AB Road Eats: Fresno


Kuppa Joy Coffee House: Cappuccino. I needed one badly and it was a great cup.

Cafe Corazon: The coffee was good, but I won’t lie. They also serve one heck of a cinnamon roll. As someone on my Facebook page said, “Finally, the icing-to-bun ratio is correct.” Exactly.


Batter Up Pancakes: I had just one single, perfect pancake here. I thought that was enough until the owner came over with their newest creation, the cinnamon swirl pancake. That thing is wrong in all the right ways.


The Chicken Pie Shop: When I’m on the road, I’m most grateful for the moments when I get to meet people like Gary. I hung out with Gary who’s been making excellent chicken pies at The Chicken Pie Shop for 60 years.

Dusty Buns: This is what happens when a truck does brick-and-mortar right. My bun was dusty. And you want them to be that way. Nice job, guys.


Dog House Grill: My first stop in Fresno brought me to Dog House for their famous tri-tip sandwich. I can see why the place is so popular.


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    Griddle Me This – Waffle Sandwiches. Makes my tastebuds dance
    Benaddition – Eggs Benedict Sanwiches, and other amazing breakfast foods
    Go to a Food Truck CartHop – Try Meltdown Bistro, Flat Bottom Grills
    For drinks, go to Teazer.
    Desert – Ampersand Ice Cream

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    You need to stop at Schoolhouse Tavern in Sanger. The chef is outstanding and will not disappoint. He uses fresh local ingredients some of which are grown on the restaurant grounds. It’s a must try while your here.

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    All agree wilh all the post Suggesting Schoolhouse tavern in Sanger. The owners are fantastic and hands on. You feel like family and Chef Jackson’s cooking is some of the best I have ever had and I am a self proclaimed and well traveled foodie. It’s a miss if you don’t stop here!

  4. 5
    Misty Jordan

    Schoolhouse restaurant and tavern in sanger!! Amazing food-locally sourced when possible (they even have their own small garden), very cool atmosphere and outdoor seating as well. Homemade ketchup and sauces, from-scratch beverage mixes, and the list goes on!!!!

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    Shari E

    Here’s the real dish on our diverse city. For Mexican food, you’ve got to get to a Sal’ and try the Fancy Burito.. The original one, where it all started, is in Selma, but there are other locations which might work better into your schedule. Make your way to George’s in the Downtown area or North Fresno. I love to sit at the counter at the Downtown location. Get the Lulu wrap. If Chinese food is what your craving, don’t pass up a chance to meet Karen at Jimy Wen’s. Everything on their menu screams fresh and delicious.

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    Doghouse is such a Fresno move, it’s good, but not the first place I think of to eat for out of town visitors. Again, good, but the Tri Tip is painfully overrated. Benediction for sure is a good spot. If you truly want to experience Fresno County, our roots as an agriculture powerhouse, and the current trend of Farm to table, which isn’t a trendy thing at all around here, it’s everyday life for a lot of us, then hands down the Schoolhouse Restaurant and Tavern in Sanger is the spot. Take the word of myself and everyone else on here when we say the Schoolhouse is ROCKIN’! The Chef and staff is definitely “cutthroat” when it comes to offering the best. Let me know if you put it on the agenda and the first drink is on me!!! Well, on my bill anyway.

  7. 13
    Penny Nicholas

    I think you should defiantly stop in at the SchoolHouse Restaurant & Tavern, located in Sanger CA. Highway 180 @ Frankwood. It is the best place in town and you must try the meatloaf!!! It is one of my favorites.

  8. 15

    You have to visit Schoolhouse Restaurant and Tavern
    You can’t go wrong with anything you order…food or drinks! Everything has Fresh ingredients so you can’t go wrong. Their Bloody Mary is the best by far

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    Jon Koobation

    School House Restaurant & Tavern – Chef Ryan Jackson and his culinary team are dedicated professionals in their craft to bring you a memorable dining experience. Front of the house extraordinaire, Michelle Jackson and her staff will not disappoint either. Chef Jackson is a Culinary Rock Star in the valley.

  10. 20
    Jayne Wright

    You have to stop at The Dog House Grill. Their tri tip sandwhiches and Tacos are The best in town. Everyone that works there is a college student working their way through college. They also have the best onion rings and homemade BBQ sauce, homemade salsa, and homemade ranch dressing. For 8.00 bucks you can get a Tritip Taco and Onion rings. The taco is only 5.00. For triptip that is reasonable. Better than any fastfood place. Hope you check it out and enjoy. God Bless.

  11. 21
    Jan M

    Beerock Shop has the best burger. Amir’s Shish Kabob has great food and relaxed atmosphere. Best breakfast steak burrito ever at Eddies Pastry. Everything at La Boulangerie is wonderful..

  12. 22

    Teazer’s!! We have a few locations but the favorite is in Tower District. Try the Honolulu!! Seriously the hooker of all starter drinks. You’ll crave it for days!!!

  13. 27

    You’ve got to check out Chef Paul’s Cafe downtown for the Chicken and Waffles! Seriously the best in town. They also have a ton of other class soul food dishes such as greens, cornbread, smothered pork chops, etc.

  14. 29
    Ben N Tracy Crownover

    Try Coltin’s Public House. It’s new but started by a long time Fresno chef. Specifically try the Brussels sprout appetizer with fig bacon balsamic reduction. It’s divine! Their ghost pepper burger is pretty good too if you are in the mood for a little heat! Welcome to Fresno, there is no end of “good eats” here. Somewhat torturing for my foodie husband and I! 😉

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    Chris Molley

    You have to try RocketDogs Gourmet Brats and Brews. A majority of their food is locally sourced and the staff is excellent, and it’s nice to have a good selection of fine brews to go with their awesome menu. They also make homemade soups, sandwiches and usually have a monthly featured brat, dog or sandwich that’s not on their regular menu. I have never been disappointed.

  16. 31

    K & C house of donuts and pastries on Herndon and Maple get the chocolate chocolate cake donut it’s awesome. And on Thursday and Friday’s they have maple bacon bars.

  17. 32
    Jamie Steinmetz

    Benaddiction…eat EVERYTHING there. House of JuJu is a fav as well. And if you have time to swing by the food truck scene here then Tako BBQ is the way to go

  18. 33

    Ampersand, Sam’s Italian Deli(historical site and the one place people either love or they love piemontes) Mediterranean To Go (awesome mom and pop shop, sweetest couple), oh and let’s not forget benaddiction

  19. 38

    Mom’s old fashioned burgers on the southwest corner off of Clinton and west if you want something completely native to Fresno. Been there for years. Delicious little joint you gotta try

  20. 42
    Leighanna Phelps

    My heart is so broken. I work right across the street from Kuppa Joy. At Trelio restaurant I don’t have to many idols but you my sir are huge in my book. I’m sorry I missed your live show but so glad you got to experience our central valley hometown. I hope it was a great experience. And I pray one day I can make it to a show of yours. Your techniques and wisdom and science is amazing and one day I want to be a chef like you. Your AWESOME

  21. 43
    Jamie oliver

    I was disappointed that you did not have more to say about Kuppa Joy. It has the best coffee around and the staff is AWESOME! Zack, the owner, played in the NFL and is also a devote follower of Jesus Christ. His coffee shop decor is a great representation of both of these. He devotes his coffee shop to Jesus, but also has his football helmets up for those of us who love football. That being said, in addition to the decor, the signature drink, called Kuppa Joy, is amazing whether it is hot or iced. The touch of creme brulee is the icing on the cake, so to speak. Thanks for taking the time to come to Fresno. I hope you enjoyed your visit here.

  22. 44

    So happy you made it to Dusty Buns! It is one of Fresno’s not so secret places to enjoy from farm to table to your mouth food! My parents were in the audience on the 17th and loved your show! They have attended other ABrown events in Monterey, Ca and you have continued your your reign as their most favorite Food Personality!! Come back to visit anytime!

  23. 45
    Norman R.

    Saw your show in Fresno on March 17, 2015. I have not had so much fun in a long time. Your stories were great, funny and insightful. I will see you next year. When can i purchase my mega oven?

  24. 46
    Heidi B.

    I can not wait to see your show tonight in Modesto, CA. I think my husband is working right across the street from one of your traveling motorhomes in downtown Modesto. I told him to keep an I out for you. (: We are avid fans and love how you teach the science behind the foods as well as the cooking methods. Keep up the great work and oh yeah, love the panda!

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