AB Road Eats: Houston


Blacksmith Coffee: There’s a reason why there’s a line almost out the door for this coffee. It’s good. They provided my last cortado on the Alton Brown Live tour.


Common Bond Cafe & Bakery: Down the street from Blacksmith is cafe where everyone in Houston seems to brunch on the weekends. I got a box of pastries to-go and was on a sugar high the rest of the day. Treat yourself to one of their chocolate chip cookies while you’re there.


Killen’s Barbecue: Pounds and pounds of meat. Their brisket was excellent … some of the best barbecue I’ve had on tour. 


Pho Binh: Open late on the weekends and recommended by Eater, this pho turned out to be just what I needed after weeks of touring. The broth was flavorful and the meat cooked perfectly.


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    Hugs & Donuts!!!
    Pi Pizza!!
    Bernies Burger Bus!
    Melange Creperie
    Krisp Bird and batter
    Tiger Den & Mein (same owner)
    Pepper Twins (formerly cooking girl, which was such a cute name)
    Pinch seafood (newly opened and so good!)

  2. 5
    Erika Greer

    You should go to 100% Taquito on Hwy 59 and Buffalo Speedway. Best tacos, sopes, chicharrones, and tres leches cake! Also the ambiance and decor are authentic and you get the feeling you are actually on the streets of Mexico City.

  3. 6
    Candace Weimar

    I second Hugs and Donuts. Scrumptious. Love their green tea matcha coconut donut. It’s close to Fat Cat Creamery, so you can hit 2 in 1.

  4. 7
    Richard Willetts

    Ritual, Good Dog Hot Dogs, Corkscrew BBQ (easily as good as Killen’s if not better), Hugs & Donuts, Fat Cat Creamery

  5. 9
    Savannah C.

    Southside Espresso for coffee! It’s a little shop on the backside of the old Felix building. Uchi is in the same building and is an amazing dinner option.

  6. 10

    Killens Steak House in Pearland just outside Houston off HWY 288. Nothing bad and Onion Soup is best in town. Fir a burger go to Bellaire Broiler Buger. Been there since the 60s. And kids of original owners run the joint.

  7. 11
    veronica jordan

    Greqt southern style soul food-J&L Homestyle-12222 Bissonnet suite A, Houston 77099.
    The peach cobbler and smothered oxtails are to die for. You will not be sorry.

  8. 12
    Tracy McGuire

    Villa Arcos on Navigation has the best breakfast tacos you could ever imagine! Order the bacon super and you definitely won’t be disappointed. It’s a small red house with chickens running around outside but they have the best breakfast tacos.

  9. 14

    Mala Sichuan is the best Chinese food in Houston. Between the Dry Pot Beef and Glass Noodle I just die. Right across the street from Blacksmith or there’s one in Chinatown!

  10. 15

    Also, local coffee shop in Pasadena Sycamore Grounds. My husband and I have tried dozens of coffee shops all over Houston only to find the best in our back yard. Locally roasted beans and pastries made at their tea house down the road. Outstanding place that features local artists on their walls. Love love

  11. 16

    Mi Pueblito on Richmond. NOT EL Pueblito. That’s not good. If you want legit Colombian, Mi Pueblito is the place to get it. Get the Lulo Leche and the dish of your choice. I usually go with bandeja paisa, but everything is good. Also, Holler Brewing in the Hieghts will quench your thirst with some tasty brews.

  12. 17

    Nino’s Italian Restaurant on W. Dallas St. There are 3 restaurants there owned by the same people; Nino’s, Vincent’s & Grappino’s. They all share a courtyard that has a desert shop.

  13. 19
    Esther Burchert

    One of the best places in town right now – Coltivare. They have their own wood burning oven. Their herbs and produce are grown on the grounds of the restaurant. Some of the best drinks ever. They also do some incredible things with pasta. Finally, the absolute best dessert is the fruit crostata. It is made with seasonal fruit. Coltivare is a gem of a place that just gets it right from food to atmosphere. Great seating by the kitchen too!!!

  14. 20
    Megan Young

    Corkscrew BBQ in Spring is, hands down, the best brisket in Houston and the surrounding area. Try to make it early because they are only open until they sell out.

  15. 24

    Honestly, just found your blog here and noticed this post. I believe you should return to Houston for even more locations to rave about.
    Few places I love are:
    -Stomps Burger Joint
    -Mia Bella
    -Rattan Pan Asian Bistro and Wine Bar
    -Mosquito Cafe (Galveston, TX)
    -La Kings Confectionery (Galveston, TX)

  16. 25
    Lenna S. Hanna-O'Neill

    Killen’s is good… But next time you are down there, check out Beef and Bun. The brisket is supreme. Make sure to try their proprietary sauce. Doesn’t matter which, the mild is as good as the hot. Yeah, I know… sauce. Still, just do it. You’ll thank me. 😉

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