AB Road Eats: Jacksonville


Bold Bean Coffee: Sometimes you have to mix it up. And for me that means ordering a latte instead of a cortado! I’ve also been noticing a trend lately. Coffee shops turned wine or beer bars at night. Smart concept (and great coffee).


Metro Diner: There was a line on just about every side of Metro Diner when I pulled up to the original establishment. Clearly, everyone from Jacksonville was ready to eat breakfast here. I didn’t have time to order much, but I do suggest the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit with a side of hash browns. I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful service too.


Corner Taco: In an area called 5 Points in Jacksonville, I was directed to Corner Taco (the brick-and-mortar, not truck). I was lucky that their special of the day was Mayport Shrimp Tacos. I also have to admit my crew finished their dulce de leche milkshake faster than I could say, “Hey, can I have a sip?”


Three f(x) Ice Cream and Waffles: Sometimes you walk into an establishment and you spend the first 10 minutes confused. And then you spend the next 24 hours wishing you were back there. Welcome to Three f(x), a Korean ice cream parlor providing some of the most-innovative desserts in the country. This includes waffles called Taiyaki (I filled mine with a walnut and red bean mixture), ice cream made-to-order on an anti-griddle (watch video below) and Patbingsu (a Korean shaved ice concoction the size of my head filled with fruits, red bean paste and everything else possible).


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    OMG you absolutely HAVE to go to the Ugly Cupcake Muffinry!!! They have some of the best foods and coffees I have ever had! I tell you how badly you need to go there! The staff is amazing and the food is to die for! You just HAVE to go so check it out!!!!

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    Go to Chopstick Charley’s!!! It is a fantastic hole in the wall that I discovered by reading an article about the top 10 “hole in the walls” in Jacksonville. It looks shut down but they are in fact open for business. The Trip Advisor reviews do it justice.

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    You’ve got to go by Bearded Pig for their poutine. Great concoction of fries, BBQ pork, cheese and a gravy on top. Great portions and delicious!!

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    Victoria Dooly

    You should make a stop at Topgolf we have an amazing menu and would love to meet you my mom and I watch you all the time. Try our sunrise burger or the steak flat bread or the brisket grill cheese with tatter tots.

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    Next time you are in town visit the Urban Bean Cafe it is phenomenally delicious in food and coffee!! Also the AMAZING Spring Park Cafe in Green Cove Springs it’s a hidden coffee and baked goods Treasure!!!

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