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Alton’s Discount: ThermoWorks Square DOT Kit

The Square DOT is flat out my favorite thermometer, and for the holidays we’ve bundled it with the probes I use the most. Remember, doneness rules, and it’s easy to manage with the right tools.

If you bought them all separate, you’d pay $113.99, so don’t do that. As a special just for my Food Fans, ThermoWorks is offering $20 off with the kit at $93.99. This is for a limited time—so get to it.

Alton Brown Square DOT Kit includes:

  1. 2-Channel Square DOT
  2. 4.5-inch Pro-Series High Temp Straight Penetration Probe
  3. Pro-Series High Temp Air Probe
  4. 6-inch Pro-Series High Temp Cooking 2.5-inch Probe
  5. Pro-Series High Temp Needle Probe
  6. Adhesive SPOT Spots for Attaching Square DOT to a Surface Magnetically
  7. 2 Grate Clips

Alton independently selects these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission from the brand.

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