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Dear web visitor,

We’re launching a new live tour show this fall called Alton Brown Live: Beyond the Eats, and darn it, we want you in it. Allow me to explain.

I love watching people cook and would love to be able to share a video of you (yes, you) demoing your favorite recipe of mine.

If selected, we’ll edit your video, or a chunk of it, into a massive montage of snippets submitted from around the world. All we ask is that it be shot with a phone, or other camera-type device, in landscape mode … not portrait. They also must be 5 minutes or less. You don’t have to get fancy, just have fun.

What’s in it for you?

Glory! You’ll be featured on stage with me as part of the Alton Brown entourage that we all know and love.

If you’re game, then see below for upload instructions. And of course, you’ll have to sign off on all the legal stuff. Sorry … lawyers.

Anyway, have a blast and maybe, if you come to a Alton Brown Live: Beyond the Eats show, you’ll get to see your head way larger than it is in real life … like three feet tall.

Remember, glory has a middle name: you!

Oh, and we’d love to have all your entries no later than September 30, 2021.