Tory Belleci: The Alton Browncast 53

Tory Belleci: The Alton Browncast 53

This week I chat with Tory Belleci — most famous for his work on MythBusters. From blowing stuff up to Bond villains, we talk about, well, pretty much everything.

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    Camping kitchen: I occasionally go camping with a group that sets up “Kitchen Stadium” next to a lake. There are 2 large griddles, several little grills, at least two 2 burner stoves, a turkey fryer, two 6′ prep tables and a sink with running water (thanks to a car battery operated pump, a 55 gallon barrel, and an lake water purified with bleach). All this fit (mostly) under 2 EZUps. If I knew how to attach a picture, I would do it. Maybe no calamari, but we occasionally had fresh lake trout for breakfast. And, cooked to order filet mignon with garlic herb butter, or grilled lamb chops, or griddle pizza. Tory, really miss you on Mythbusters.

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    Uh, to those complaining about inability to download the new podcasts… How the Hell are you people missing the subscription feeds just below the player? Just downloaded all the new ones post-Shatner thru the RSS feed!

  3. 10

    I’d go with Giada for a Bond villain, possibly with her rival being Alton (because who can get enough of those two going at it with one another?)

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    I press play, it shows that it’s playing, yet no audio is coming out of my speakers. Not having this problem on any other site, of any kind. HELP!

  5. 14

    Loved the show. Learned some stuff I never knew, learned some stuff I should have known. Best hour and four minutes I have spent today. <:0)

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