RE: The Alton Brown Podcast


A lot of you have been inquiring via Twitter and Facebook as to the current condition of my podcast a.k.a. The Alton Browncast. Many of you took part in our initial recording session back in…well…a while ago and you rightfully deserve to know what the heck is going on.

Well, there is good news.  Our podcast is going to be part of the famed Nerdist network of podcasts.  We’re joining up with Chris Hardwick and his gang because they’re swell folks and seem to always be having a lot of fun and fun is good.   So, the Alton Browncast will be available at and on itunes as well as the new which is coming to an internet near you.

The bad news, (which really isn’t bad) is that we want to have at least 5 finished p’casts in the virtual can before we actually launch.  We’ve been working hard at streamlining our systems and getting prime interviews scheduled which we’ll be recording in Atlanta, NYC and LA over the next few weeks.  This means of course that you won’t be able to actually hear any of this audio goodness for a couple more weeks.  But, I sure do intend to reward your patience.

But wait, there’s more.

We’ll be taking call-in’s as well as internet/email questions again tomorrow (as in Wednesday the 22nd and Thursday the 23rd).  Those of you wishing to establish contact should keep an eye on this web site as well as Twitter (@altonbrown) for the appropriate contact numbers/addresses/codes/etc.

My favorite part of this whole process is getting to talk to you food fan folk, so I hope we can count you in.

We’ll be in contact.