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Course: Mains
Keyword: Beef, Entertaining, Grill, Meats, Steak on Coals, Summer

Steak on Coals

ACTIVE TIME: 25 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 25 minutes
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  • 2 pounds inside skirt steak, cut into three equal pieces
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
ACTIVE TIME: 25 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 25 minutes


  • Remove the steak from the fridge and lay over a wire rack set in a half-sheet pan and season the steak liberally with salt.
  • Fire up one chimney starter of natural lump charcoal. Once white and ashy, distribute evenly in the lower level of your charcoal grill.
  • Using a blow dryer, blow the charcoal clean of ash. Immediately lay steaks directly onto the hot coals for 35 to 40 seconds, then flip and repeat. When finished cooking, place the meat onto heavy duty aluminum foil, wrap, and rest for 15 minutes.
  • Remove the meat from the foil, reserving foil and juices. Slice thinly across the grain of the meat. Return to meat and toss with the juice. Serve immediately.
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