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Leather - GQ - Leica0051-editAlton Brown’s flair in the kitchen developed early with guidance from his mother and grandmother, a budding culinary talent he skillfully used later “as a way to get dates” in college. Switching gears as an adult, Alton spent a decade working as a cinematographer and commercial director, but realized that he spent all his time between shoots watching cooking shows, which he found to be dull and uninformative. Convinced that he could do better, Alton left the film business and moved north to train at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT. Soon after, Alton tapped all of his experience to create Good Eats, a smart and entertaining food show that blends wit with wisdom, history with pop culture, and science with common cooking sense. Alton wrote, produced, and hosted the show for 13 years for The Food Network.

Brown has written seven books including “I’m Just Here for the Food” (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2002), which won the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Cookbook in the Reference category, in 2002 and the massive three volume companion to Good Eats, each of which made the New York Times best seller list.

Good Eats was recognized as a Peabody Award winner in April of 2007, a distinguished prize presented for excellence in broadcast news, education and entertainment. In 2011, Brown was awarded his second James Beard award, this time for outstanding television host.  Cooking Channel airs the series approximately sixteen times each week.

Brown’s newest show for Food Network is Cutthroat Kitchen, a slightly twisted game show that Brown refers to as “evilicious”.  He has also mounted a traveling road show called the “Edible Inevitable Tour” which will be launching on its first national tour in the fall of 2013.

Brown lives near Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and daughter.  He likes flying airplanes, riding motorcycles and can hold his own on both guitar and saxophone.  He has a Nobel acceptance speech all ready and in his wallet.

Food Network Shows: Good EatsIron Chef AmericaFeasting on Asphalt, Feasting on Waves, Next Iron Chef, Food Network Star, Cutthroat Kitchen


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    Jimmy Parks

    I love Good Eats and especially the host. Since I have been watching I have learned to be a fairly decent home cook. AB makes it all look easy. Thanks for all the education and inspiration and please keep Good Eats coming.

  2. 5

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  3. 9
    Susanne Edwards

    Hi, Mr. Brown, I just thought I’d say hello, and tell you that you are a blessing to so many. I’ve read your recent interviews, and as someone who has battled bipolar disorder most of my life,I empathize with what you deal with when you have your dark moments. But rest in this. The Lord loves you, no matter what.

  4. 10
    David Trainee Chef

    G’DAY LISA … Your comments of 20May15 are noted with interest. I thought this web site was about Alton Brown the Chef, not Alton Brown who may have beliefs that I don’t agree with.
    When making a comment, how about staying on topic (such as his shows, such as his humour, such as his thoroughly educational way of presenting any recipe)
    There’s always someone who digresses on these web pages … let’s not be part of THAT problem.

  5. 11
    David Trainee Chef / Cook

    G’DAY ALTON BROWN … I have only recently come across your 30 min TV show ‘Good Eats”. I live in the backwater (the equivalent type of backwater where the “‘Gator Men” live) of Perth West Oz. The Land Where the Brain Dead thrive … especially our politicians.
    Your show is not only thoroughly entertaining and informative, but very, very educational as well. In fact I was ‘gob smacked’, when first watching you, that any Septic could present such a charming TV show, with a continuous humorous patter for a 1/2 hour straight!
    In fact those of us in the Land of Oz have always seen Septics as being transparently boring, but also ego driven, self-seeking, self-aggrandising, loud-mouthed & thoroughly self-interested (I give no apology for the use of an ‘s’ instead of a ‘z’ … it is after all English, not Americanish!)
    You are none of those things (which is in itself amazing!) … may I use the expression, ‘you are a breath of fresh air’? I may as well use that expression, I’ve used a couple of other denigrating assessments.
    Now that I’ve watched your show, I’m unable to watch the other chefs / cooks who appear on the Food Network, presenting such shows as ‘Secret Meat Business’, ‘Farmhouse Rules’, ‘Kitchen Inferno’ (Curtis Stone, a double dam’ Skip. He’s as boring as the rest who appear on the Food Network), ‘Burgers, Brew and ‘Que’, et al, because they’re so dam’ boring or just too Septic for my taste. The women presenters might be attractive (in one way or another), but their frenetic patter is very scary!
    Keep up the good work (if you’re still appearing on the Food Network with one show or another … I’m searching for any other shows you may be presenting).
    We in the Land of Oz no doubt are receiving your Food Network shows that probably went to air about 7 or more years ago. But because all Skips are seen as mushrooms (i.e. we’re continually kept in the dark & fed a rich diet of BS) by the TV networks, I’m not surprised. Politicians, in addition, view us as sheep … only to be lied to & then fleeced.

  6. 12

    Dear mr. Alton Brown I have watched several of your shows and I think you’re an amazing cook and Chef butts I seen several of your shows and I want to see you compete in them as a competitor either on Iron Chef or Cutthroat Kitchen just like you did to the judges of cutthroat kitchen

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