Watermelon Campari Ice Cubes

Because watermelons just don’t come bitter enough for me, I make Watermelon Campari Ice Cubes. Learn how to juice a watermelon by watching the video above.

Watermelon Campari Ice Cubes
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  1. 1 cup fresh watermelon juice
  2. 1 cup Campari
  1. Most standard ice cube trays hold two cups of liquid, so for one standard tray, stir together a cup each watermelon juice and Campari and freeze overnight into cubes.
  1. Note about Watermelon Campari Ice Cubes: Although you can simply blend and strain watermelon chunks for juice, I cut a hole in one end of a watermelon, insert a stick blender and pull the trigger. It takes a couple of minutes and a bit of butter-churning up and down action, but you can basically liquefy the entire thing and with no mess. Then simply pour straight out into a strainer to remove the seeds and pulp.
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