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Custom Hedley & Bennett Apron

Whether wrangling a rogue sauce, plowing a pile of pasta dough, or mopping up an unfortunate mousse mishap, the kitchen is a minefield of splashes, squirts, and stains waiting to sabotage your favorite outfit.

That’s why I’ve partnered with Hedley & Bennett to develop an apron as stylish as it is useful.

Over a decade ago, I worked with H&B to come up with an apron that kept me covered, and all mission critical hand-helds within reach. Now we’ve updated and streamlined that design: cotton chino twill, two pen pockets up top, two roomy pockets below, simple waist tie, buckle adjust neck loop. No frills, no frosting.

Best of all, the pattern is based on the wallpaper of a certain kitchen from a certain TV show.

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