Brynn Smith: The Alton Browncast #65

Brynn Smith: The Alton Browncast #65

I belly up to a lot of bars across this country and every now and then the person on the other side of said appliance, has a spark in their eye and knowledge in their noggin’. Sometimes this person prepares for me a concoction that opens my eyes to something new and wonderful and that’s exactly what Brynn Smith did for me one evening at Sotto, Steve Samson’s excellent basement eatery on Pico. So of course I asked her to be on the Browncast.

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    This was an awesome conversation! I’ve been swooning over ryes, Manhattans, and Boulevardiers. My favorite Manhattan involves Pikesville’s six-year rye, Carpano Antica, and Suze Orange Bitters (gentian, orange, and bergamot – very strong and unfortunately really hard for me to find outside NYC). Any recommendations on the best source of information for making one’s own bitters?

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    Joe Ferrara

    I have been a big fan since Good Eats season 1 and I really appreciate the episodes and your Browncasts that talk about booze. So thanks for this episode! Merry Christmas

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