Alex Guarnaschelli: The Alton Browncast #4

Alex Guarnaschelli: The Alton Browncast #4

As many of you probably know, Alex Guarnaschelli is an Iron Chef, cookbook legend and a popular Food Network personality. She is known for being the executive chef of The Darby (now closed) and Butter restaurant in New York City, for writing her cookbook “Old-School Comfort Food,” for being a judge and personality on Chopped, Iron Chef America and many more shows. She talks about her technique competing in cooking shows, her role on Food Network, and her interesting background. You’ll never guess who her mother is.

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    Alex Veidel

    Just started catching up on your podcast! I feel like I understand exactly what Alex was saying about needing permission to win. Think about it like a thoroughbred racehorse. That horse knows it can run like hell, but if it gave it its all every time a gate opened, it would trample its trainers and be considered an unruly horse. Its strength and speed wouldn’t be appreciated by anybody. A horse that has been conditioned to behave by trainers needs to know when it’s in the right environment in order to give a task everything its got. People spend their whole lives with tremendous potential and continually get stuffed down by their environment. When they launch into a subject of passion, they are rewarded with blank stares. When they do a task with passion, they are viewed with fear and ostracized, or, at best, overwhelmingly under-appreciated. Because social community is a basic human need, people are conditioned to suppress their abilities to keep their connections with the people around them. While ideally we would live in a society that nourished and encouraged people’s passions, in our current culture I would say it’s important to find that niche group of people that really fuel your passion.

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