AB Road Eats: Omaha


Blue Line Coffee: Off the beaten path, or I should say in a more quiet part of town, I stumbled upon this coffee shop. It was the perfect way to start my day.

Legends Comics & Coffee: This is one of the coolest coffee shops I’ve ever been to simply for the combo of comics and coffee. And it was good coffee. I don’t know everything about the comic world, but the guys here showed me the way through new comics I should be reading, including those from Europe.


Block 16: I first announced this on Twitter and I stand by it, the Croque Garcon burger available at Block 16 is on my top five burger list. There was a perfect ratio of meat-to-bun, which so many people overlook. And the condiments were just right, including that mustard.


New Amsterdam: Falafel. Fans of mine know I appreciate a good cup of coffee, airy doughnut and hot dog. But I also love falafel. Here at Amsterdam, I had my sandwich with the spicy sauce. Holy wow. It was seriously spicy — but it brought a new flavor to a classic sandwich that I welcomed.


Lithuanian Bakery: This bakery has been open since the 60s and is known for their tortes. I also decided to try their bow-ties (of course) and cherry strudel.

Images © Alton Brown, 2014


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    I have yo say there are far better places for coffe in Omaha. I’ve always found their quality wanting and their service abysmal. Then again everyone can have an off day…er month.

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    You should have gotten the fries poutine at Block 16. It’s to die for, especially with extra gravy. Their gravy is so good, I could just pour it in a cup and drink it!

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    Blue Line Coffee and the Amsterdam were my favorites when I lived in Omaha. See you on Friday in Cleveland at the State Theatre and possibly at the Greenhouse Tavern. Safe travels!

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