Thermo-Control Gear for BBQ

Following the premiere of Good Eats: Right On Q this past weekend, we’ve received quite a few inquiries regarding make and model info of some of the hardware we employed.  For those of you seeking finer temp control, I hope the following helps.

This is the iQue 110 from the folks at Pitmaster.  It’s a digitally controlled fan unit that can turn just about any grill into a precision smoker.  A temperature probe inside the grill feeds info to the fan unit which blows in just enough air to keep the charcoal burning to the temperature you set.  We kept a quart of briquettes going for over 8 hours and never registered a temp over 232 F.  This is a major development for home grill/smoke enthusiasts.  It’s a snap to install and very affordable.

For more info go to:

Anyone who hopes to accomplish long/low smoking must have decent thermal monitoring equipment.

I have long been a fan of Thermoworks products in general and cannot say enough about their 2K Two-Channel Thermocouple with Alarm (Item #TW8060 $69).

We used it with the Low-Cost Oven Cooking Probe #113-173 ($33) and the Crocodile Clip Oven Probe, item # THS 113-041($38). Although I don’t think they offer these as a combo kit, with enough begging and pleading from the BBQ world, I bet they will. Check them out here.

Happy smoking.

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