Adam Savage: The Alton Browncast 57

Adam Savage: The Alton Browncast 57

Adam Savage and I pop a squat in his man cave and talk everything BUT food and myths.

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  1. 1

    My favorite podcast episode! I love hearing the two of you talk at length about topics you are so passionate about. I’m now going to find The Shining w extras on Blu-ray. Possibly some other Kubrick films too. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. 3

    I love temple of doom! part of my childhood, my dad would make us watch it several times every weekend, for many years. Give it another chance! If you wanna watch a bad one… Lost City of Gold is a Indiana Jones, temple of doom ripoff.. Soooo bad, but good..

  3. 4

    The difference you note between boys and girls in relating to movies is interesting. My brothers and I have discussed media over the years, and I’ve concluded that boys and girls just interact differently with media. It’s difficult to explain the difference, but it’s there, and I even hear it in your discussion, how you two interact with movies, and how your conversations go with AB’s daughter vs. Adam’s sons.

    It’s fascinating, and I wonder if that’s part of why the difference in reaching kids exists. “This is Darth Vader’s story,” or the gasp at the end of the Godfather – neither of those would occur to me. Analyzing character motivation and writer messages in the writing, that’s more my forte and the way I see girls approaching films. The tangible result is that most of my guy friends are dumbfounded by my “cynicism” toward movies, etc, but I rarely shock girls as much.

    The movie that best exemplifies this difference in my experience is Fellowship of the Ring. I could NEVER figure out why that one was so acclaimed (and frankly don’t know of a female person who truly loves it as a standalone movie), until my brother explained exactly what made it the “best” one. I still skip it unless I’m doing a full LOTR marathon, but it’s the first one most of the guys I know will watch.

  4. 5
    Fred Sherman

    AB, been a fan since your very first Good Eats. Really miss that show! Anyway, I don’t think the phrase “pop a squat” means what you think it means!

    How about you brink your bike up to Richmond Raceway (VA) on a test a tune night? Your bike vs. my 392 SRT [heavily modified] 2016 Charger.

  5. 6

    Bushmills? Scotch? I know us plebeians don’t shop on the same shelf at the liquor store as these two successful gents, but how can they not know that Bushmills is Irish whiskey, not scotch? I’m so disillusioned…

  6. 11

    This is a fantastic podcast! I loved both Myth Busters and Good Eats, so this episode was really a treat.

    I had a thought that maybe the reason Alton’s daughter is not getting into movies in a deep way is due to a lack of relatable female characters in classic movies. That is at least how I felt growing up. The writers and directors of those movies were male, so it makes intuitive sense that they would want to tell a story from their perspective about things they relate to, but unfortunately that sometimes means alienating part of your audience. Fortunately many contemporary films are better at incorporating women in roles other than love interest or mother, in other words only depicting them through the perspective of the male lead.

    • 12

      I totally agree with this and was going to mention it too! I love the classics and they definitely have their rightful place in any decent movie education, but I’m 100% not surprised that a teenage girl isn’t really interested in them when they (most likely!) tell stories that in no way relate to her! I was brought up watching things like Indiana Jones and Back to the Future, and I love them dearly, but I was always also looking for a story about a character I could relate to in some way, and less for films in which the only women were there to be saved or to look attractive or to develop the man’s story in some way. There are so many amazing films – well scripted and well shot – that also have decent, complex female characters that girls can see themselves in, and these should definitely be sought out and added to a movie education along with the classics.

      On a side note: I’m sorry I’m just discovering these podcasts now, but they’re super interesting to listen to, so thank you!

  7. 13

    This has to be the BEST episode ever! Finally listening to you talk about film techniques and general shop talk in addition to just hearing two uber-nerds riffing on their favorite movies. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  8. 15

    I’m slowly getting around to listening to the podcasts. I recently caught this one and loved it. I could listen to those who have worked behind the camera and in effects talk cinema all day long. Fabulous FABULOUS fabulous!

  9. 16
    Brian Erin Proosow

    If they took Indiana Jones out of the bar scene, the Germans would’ve actually gotten the head to the Staff of Ra, and not had to rely on the one side being burned into the guy’s hand. Sorry.

  10. 18

    This is my favorite of the podcasts that you do – when you sit down with someone and get them to start talking about the things they love, that have nothing to do with what they might be known for. Awesome podcast.

    Now…what the world needs is a filmography course for parents who want to raise their kids right on film, but have a summer blockbuster history. I want to show my boys the right films at the right ages, but don’t have the history myself to draw from.

  11. 19
    April Dawn

    I hate Temple of Doom, too! Loathe it with a white hot passion! Everyone looks at me like I’m insane. Now I know I’m not crazy. Or wrong. Loved listening to this!

  12. 20

    I’m confused about how to get to this on iTunes. ITunes shows the last episode as the Shatner episode in June, both in my iTunes library and on the iTunes store. Any ideas?

  13. 24

    Do you take requests on who to speak with? If so, I’d like to see Jon Stewart, Chevy Chase, or Steve Martin. Yeah, yeah, I know they aren’t in the scientist realm, but they would be interesting interviews.

  14. 25

    Fantastic! I saw all the Spielberg films at a very young age (same with Godfather) and they just keep getting better.
    I am cursed. I own them all, yet If Jaws or Close Encounters is on TV, I will watch it. No matter what is going on, the world stops, and I am compelled to watch. It’s a sickness.

  15. 26
    Cheryl James

    Yup it is confirmed. I have a new guilty pleasure. I really need to get past the fact that I DON”T have to sit next to the computer when listening. My grandmother who was born in the late 1800s would eschew the TV to listen to the Dodgers on the stereo in our living room. She would lean in toward stereo when it got exciting. I found myself doing the same thing to the computer screen whilst listening to my favorite films being discussed.

  16. 28

    What do you think about the scariness of the original Poltergeist movie? I think Toby Hooper did a masterful job of playing with the emotions of the audience to intensify the scary parts.

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