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Judges Roundtable: The Alton Browncast 9

August 23, 2013

The Browncast Podcast featuring Bob and Susie from Food Network

In this episode, we go behind the scenes and talk to two of the people that have been around the Food Network longer than I have.

First, we have Susie Fogelson, who has been at the network for 13 years now, currently holding the title of Senior Vice President of Marketing. Then there is Bob Tuschman, a 15-year-long employee of the Food Network, named both Senior Vice President and General Manager. Together, they have taken on the role of “the network” on Food Network Star for nine years.

Being the eyes and ears behind the network, the two have seen it move from niche networking to the big-time, and they share with me what they believe to be the “secret sauce” behind that change. You’ll find out why some shows flopped while others blew up.

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