Jonathon Sawyer: The Alton Browncast 59

Jonathon Sawyer: The Alton Browncast 59

I sit down with Chef Jonathon Sawyer of Greenhouse Tavern, and we chat about his aged eggnog (one of my favorite things I’ve ever had), making vinegar and so much more.

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    Rick O'Meara

    Writing To Remember

    Barely relevant comment, but you both mentioned how you need to write things down to remember them better. I did read a recent article that conclude writing notes helps embed knowledge in your mind much better than typing.

  2. 6

    Mr. Brown, you are awesome, your podcast is awesome, except that the archive is trapped in iTunes (which is not accessible from Ubuntu)! Please, please extend your RSS feed to include all the past episodes, or somehow expose episodes 1-49 some other way than iTunes!

    • 7

      Not only is iTunes inaccessible from linux, it is also inaccessible from windows XP. For a chef who is always careful to be cost-conscious (saving scraps for stock/compost, pointing out when lower-cost ingredients/equipment are good enough…) you should help out those that live that way in their computer lives as well!

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    Mark Votaw

    Mr. Brown, I only found you podcast recently and this was the first I’ve listened to. Enjoyed your conversation with Chef Sawyer very much. And I’ve watched you on FoodTV many years. On this podcast, though I hoped to hear about aged eggnog. I did jot down some directions for vinegar, which I am planning to try this weekend. But the eggnog? I love eggnog-never mind my cholesterol level. Aged sounds like a drink I need to try. Any chance a public version of his recipe might come to light? Thanks for you emphasis on the science of cooking. Very important considerations.

  4. 12
    Andromeda Genberg

    Thank you, I always wondered how vinegar was made and now that I hear the connection with beer it makes sense why it was found in Ancient Egypt. I wonder thought about apple cider vinegar, now I have research to do. Alto I love your passion for food. I have learned so much from watching your show and I am glad that today I found your podcast! I just moved to Finland and the food here is very different so I am learning how to make things homemade in order to have the tastes of home. I will be ordering your cookbooks next year. Thank you. And I want to go and eat at the Greenhouse Tavern and meet the chickens and children.

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