Eat Your Science: The Alton Browncast #63

Eat Your Science: The Alton Browncast #63

This week on The Alton Browncast, I chat it up with a couple of my long time cohorts about how this whole Eat Your Science thing happened, and what it means to be on Broadway!

Learn more about Eat Your Science: Broadway Tickets | U.S. Tour Tickets (Spring 2017)

Order Bitter Like Me, a compilation of songs from my two live tour shows here.

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    The story about the accident report is one of my favorite. Bit of advice, don’t listen to that part of the podcast while in heavy traffic on I-40 in North Carolina. It is hard to keep an eye on traffic when laughing hysterically!

  2. 2
    Roger R

    ATLANTA Show later in 2017? Please do, was at the 1st one over at Cobb. Still wearing my “Science it’s whats for Dinner” shirt. You make me try stuff and spend money so I can “Play with My / your Food”

  3. 4
    Jay R

    Sounds like a great show. I’d love to be able to see it. But You are not going close enough to my area. Have your considered releasing a DVD of the show once the tour is complete?

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