Justin Warner: The Alton Browncast #6

Justin Warner: The Alton Browncast #6

Today’s guest, Justin Warner, is dear to my heart. He is most well-known for being victorious on Season 8 of Food Network Star, where I acted as his mentor as a part of a team. Additionally, he is the author of his own cookbook, “The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them.” And, today, we’re talking about food. That means jumping inside Justin’s brain to break down his non-traditional thought process behind his recipes and his feelings on food television. His story is a little different – gaining the majority of his food knowledge while being a waiter at Danny Meyer’s restaurant The Modern, before becoming a renowned chef. During his time as a waiter, and taking his young and comical personality into account, I’d love to hear your guesses on what he could have possibly placed on Brooke Shields plate that made her and the entire restaurant crack up.

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