EveryDayCook: Corrections and Clarifications

EveryDayCook: Corrections and Clarifications

What can I say…it happens. If any of you have been inconvenienced by these print peccadillos, I offer my humble apology and these amendments. Oh! And look at it this way: we’ll fix all this stuff in the second printing so if your book has the errors, you’ve got a collector’s item! (Download a PDF version to print out and keep inside the cookbook for ease.)

Missing Hardware in EveryDayCook
Page X: (The big hardware shot) I didn’t give numbers to or write up anything concerning three items that I thought were just too common to mention. Bad Alton.

  • There’s a shot of a perfect beaker (clear, plastic, triangular vessel), which is my favorite tool for measuring liquids.
  • There’s a “disher” (lunch lady scoopy thingy), which I use for dosing out cookie batter and doughs.
  • And then there’s a pair of needle-nose pliers, which I use for pulling out fish bones and light electrical work…but that’s another book.

Stainless Steel Ruler in Equipment Section on Page XIII: “Just measure its depth then check periodically” is repeated twice. Yes. We know.

Always Perfect Oatmeal on Page 4: So, from the comments I’m getting via the interwebs, my always “perfect” oatmeal isn’t quite perfect for everyone. Some of you feel there’s too much salt. I kinda like it that way, but luckily you can adjust the salt as you like down to say…to 4 grams, or 3/4 teaspoons of kosher salt for the two servings. Then if you feel it needs a bit more you can add it at the table.

Candied Orange Peel on Page 42: So when I included a procedure for candied orange peel to be used in the Amaranth Wafer recipe in my book, EveryDayCook, I didn’t have a lot of space and so the procedure had to be abbreviated…a lot. And it wasn’t given nearly the attention it was due. Some of you have had trouble with it, and once I went back and gave it a fresh look, I can see why. It’s badly written…simple as that. Click here for a new recipe and procedure.

BBQ Potato Chips on Page 54: The potatoes for these chips should be cut closer to 1/16 of an inch rather than 1/8. I actually use a ceramic slicer made by Kyocera, which has 4 settings including one for 2mm cuts, which is what’s used here.

Beale St. Cheeseburger on Page 64: The correct amount of cheese should be 5 ounces (1 1/4 ounces per burger).

Chicken Parmesan Meatballs on Page 76: The ingredient list calls for one batch of the sauce from the Spaghetti recipe. That’s not a mistake, but I realize that some folks may want to build this dish with sauce from another recipe or from a (eeek) bottle. In that case an actual measurement would be helpful and I didn’t give one. Although the sauce comes out a bit different every time, you should end up with 2 1/2 cups. You can go up to 3, but above that things get out of hand.

Butterscotch Puddin’ on Page 91: I received a tweet where someone had an issue with the sugar clumping in the this recipe. Butterscotch is tricky because in order to create a real depth of flavor you need to dissolve the dark brown sugar into the butter and allow that fat to brown a bit. Here’s the tricky part: sugar doesn’t dissolve in fat, it dissolves in water. Now butter is typically around 15 percent water and dark brown sugar has a surprisingly high moisture content. Together, there is enough water for the sugar to dissolve. But if you cook the butter for even a few minutes after it starts bubbling, you’ll actually evaporate out enough water to prevent the sugar from dissolving. Using old/dry brown sugar can also be an issue. It turns out the lady that tweeted at me used a very high fat European butter so that was the issue. If you want to use a high fat butter, play it safe by adding a teaspoon or two of water to the butter right at the top of the recipe.

  • One more note regarding the Kindle version of this recipe: It is missing the 1 ounce cornstarch from the ingredient list, but lists the use in step 3. The book version is fine. 

Weeknight Spaghetti on Page 139: The “1 Tablespoon” of kosher salt mentioned in the ingredient list is meant to go in the pasta water (from Cold Water Pasta Method found on XXVII).

Pumpkin Cheesecake on Page 145: The Pumpkin Cheesecake cooks at 300 degrees F. There is no change in temperature.

General’s Fried Chicken on page 164: The mixture of black pepper, sumac, cayenne pepper and garlic powder adds up to 6 teaspoons, not 8 teaspoons as I say in the instructions. So the amounts are right…it’s my simple addition that’s not.

Chuan’r on Page 187: At the bottom of the recipe, the Chinese character didn’t print properly and is shown as Đ when it should be 串.

Cider House Fondue on Page 191: The proper amount of half and half should be 84 grams (approximately 3 ounces), NOT 84 ounces, which would be a very milky soup indeed.

Download a PDF copy of these corrections by clicking here: Alton Brown’s Corrections and Clarifications PDF





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  1. 1

    I am enjoying the book immensely. As another comment back in the 30’s said, I think the 284 grams of peanut butter in the open sesame noodles must be a typo… It is just too thick to work with and to distribute through the noodles (yes, I did use real peanut butter). I will go ahead and use less next time – maybe starting with 1/2 as much and adding from there until the consistency seems better for getting all over the noodles. If anyone else has a solution, I’d be interested. It is delicious!

  2. 2
    Hank Arnold


    The footnotes on your recipe for Zissou’s Buffet of Underwater Delights (page 107) mentions sambal oelek, then says to “see chili-glazed wings [page 203]”. But the recipe for the chili-glazed wings calls for Thai chili sauce (“such as Mae Ploy”), not sambal oelek. I assume the Thai chili sauce is the correct sauce for the wings. Please let me know if I’m wrong.

    Thank you for being awesome.

  3. 3

    For the pizza dough, is active dry yeast correct or should it be instant yeast? If active dry is used, is it not to be proofed before adding?

  4. 4
    Carys D.

    Hi. For the Bbq potato chips, step 3 says to place half the potatoes in the steamer basket. The other half of the potatoes are never mentioned again.

  5. 5
    Dwight R

    In the “Midnight Mug Cake for 2” it calls for 6 grams of oil or 1 tablespoon. But 1 tablespoon is 15 grams of oil according to the label. Which on is right?

    • 6

      I believe when I made it, I used 1 tablespoon. My scale only goes by 5s when it comes to grams, it’s not that precise. But my mug cake came out perfect! Best mug cake recipe ever!

      • 7
        Dwight R

        I used 6 grams and it turned out great too. I just wanted to know which is right, because 6 grams is about 1 teaspoon or 16 grams (adding the 1 on to the 6) would be close to 1 tablespoon. With such a small amount it probably hard to tell a difference, but since yours turned out well I will try 1 tablespoon next time and see if it is better.

  6. 8

    Hi, Alton – tried the little brown biscuits tonight. Any insight why this recipe called for 2 tsp. of salt vs. your famous “Ma Mae” biscuits, which only called for 3/4 tsp.? Or is it simply a preference thing?
    Thanks so much for a great book! Looking forward to trying more.

  7. 10
    Abby Doyle

    Your no-can tomato soup is the best tomato soup I have ever had! I always get much more than a quart when I make it though, usually 2+ quarts. Is the yield correct? If so, any suggestions on where I might be going wrong?

    • 12
      Kathy Lee

      Chocolate Chess pie didn’t set for me either, I cooked it longer than recommended with a foil tent, until the top was almost crusty like a brownie. It still didn’t set but I put in the fridge overnight and it became presentatable, like a melted fudge consistency.

    • 13

      Didn’t set for me either… and butter always overflows. Also I’ve had to use half the amount of salt. Must be doing something horribly wrong…

  8. 14

    I love the introduction part. I think it’s pretty impressive to have the whole book shot with an iPhone. My daughter and i already tried “Always Perfect Oatmeal” it was delicious. We can’t wait to try next recipe “Seedy Date Bars” next weekend. Thank you, thank you for this amazing fun cooking book.

  9. 16
    Lisa F

    Is 284 grams really the right amount of peanut butter for the op n sesame noodles on pg 206? That seems like an awful lot for 2 servings.

  10. 17

    May I just express my total appreciation for your pedanticism and commitment to producing perfect cooking and cookbooks? There are errors in EVERY book — very few authors bother to correct them to this level of detail. You’re the best.

  11. 19

    RE: Peach “Cobbles”
    When I made this, the biscuit dough for the topping was far too sticky to fold over. Is the ratio of wet to dry correct? It seems 2 cups of liquid in 14 oz. of flour is too wet.

    Thank you.

  12. 21
    Erin Heller

    Mr Brown,
    I absolutely love all the recipes in here that I have tried! Buuuuut I live at 6000 ft (Colorado) and can’t get the banana bread to stop falling. Is there anything that I need to do to adjust it for altitude?

  13. 22
    Jonathan Robert Kundrat

    As long as you are editing things for the second edition of the book, I realized that your explanation for how to skin a mango has changed. You recently posted a video about how to *safely* skin & cut a mango that is counter to the *safe* way described in the book.

  14. 23
    Crystal Walls

    Tonight I’m making the Lasagnalada and am so excited. While it’s in the oven I wanted to let you know that in the ingredient list, it calls for 18 corn tortillas (which you cut in half) and three cups of Queso Fresco. In the method, it tells you how to build the first layer (12 tortilla halves, half of the chicken mixture, cheese) and to then repeat, top with remaining sauce and cheese. This only uses 12 tortillas and makes for a pretty thin casserole but there’s not enough really enough chicken to do a third layer. I just did two full layers and then on top of the second layer, added the last 12 tortilla halves, sauce and the cup of cheese. It’s a fairly small thing but I thought you might want to clarify so all of the ingredients are used. Loving the book. I’m cooking from it almost every night.

    • 24

      You should repeat the layering until you use up all the ingredients. The layers are: Sauce, Tortillas, Half of chicken and 1/3 of cheese, Tortillas, Half of chicken and 1/3 of cheese, Tortillas, remaining sauce, 1/3 of cheese. The instructions don’t spell out every layer, but it made sense to me.

  15. 25

    Hi Mr. Brown. Please change this Oops webpage where it says the correction for “Always Perfect Oatmeal on Page 22” to direct you to the correct oops to fix on Page 4 (page 22 has Overnight Coconut Oats and Page 4 has Always Perfect Oatmeal).

  16. 27

    In the pumpkin cheesecake, you say to preheat the oven to 300*, and then when we’re adding the filling to the blind baked crust it says to “crank the oven to 300*”. Is the repeat intentional?

  17. 28

    The Kindle version of the book is missing the 1 ounce cornstarch from the ingredient list of the Butterscotch Puddin’, but lists the use of cornstarch in step 3.
    The print version of the book does not have this issue.

  18. 30

    Always Perfect Oatmeal is on page 4, not page 22. Wonderful to meet you at Kepler’s last night! Thanks for the entertaining evening!

  19. 31

    Did you really mean to repeat yourself in the description of the Stainless Steel Ruler? “Need to reduce a liquid by half, just measure its depth then check periodically as the liquid level drops. Just measure the depth of your liquid, then check periodically as the liquid reduces.”

  20. 34

    I found a mistake so far not mentioned here. In your peach cobble description, you describe it as being a cobbler with an “r”. However, the recipe name is cobbler without an “r”. (recipe, btw, looks amazing.)

  21. 39

    At the bottom of the recipe for chuan’er, the Chinese character didn’t print properly and is shown as Đ when it should be 串 (error probably due to font).

    Thanks for all you do AB. It was a joy getting to see you speak in NYC 🙂

  22. 41

    Another oops on page 128. Bread pudding. Step 5. You certainly don’t leave out two cups of the mix while to drink when baking. I think it’s supposed to say Bourbon.

    • 42

      I don’t think it’s a mistake. The mix is basically eggnog. I drank only one cup of mix (because 2 cups sounded like too much), and the pudding took some extra time to bake. Leaving out two cups would have been perfect. AB is basically tricking us into making some eggnog to enjoy while this bakes!

  23. 43

    Another oops on page 128. Bread pudding. Step 5. You certainly don’t leave out two cups of the mix while to drink when baking. I think it’s supposed to say Bourbon.

  24. 45
    Chris Menard

    This is in regards to the Nitrous pancakes. First, the flavor is fantastic. The recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of butter, but it is mentioned no where in the instructions for the recipe. I ended up melting it, cooling it, and adding it to the batter. I am using an Isi 1 L whipped cream siphon. I made the batter, and charged it to the manufacturer’s specification of 2 chargers for that size. I shaked it 15-20 times vigorously for each charge. I let it sit for 20 minutes and I cooked the pancakes as per instruction. They came out very dense. So, I tried again, but I only charged it with one charger and this time, the batter barely came out of the siphon. The consistency was still dense. I am not overworking it, just barely mixing it together. Is there something I am doing wrong or is there a problem with the recipe? Thanks

      • 47
        Chris Menard

        For that model/size of canister, it is recommended to use 2, because of the volume you need to fill. As I stated above, I tried both ways. Both instances came out dense.

        It actually says to use 1 tsp of butter to cook the pancakes, not 1 tablespoon.

  25. 48

    Thanks so much AB for signing the book and apron! And also trading nutmeg.
    I hope you like the coffee I got you. #stumptowncoldbrew

  26. 49

    Perhaps not an error, but definitely a point of confusion. For the Bacon Maple Sprouts, step 6 says to “…put them back in the bowl you seasoned them in and toss with the maple mustard and bacon.” This recipe never said to season the sprouts, and salt isn’t even in the ingredient list. The recipe for the “Heavenly Orbs of Belgian Goodness” above this one, however, does mention a step of seasoning the sprouts in a bowl, so I’m guessing the recipes got mixed up a bit.

    • 50

      Kyle, I prepared the Heavenly Orbs of Belgian Goodness the other night to recipe specifics. They were perfect. I don’t think that there is a mistake between the two recipes. Perhaps some information was left out in the bacon recipe?
      I apologize if this is a duplicate response, I have been having computer issues lately.

  27. 52

    The recipe for the General’s Fried Chicken on page 164 needs an update. It reads that the spice mixture totals 8 teaspoons, yet the ingredient list only adds up to 6 teaspoons (2 t ground black pepper, 2 t ground sumac, 1 t cayenne pepper, and 1 t garlic powder). Is there an ingredient missing, or should it be 1 tablespoon of garlic, or perhaps the total is only 6 teaspoons? Looking forward to making this dish!

  28. 54

    Sure, now you tell me. I just purchased the book last night. Thanks for sharing the corrections. Looking forward to trying some of these.

  29. 55
    Tamara Adams

    I love the new cookbook and how easy to follow the recipes . We tried your Enchalasagana and bred pudding and it was good eating.

  30. 61
    Matthew Crawford

    For the always perfect oatmeal on page 4, what’s rough intended amount by volume? When i made this last weekend it was far too salty, and in preparing it tonight it looks like far too much. I’m not sure if my scale is just not accurate in such small amounts or if I just don’t like the recipe as written. Thanks for your help.

    • 62

      I’m going to take a guess and assume it is supposed to be 0.7 grams (~two pinches). Keep in mind 7 grams is 7000mg, and the daily recommended intake of sodium is 2300mg. You would be exceeding that, even if you split the oatmeal in half.

    • 65
      Brett Larsen

      I made these using just measuring cups (1/4 for the quinoa) & pinched the salt in. Not exactly the ratios the weights called for but hey, it’s oatmeal, it’s not a souffle!
      Tweak it til it works for you like AB did.
      I did let the oats soak overnight & we agreed they were smoother/creamier than normal (we use organic thick rolled oats from Sprouts).
      Wasn’t crazy about the quinoa with the first bite but it grew on me.

  31. 66
    Bobi Pixiley

    I just got my copy of your new book today! My husband and I love you anyway! I’ll just make notes of the changes. It happens…

  32. 67
    Jim Orchard

    I had a few things to mention. First in the cornbread recipe, is the 1 tablespoon of salt and baking powder correct. They came out very salty to us. Also in the fried chicken (which was amazing) it calls for 2 t of pepper and sumac and 1 t of cayenne and garlic. In the text of the recipe it says you will have 8 t of seasoning. 2+2+1+1=6. Is the 8 wrong or did I miss something somewhere?

    Amazing book. I’ve made a recipe a day since it came out and only one we were disappointed by was the corn bread, which is why I asked about the measurements.

  33. 70
    Angela Palmer

    Alton, I need to ask about the turkey. I LOVE your Thanksgiving turkey, make it every year. But the 500° part scares the beejezus out of me every time. Not just the smoke it causes, but getting the heavy turkey out to foil it.

    Do you feel it’s safe to run a “house” oven at this high a temp for that long of a time (85 minutes total)? Also, the turkey combined with the cast iron sounds HEAVY! Should I weight lift a bit before attempting this recipe? I want to make it but I’m scared!!!

    • 71

      My hubby makes it for about the past 3 or 4 Thanksgivings and well of coarse it turns out AWESOME!! It was scary having a home oven that hot but when you do open some windows especially in the kitchen and trust me it will get hot just try to keep an eye on it and it should be fine. Good Luck!!

  34. 72

    I love your recipe for Barley Water on page 183. I have prepared it twice. I disagree with discarding the barley though. I saved mine for other uses. I made a mediterranean inspired salad to go with the marsala salmon, (which was delicious,). I plan on making healthy dog biscuits with the next batch that I am going to make tomorrow.

  35. 73

    Are the overnight coconut oats supposed to be cooked? The recipe doesn’t say. I had it uncooked today, and it was OK. My canned coconut milk made it all solidify in the fridge. I’ll try it cooked tomorrow, but it wasn’t clear how it is intended to be served.

  36. 78

    Editing is hard. Editing something you wrote, with content familiar to you is even harder. I’ve made recipe cards to give as gifts, and occasionally spot errors on a card I’ve seen hundreds of times. Thank you for clarifying the above items… I have to say, my mind boggled over the thought of 84 ounces of cheese but, I do LOVE cheese!

  37. 79
    Jennifer Schneiter

    Thank you for visiting Wichita! My 5 year old son has not been more excited about anything than getting to meet you. Since we got 3 cookbooks we shared, and my mother-in-law cried when she saw her book made out to her. Looking forward to cooking with your latest book.

  38. 80
    Lance James

    Thanks for coming to visit so many of us last night at the historic Orpheum Theater in Wichita, KS for your book signing. I stayed awake way too late last night reading it. Hmmm! I should of made breakfast carbonara this morning. Good Eats!

  39. 81

    Hello Love, SMALL Error on your correction list.. You Butterscotch Puddin’ is in fact on page 90-91… Sadly not on Page 61 which is currently home to Mushroom Wheat Berry Pilaf.

  40. 82

    Looking forward to some good meals! Thanks for sharing your food with us! Looking forward to the next generation of Good eats! -M&M girl

  41. 83

    Could we talk about the quinoa oatmeal? It tastes very salty. I used a scale and measured everything in grams, even the water. I checked the recipe twice – 7 grams of kosher salt?

  42. 84
    Joel Porter

    Hi, Alton,
    I erred when I shouted out re your thoughts of other flavors of French Fries; you had suggested “potato”.
    You correctly admonished me for usurping the youngster’s time on the floor.
    Perhaps now you might be able to give me your thoughts on garlic fries and/or crab fries which are both
    quite popular here in Philly.
    Thanks again for all you do to literally instill Love of Food.
    Joel Porter
    P.S.: How did you come up with the camera placed in the rear of the fridge looking at you as you opened the door?

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