Essential Grill Tools

Essential Grill Tools

I am a modern guy, but the cooking I enjoy the most is the kind that’s been around the longest — over fire. Here are my essential and not so essential (but awfully nice to have) grill tools.


  • Fire extinguisher (C02)
  • Spring-loaded tongs (long)
  • Stem-style digital thermometer
  • Chimney style charcoal starter
  • Clean platter for retrieving cooked foods (cross contamination = bad)
  • A slotted grill spatula for fish and burgers
  • Pumice stone for scrubbing off heavy crud (and light rust) removal
  • A clean(ish) side towel for rubbing down the grill with oil before each use
  • Wire brush for general cleaning (the bristles need to be closely clustered and short; otherwise they’ll simply fold to either side of the grate)
  • Spray bottle or squirt gun for putting out flare-ups
  • A beat up old metal mixing bowl to use as lid for specific foods


  • Grill light for night maneuvers
  • Metal skewers for kabobs
  • Saute basket (looks like a giant square metal ashtray with lots of holes drilled in it)
  • Portable hair dryer (for churning up the fire and blowing off ashes)
  • Ash bucket
  • Small metal trash can with lid for charcoal storage
  • Fire stick for lighting fires
  • Fireproof mat for placement underneath grills on decks or wooden structures


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    Stephen T. Vandiver

    I use my grill at church a lot and found that a wire brush for my handheld side-grinder works wonders for caked on grill grates after a long massive grill session. The only draw back is that some spots need a little re-seasoning (love cast-iron grates). Long handled silicone basting brush is great for this.

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