AB Road Eats: Rockford


Rockford Roasting Co.: These guys know what they’re doing. And I’m not just saying that because they opened the shop just for me on a day they’re normally closed. They’re genuinely educated about their profession and are using parts of the bean (cascara) that I’ve never heard of before for iced teas.


By the Dozen Bakery: This old-fashioned doughnut is the reason people like me keep eating old-fashions.


PK Diner: I wasn’t sure what to expect before entering, but I really enjoyed my time here. Order anything that’s called a fry jack. I had a fry jack with spinach and cheese — it’s omelet like goodness served over a Caribbean-style flatbread. They’re also making my biscuits. That’s right. My biscuit recipe and they nailed it.



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    Leland Ronald Hutchinson

    What about Uncle Nicks i remember you taking a photo when you were here last time did you not enjoy it?

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    Blaike kirby

    Thank you for coming to Rockford !! I suggest Defffinitly stoping out at woodfire brick oven pizza you won’t be disappointed ! Prairie street is good for drinking beer in a Neat building other than that it’s not very good for pub food.

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    Try to time getting a sack of hot potato chips right out of the fryer oil from Mrs Fishers Potato Chips on Fulton Ave. Pinnon’s Foods across the street for hot fresh loaves of Vienna bread most mornings too. Doughboys Donut keeps By the Dozen honest, I think their french Crullers or their custard filled, chocolate iced with toasted candied coconut dust is the shiz to take to work and have with my own cup of local roasted FireHouse Coffee. Too bad, on April 5th Zammuto’s for lemon granita may still be closed for the season.

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    Leah Tegtmeyer

    Prairie Street Brewing Company on Madison Street! The best in town hands down!! Wedding venue meets brewpub meets exquisite food and excellent service!

  5. 7

    Fry Jacks are the best in Belize! You should plan a food trip down here. I would love your scientific take on making the perfect fry jack.

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    Kate Scott

    Could it be that you missed the best pie & coffee in the area at Kate’s Pie Shop & Records on East State at the Library? Saved the best for last perhaps…

  7. 10

    Looks like you picked some of the best Rockford has to offer! Come back anytime, there’s plenty more! Roberts, I never have any issues scoring donuts at By The Dozen, but remember they usually make them in the wee hours of the am, so waiting until late morning runs the risk of finding just what you did – which is not much. We LOVE PK Diner – the food is incredible, and located right where we go to church! Score!

  8. 12

    I like that place if they ever had donuts. Every time I go there even at 10 in the mid morning. They are open until 5pm. They never have any. They are making them for all these businesses. So they can care less for regular customers and it’s our fault. They blame us for them not having donuts. You should have tried All Day Donut on State St in Rockford. They actually care about the customer and don’t blame the customer for lack of donuts. Why because they make more.

  9. 13

    Thanks so much for coming to Rockford! Next time you pass through, should you be an evening visitor, try one of our many amazing Italian eateries. Our pizzas are hard to beat anywhere in the midwest.

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