Richard Blais: The Alton Browncast #61

Richard Blais: The Alton Browncast #61

This week Richard Blais visits me in my luxurious Cutthroat Kitchen trailer. We talk food, restaurants, TV and how darned hard it is to run in heels.

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    I was just listening to the Santa podcast and am I crazy or is there new parts of the conversation?
    I think there is new parts on the Tory Belleci podcast too.

  2. 2

    Great interview! And I really like the Q&A at the end, though it does make me sad to hear that you consider Christopher Kimball your nemesis because I like and respect both of you. I know you said he sneered at you but maybe he just has RBF (Resting Bitch Face). 😉

    • 4

      @Garrison – Amazon and Netflix have various seasons/episodes of Good Eats. My boyfriend and I watched a bunch over Thanksgiving (Netflix at least has some selected ones for free), but I am pretty certain most if not all of Amazon’s are for purchase.

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