Thanksgiving, The Bird: The Alton Browncast #21

Thanksgiving, The Bird: The Alton Browncast #21

Back in 2013 I sat down and did my best to answer your questions about the big “T” aka “the bird.” Although a couple of years have past, most of the questions remain the same.

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      In the Good Eats episode about frying, he did exactly what he describes here and added 5 pounds of ice. This is under the auspices of a “partially frozen turkey”, however, which is throwing me off. He did something similar in a video on his Facebook page, however omitted the brown sugar and didn’t add ice at all. That was with a completely frozen turkey, though. He recommended a two-day soak to thaw/brine the turkey.

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    Can I ask what you use to tie off the turkey for a fried turkey? You mention you tie the legs and the wings, but on your recipe on food network doesnt mention it. Also I am not positive what kind of twine is fry resistant.

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