Duff Goldman: The Alton Browncast #67

Duff Goldman: The Alton Browncast #67

Duff Goldman is everything I could want in an interview subject: open, funny, revealing, eloquent, unjaded, sincere, unassuming, down-to-earth and honest. I have admired his skill and artistry for years, and am so grateful he made time to sit down for an Alton Browncast. And no, we never once mention “that” cake.

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  1. 2
    Edward Wunder

    Always loved your shows. Have you ever thought about putting your scientific approach to low carb cooking for us Diabetically challenged ?

  2. 3
    David Dolinsky

    Tauntaun cake idea…freeze whatever goop you want to have pour out and wrap it like a mochi. May need to test the timing, so it’s ready to flow when you cut it, but it seems to work with ice cream.
    Please invite me if it works. I work near Baltimore.

  3. 4
    Kevin Count

    What if you made a chocolate cordial and laid it into the cake. Chocolate surrounding a sugar ball filled with guts. the Fats in the chocolate hold the liquids away from the cake.

  4. 5

    I agree with Beth. Chocolate is the way to go, it will hold a shape with a relatively thin wall. It’s definitely hydrophobic enough. You might even get away with a very stiff ganache painted onto an established cavitation carved into the cake

  5. 6

    This was an excellent interview. I enjoyed learning about Duff’s background and how he came to have a Food Network show. I appreciate the commentary on getting into cooking because you want/have/love to cook, not to get your show on TV. Well said.

  6. 7

    Bronwen Weber is incredible! It’s been a while, but if I remember correctly, she won every Food Network Challenge she competed in, right? Regardless, great podcast! I love Duff!

  7. 8

    Maybe konjac / konnyaku could be used for a bladder, though I’m not sure how it would be sealed. (More konjac powder at the ends?) On the plus side, you’d get some healthy fiber to go with your cake.

  8. 9

    Fantastic fun to hear both of you. Husband used to be restauranteur trained at Cornell and we owned part of a winery. All the comments regarding the “younger” generation we spot on- they want all the accolades and NONE of the work You are both favorites of mine for binge watching.

  9. 10
    Beth O

    On the discussion on the Tauntaun I was thinking maybe Chocolate would work? It’s got structure and it’s kinda fatty so nothing would disolve it would it? Just now saw a commercial for Worst Cooks on FN and they were making ice cream bowls out of chocolate using balloons.
    Just brainstorming…LOVE THIS PODCAST

    • 11

      I’m thinking a simple vanilla sheet cake then stacked and carved into the shape of the Tauntaun lying on the ground then split the cake and hallow out a bit of the inside and coat the inside with buttercream then fill with blue gooy guts.
      Frost and the outside to make look like the Tauntaun then add the Luke and Han action figures. Then tweet pics to Alton Brown and Adam Savage.

  10. 14

    My German’s Chocolate cake is pretty darn tasty. I always wonder if some of the steps are really vital. One egg yolk at a time vs dumping all 4 in at once? Buttermilk and flour alternating vs dumping both in and just mixing? AB, is there some science behind those steps?

  11. 16
    Amy Gunther

    Duff mentioned a favorite fruit gummy, and I didn’t recognize the name of them. I’d love to look them up! What was that again?? Thanks!!!

  12. 19
    Beth Sontag

    That was wonderful. I’m diabetic but I may have to go just a bit crazy and make a yellow box cake with chocolate frosting. Thanks Duff and Alton.
    PS I realize it’s your bread & butter, but I wish Food Network could have much less competition shows and more straight cooking shows. Hoping it will cycle back around again. Looking forward to your online show Alton.

  13. 21

    I’m a person who, when asked, I want a yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting for my birthday. But then again, I was brought up in “Southern Maryland” where they are not so posh as the “Balt-more” area!

    By the way: I’d love to learn the basics of cakes from Duff or food and science from Alton anytime I could. I would NEVER expect to be on Food Network; I just love food!

  14. 22

    First off thourghly enjoy your pod casts, this one included. On a more personal note, my oldest child was diagnosed at 18 months with ASD. Good eats was one of the only entertainment that would bring him out of his shell for years. I thank you Mr. Brown for help bringing my son out of his shell. Hes 9 years old now and much better off for it.

  15. 25
    Samantha Raulsten

    This randomly popped up on my FB feed today AND I had some quiet time to actually listen to it. I love AB and am continually intrigued by DG. However I was so glad I listened today because they mentioned Wichita, KS (my born and raised hometown) and they spoke about it favorably. With so much crap going on with our state (read: s#!+storm of a governor etc) and all of the negative attention we draw, it is so nice to hear “outsiders” speak of it favorably.
    I loved hearing DG’s history and his interaction with AB.

  16. 26
    Kelly B

    In the girl’s defense she may have just been venting, and Dad got into his helicopter. It’s seriously a problem and would be worse of one in college if not for FERPA.

  17. 27

    As soon as Duff started talking about the Tauntaun the first thing I thought is, “I want a Tauntaun birthday cake with guts spilling out.” Mr. Brown in September I’ll send you a picture.

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