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If you want to get in touch, here’s where you do it. I’m the only one who reads this stuff and I will eventually read it and probably even respond…eventually again being the operative word. Since I don’t have an assistant or minions or anything…

  1. If you ask me to send you stuff it’ll probably take a while because I am never at the office and I tend to run out of stamps.
  2. Please DO NOT send me show ideas because my lawyers (who refuse to go buy me stamps) won’t let me read them.
  3. At this time, I cannot respond to Eagle Scout letter requests.

Good Eats

  1. Good Eats DVD sets are hard to come by, as in they’re not sold anywhere. I myself don’t even have the full set.
  2. With that said: All seasons of Good Eats are available for purchase on Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play and Xbox Video with about half of the seasons/series also available on Vudu.  

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  1. 1
    Jennifer Walker

    I’ve been trying to send you a message through the contact form, but it won’t let me. Looking for donation of an autographed cookbook for a raffle for a small town festival. please let me know how to submit a request. Thank you!

  2. 4
    Lydia ( Kim) Brown

    This one may surprise you! We are a retired Professional husband and wife who have been forced to come to terms with life and death with Agent Orange for my terribly ill husband. We are bull headed, full of humor, over the top with love of life and for sure watching your show. My husbands restrictions are heartbreaking, but if you could just see him with a Parkinson’s walker in a store asking for a “Alton’s salt pan” for his wife to use…it would bring you to both, humor and heartbreak. Jim is able to understand you and follow you when he cant keep up with other people and the doctors at V A are asking me “who-o-o- is Alton? I want you to stand tall and be proud of how you are helping a man who is loosing his battle he faught years ago in Vietnam, but he is going in style cooking with you, not hardly remembering which is sugar and which is salt. Thank You for a part of your show you may not consider to be a purpose and a reason..the nurturnig and support of War Hero. You are right there with his Honors all over our house in stripse and posts and Goverment and America atrabutes to him. Its kind of cute when they say how do you deal with this and often his answer is ” keeping up with Alton”..what? they ask… and I proudly say ” Alton Brown” … thanks Lydia and Jim Brown

  3. 5

    your 2009 orange marmalade needed a little help from some liquid pectin…followed your recipe and
    marmalade was too “relaxed” .

  4. 7
    Tom Ngo

    I just read about your effort in bringing to us a cooking show similar to Good Eats. The article stated that monetization plays a part in getting the project started. I would be willing to pay a subscription fee for access to the show!


  5. 8
    Christa Balk

    Just read and made your steamed soft eggs!!!! The best ever!!!! I was actually able to peel them! Thanks! Even a old hand at cooking can learn new tricks!

  6. 9

    Mr. Brown, I sent you an email a while ago in reference to a very special opportunity at the Dobbins Air Reserve Base air show in March 2018. I would be happy to provide the details again if you did not receive it.

    Col K.

  7. 10
    Joey Leach

    Mr brown. My daughter Carli (3yrs). And I got started watching you on good eats via Netflix. And have became fans she calls you “cookin man” and we dvr every episode that comes on. We missed you when you came to Nashville. If I mail you a copy of everyday cook. Could you sign it for me and yes I’ll send it with a extra stamp and box If so where would I get your mailing info. Thank you so much mr brown you have gave my daughter and I something to bond with your show and cooking.

  8. 11

    Mr. Brown, you have probably already done a show on this topic so I apologize ahead of time for asking but I have to know… I recently started using instant coffee and researched the internet for a way to improve the taste. A couple of posts suggested dissolving the instant granules in cold water before adding the hot water and, I will be a monkey’s uncle, it worked to remove the bad taste. Am I having a positive psycho semantic response to this suggestion as a means of looking at myself in the mirror for drinking instant, or is there true science involved?

  9. 12

    will you be hiring for your new endeavors? and where can one submit their resumĂ©? Know some good baristas, dishwashers, late-show writers, assistants to the assistant, pig dusters, chauffeurs, coffee taste testers…#georgiaeconomy
    Seriously though, are you hiring?

  10. 13
    Abby Hickey

    Is MagicSpace a valid Shop to selling your CD? I have emailed them 2 times since I purchased it as a gift for my husband.(11 days ago) I have received no information indicating the CD has shipped and no response to my emails. Merry Christmas and may 2017 be a great one for you and your family.

  11. 16

    Hi Mr.Brown,
    I hope you got my message. If not:
    Could you please do a show on how to properly use spices? I listened to your old podcast with the owners of The Spice House and now I’m really interested in cooking with spices but I don’t know how to apply them correctly or where to start with adding more spices to my food.
    Thank you for your help!

  12. 20
    Thomas Speir

    The troops overseas get to live in shipping containers, sometimes with a microwave. Could you suggest ingredients that they should be sent to make their own dishes so as to avoid the chow hall? Not saying military food is bad, but some times “one size fits all” doesn’t really work.

  13. 28

    SPREAD THE WORD! Tell ALL your family members and friends to vote ONLY Democrat 2016! Just another reason to vote ONLY Democrat 2016 and shove the republican’ts and the corporations and their ilk so far down that they will never recover and end up in the trash heap of history where they belong. NO more misogyny, racism, bigotry, theology, etc. NO more Vichy DINO Democrats such as Reid/Debbie Wasserman Schultz/Manchin/Pelosi/etc, RINO Republican’ts and these problems will be gone forever. The influences of the last 40yrs plus of Reagan and both Bushes will be gone FOREVER!! More socialism NOT less, MORE government NOT less, MORE unions NOT fewer, More regulations NOT less. MORE POPULISM NOT LESS!! No more austerity! STEAL FROM THE RICH TO GIVE TO THE POOR! Minimum 70 Dems US Senate and minimum 300 Dems US House of Reps and minimum 30 Dems Governor and take back ALL state legislatures and make ALL Democrats 2016! DON’T NEED NO CHECKS ON THE DEMOCRAT WHITE HOUSE. THEN NO MORE obstructionism, fascism, bigotry, rascism, filibusters, corporate lackeys, etc. STOP USING SCARE TACTICS!
    STOP already! It is the corporations NOT the gumbmint that are causing problems in this country. Stop listening to Fixed Noise propaganda coolaid. Freedumb doesn’t mean voting against your own interests and for republican’ts and those who vote for and assist them.

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