Gaby Dalkin: The Alton Browncast #68

Gaby Dalkin: The Alton Browncast #68

I may not be a “California Girl,” but when it comes to food blogging and recipe writing, I sure am a fan of this one.

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  1. 1
    Amy-Jo Shriner

    I totally admit to being Hufflepuff! They are the eaters! Not that this matters, but someone admits it. 😛 Love this episode and am now a fan of What’s Gabby Cooking the website!

  2. 3
    Dannette Cornelison

    Interesting thoughts on Instagram. I first started following you on Instagram and found you to have a very artistic eye. This is not surprising considering your work behind the camera in film, creating Good Eats (which won me over on an artistic level first and then I came around to the cooking) & your overall view of your surroundings. Your postings of the delightfully, random when you are on tour is one of my favorite things to follow because you have a wonderful opportunity to share travels that many would love to do. I know you look at it as a promotional tool but I hope you will always be open to share your artistic side, as well.

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