruised lemongrass and some herb you’d apparently invented. This herb has green stem and tiny white seeds. I distinctly remember the taste; which was like sweet Thyme. When combined with the bruised lemongrass it was pure joy! You laughed and clasped your hands together in pure delight over your invention. I was thrilled to be the first to experience it! Now…I’m looking near and far to recreate what I tasted in that dream (is that normal to remember flavors from dreams??) Don’t know what it all means, but thanks for such an awesome experience! -Ketra

  55. 111

    Dear Alton.
    I keep hearing people talking about cooking a steak with a reverse sear. Are you familiar with this concept? It involves cooking a steak at a low temperature until it is close to being done and then putting it on a hot grill/skillet to sear the outside. I am reluctant to try this since steak is expensive and I am not certain about the results. Do you have any ideas about this concept?

  56. 112

    Just wanted to say this site looks great and I’m excited to continue to check out it’s content. My husband and I have always loved Good Eats! You taught me to cook! Thanks for taking the time to make this site. Also loved catching up with some of your GE episodes on Netflix. Hope one day they are all archived and available to watch or buy at a good price. It could be a cooking course.

  57. 113

    We watched your shows for decades and we loved them. We been watching your Cutthroat Kitchen since the beginning and we loved it. HOWEVER, lately we have noticed that is getting more discriminatory with the female contestants. They seem to be the first one out of the competition, also why is there only one or none females compared to males. There should 2 of each.

    The other problem, those same judges are getting so bored and they may have their own sexual orientation that they just seem to eliminate female contestants very biased.

    We and many of our friends think the same way and we stopped watching it, until there is a even balance a ratio of male and female contestants.

    And definitely change and rotate these boring judges that will be fair and have a personality.

    About you, we think you are very knowledgeable, great personality and you make the show. You may not have control of the above statement but somebody should relay it to the powers that can realize the attitude we have of the show.

    Tell them to imagine, how many more viewers there would be if the statement above is in place.

    By the way, I am a married male to a female and I see the bias on the show.

    Thank You


  58. 114
    Leigh Burba

    Just found out that you are NOT on the next season of Next Food Network Star. Oh No!!! Why aren’t you on this season? The show will NOT be the same without you. I have watched since the beginning and you are one of the main reasons why I have stayed loyal. Are you going to be on it this season at all? I hope so…in not please explain why. It might help us understand but we still won’t like it. YOU WILL BE MISSED!!

  59. 115
    Ray Williamson

    I tried this with our shears – not enough leverage.
    We don’t have an electric knife and don’t need another device that would only be used a few times a year.
    I thought that my crosscut wood saw would be perfect. But my wife didn’t consider it a proper kitchen instrument.
    I said that it was stainless steel and I’d clean it first with soap and hot water, and it never saw another food product before.
    But she insists it has wood cooties that are impervious to disinfection or argument.

    Your comments?

  60. 116

    Thank you SOOOOOO much for using weight measurements for things, particularly things like flour, rather than cup measurements.
    I did an internet search once for how many ounces/grams of flour in a cup and got a different answer at every site I looked at.
    Of course, with some recipes, being “a little off” doesn’t really matter. But with a few, it matters a whole lot!
    And then, with things like fats that are solid at room temperature (like butter, etc.), it’s so much less messy to weigh the butter than trying to cram it into a measuring cup, making sure there are no voids, and then scraping it all out of the cup without leaving any.

    • 117
      Jason Brown

      When baking, I often hear it is more accurate to measure ingredients by weight rather than to measure by volume. This really makes sense, especially for flour. Depending on how it’s measured –scooped and leveled, spooned and leveled, not leveled at all, packed or loose- and depending on the brand –Gold Medal vs King Arthur vs White Lily vs some other brand- you can get wildly different results. However, nearly every recipe published in the USA has flour by the cup rather than by grams. It seems like the latter would be far more consistent.
      My question, then, is this: What is the weight, in grams, of one properly measured cup of all purpose flour?

  61. 119

    Tofu is so intimidating to a lot of people, me included, would it be possible to feature this ingredient on your show? Nasoya brand happens to be the one I buy the most and actually I work for them in Massachusetts. They do have lots of recipes but I am looking for something more in the comfort food direction. Any help?
    Thanks so much,

  62. 120
    Vera Parretti

    Alton, I saw you sitting down talking across from Cats restaraunt in Bush Airport on Sunday (yesterday). I recognized you even though you had on sun glasses. I am sure you get bothered a lot so I respected your desire for privacy and didn’t bother you. It was great seeing you. I love watching all of your shows.

    • 121

      First off I’d like to say that you are truly an extraordinary man. Handsome, stunning, and full of cunning.
      However, I’ll be Frank. I felt your attitude in the banana ice cream recipe video regarding the ice cream churner was plain rude.
      It’s simply unrealistic to expect the average viewer to have an ice cream churner yet you give no alternative. Because of this, my children will go hungry.
      The history squad

  63. 123
    jessica mullins

    I just wanted to say thank you for buying my handmade postcards! You recently visited my hometown, Lincoln, and stopped by the ice cream shop where I worked for nearly ten years, and picked up some of my wares from the bookstore. I think it’s important to support little artists like me, especially for someone famous like you, and I hope you know that I really appreciate it. Your visit was really exciting for everyone, and that kind of thing helps folks in smaller communities to be encouraged to keep doing great work. I got a lot of calls and emails (I live in Atlanta now) from people who were excited to tell me that you visited, and that you bought my postcards. It really did make my day! As for you, keep doing your good work, inspiring people to eat delicious food and have adventures. I make art in my spare time, and work in restaurants to support myself financially. I hope someday I can use my creativity to make a living, too. Take care, and happy eating!

    • 124

      Dear Alton you coward,
      First off I’d like to say that you are truly an extraordinary man. Handsome, stunning, and full of cunning.
      However, I’ll be Frank. I felt your attitude in the banana ice cream recipe video regarding the ice cream churner was plain rude.
      It’s simply unrealistic to expect the average viewer to have an ice cream churner yet you give no alternative. Because of this, my children will go hungry.
      The history squad

  64. 125
    Steven Lynch

    How about a show that teaches the viewers how to make Glutin Free Breads, muffins, Hamburger Buns, Pizza dough , cakes, pancakes that taste similar to the great tastes, textures, chewiness (moistness), etc that we are used to. And of course what is the science of wheat and it’s glutin and what needs to be added to replace it and why.

    Aloha and be well,

    STeven Lynch

  65. 126
    Brian Granger

    I like watching Alton because he struck me as the kitchen chemist meaning that he knows what ingredients work with each other and I get the sense that it’s the molecular breakdown or the ph or I don’t know but that sort of insight is very intriguing to me.

  66. 127

    Suggestion for #I’llSignAnything during your Fresno, CA show on the 17th….Don Pepe’s Burritos 4950 N Woodrow Ave – Fresno, CA

    • 129

      First off I’d like to say that you are truly an extraordinary man. Handsome, stunning, and full of cunning.
      However, I’ll be Frank. I dont like your attitude.

  67. 131
    Lucy Anne Tillett

    I was glad to see on your Instagram that you ARE finding good things to eat and drink in Portland! Very intrigued to see what you will get up to at the Schnitz tonight. I was informed that sometimes these shows get rowdy 🙂

  68. 132
    Christopher Kang

    Other Places to Try: Vancouver for Thierry Chocolates (tasty hot chocolate drinks, including with alcohol); Portland for Salt and Straw (fantastic ice cream with flavors to please a culinary master); Seattle for Chocolopolis in Queen Anne for exceptional chocolate selection and great hot chocolate drinks; El Diablo Coffee in Queen Anne for great coffee, empanadas, and Ganesha coffee; and the new Starbucks coffee roastery is a sight to see (and tape a segment or selfie or two).

  69. 135

    come to yakima (eastern washington) pleeeese help me find the recipes from your show today ‘live and let diet’ cooking channel wed jan 28,2015

  70. 137
    Li Miller

    I’m stuck in Durango, CO, where it’s hard to get lamb unless I buy it live from a farmer and get it butchered by my son-in-law.. I’m getting sick of elk and venison! Are you coming this way? The nearest Greek restaurant (1 1/2 hours away) recently closed.

  71. 138
    Rachel Lum

    Can’t wait to see you in Vancouver Feb 29th!!! You are utterly brilliant and such a gem to watch. Thank you for touring and I really hope I get the chance to meet you!

  72. 140
    Jessica garrett

    Love Alton brown and his shows! My husband and I are coming to his Richmond ky show on February 11th. That’s also my husbands 40th birthday and was trying to get ab’s attention to get a birthday shoutout from him

  73. 142

    Help all of us CATTLE DOGgers and CATTLE DOG COFFEE ROASTERS celebrate a 6TH anniversary with your visit during 2015 On the Road Eats/Edible Inevitable Tour.

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