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8 Things to Do with Guacamole

8 Things to Do with Leftover Guacamole

You really don’t need an excuse to make guacamole. It doesn’t matter if it’s National Guacamole Day — or if you’re watching Sunday football with friends and family. Guac is guac. I can’t speak for you, but rarely do I find myself with any leftover. But just in case you do, here are eight ways to use it up.

First you need my Guacamole recipe (featured in Dip Madness on Good Eats):

1. Turn leftover guacamole into a vinaigrette: Whisk two parts guacamole with one part olive oil (or avocado oil) and one part Sherry vinegar. You don’t have to worry about the guacamole turning brown because of the acid.

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Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Beer

Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Beer
Recently, Emily Price from published a post on beer, more specifically: 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Beer.

Here are a couple of my favorites — the hows and whys to all 10 can be found here.

1. Clean Copper and Cast Iron: Beer can clean everything from battered coins to your favorite pot. Find out how.

2. Polish Furniture: Put a little flat beer on a soft cloth and then rub it into your wooden coffee table. You’ll end up with a shinier and more richly colored table.

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Edible Examiner XLII

Edible Examiner XLIIAre You a Pretentious Foodie? –

New York won the dubious “Most-Pretentious Foodies” honor in our America’s Favorite Food Cities poll. But Foodies lurk everywhere. Follow the link above and take this quiz and find out if you’re a pretentious food snob.

The Desktop Microwave: Office Nightmare Or Savior? – Julie R. Thomson

You know those people who always bring the most-offensive smelling lunches to work? Well, today, those coworkers of yours are going to be very excited because there’s a new concept microwave that’s designed to heat food right at an office desk. The concept microwave is known as the Brainwave and is intended to make eating at your desk (and stinking up the office) infinitely easier for the workaholic. The brainwave is controlled by USB port, making it just as easy to plug in as a smart phone. And it’s designed to help people take fewer breaks and work even harder. Awesome.

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How to Dry and Store Herbs

Hot to Dry and Store Herbs
Whenever I come into a bumper crop of quality herbs, usually at summer’s end, I refrigerate some and dry the rest. Technically, any herb can be dried, but heartier herbs like oregano, thyme and rosemary tend to hold on to their essential oils even after they’ve given up most of their moisture. That said chives, parsley and even dill are worth drying if you plan to use them within a month or so.

The biggest problem with dried herbs is that they’re usually ugly and brown. That’s because, as they age, enzymes inside the leaves break down the chlorophyll. But this chemical terminator can be stopped with a quick dip in boiling water.

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