And Then There Were Three: The Alton Browncast #7

And Then There Were Three: The Alton Browncast #7

In this episode, I sit down with the Season 9 finalists of Food Network Star and it gets a little sweaty (well, Rodney does). Finalists include Rodney Henry, pie enthusiast, Damaris Phillips, modern-Southern food chef, and Russell Jackson, culinary sin artist. As I get to have my first real conversation with the contestants, they share their new found fame stories, their most valuable dish stories, and even some conspiracy theories. On a deeper note, they tell me about how the show has changed them, as well as their food and cooking. And, if you’re wondering what life is like after Food Network Star, it seems to involve being comped free things at your local pharmacy, a lot of being stopped at airports, and even moving into thrift store dressing rooms? Don’t ask me.

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