The EveryDayCook Book Tour

Behold: The book tour for ‪#‎EveryDayCook‬. Hope to see you soon in one of these fine cities:

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    Heather B

    Will you be doing any signings or meet and greets when you come to East Lansing? I’d love to thank you in person for sharing what I consider to be the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever!

  2. 2

    Mr. Brown, I’ve casually watched you off ‘n on for a few years now but never really paid any attention to what you were saying until 2 months ago (it happened while desperately searching for anything NOT The Donald or The Hillary). Where have you been all my life? Signed: Your Newest Devoted Fan

  3. 5
    K Yee

    Is there something I should be worried about with opossums and fish sauce? I eat/use copious amounts of that stuff. Just saying. Think I need the back story.

  4. 6
    Laura Pyron

    My husband and I are so excited to see you tonight in Houston!! He is a major fan (I am too!)! Love you, your cookbooks, Good Eats, and Cutthroat Kitchen! 🙂 Perfect excuse for a date night tonight!

  5. 7
    Jordan Farmer

    Hello Alton! I am so so lucky that you are coming to my city, Frisco! It’s been my dream to see you in person, and I have to leave school really quickly if I want to be early to the line. I cannot wait for October Fifth to roll around.

  6. 9
    Jessica Mitton

    Mr. Brown, I am flying from Salt Lake City to Seattle to see you at the Issaquah signing. I am dedicated!
    I flew to San Francisco to see Eat Your Science in Stockton in May 2016 and already have tickets for Salt Lake City in March 2017.
    Can you provide more details about the Costco signing? I saw other locations needed a ticket purchased but the Issaquah just has “More Info”
    Thanks in advance!

  7. 10
    Elisa Sullivan

    San Jose isn’t too far from Napa. I saw your Edible Inevitable Tour last year at the Uptown here, but would love to meet you in person. I’ve been a big fan ever since Good Eats, and my daughter and I watch that and Cutthroat Kitchen together quite often.

  8. 19
    David W Jones

    I’ve pre-ordered the book, but I live in Saint Paul, MN (45, -93). You won’t be gracing us with a book signing (). When the book arrives, early October-ish, is there an address we can FedEx it to/from for a mostly authentic signature? Thanks!

  9. 20
    Rachel Adler

    Looking forward to seeing Eat Your Science next April in East Lansing…any plans to do any book signings in Michigan as well?

  10. 26

    Road atlas? Need a chauffeur? ‘Cause I’ve got a fast car…well it’s fast when I drive it. Or are you piloting that Cessna ’round the country per usual book touring protocol? #betterthanUber

  11. 30

    Alton, you are missing out not going to the Powell’s location in downtown PDX instead. Surprising actually, given that it is one of the most famous bookstores in the world 😛

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