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More information to come … including a Good Eats book index.


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    Michael Rundle

    It doesn’t have to be fancy, Alton. It would take me about two hours to OCR scan and re-alphabetize the three indexes, which I would be happy to do for you if you’re short on interns.

  2. 3
    Jeffrey Holmes

    It can’t be that difficult for the publisher to combine the indexes of 3 vplumes into 1. Print would be nice, electronic version better. When?

  3. 5
    Bill Dauphin

    I second Frank Espy’s emotion: I would really like a consolidated index of all three Good Eats volumes… preferably a comprehensive index (i.e., not just recipes), and in some searchable electronic format.

  4. 6
    Frank Espy

    Whenever I’m seeking a new recipe I always consult the Good Eats Cookbooks first but looking through the indices for all three is frustrating. Can you please provide a consolidated index? Thanks

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