Introducing the Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science Tour

Hey Food Fans: Eat Your Science will be making its Broadway debut this November during Thanksgiving week at the Barrymore Theatre. Get your tickets by clicking here. What can you expect New York City?

All-new puppets, songs and entertaining-yet-possibly-hazardous culinary demonstrations. All-new.


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    Sherry Ausdran

    I just bought 2 VIP tickets for the Fort Myers show as a gift for my husband who introduced me to Good Eats. So this past November I used your recipe for the Turkey and soaked it in the brine, etc. and it was a great hit with his family! We will be seated center stage (Orchestra) in Row B seats 105 and 106 at the Barbara B Mann theatre. My husband’s name is Tim and I would LOVE for you to pick him for audience participation. He loves Good Eats!

  2. 3

    I’ve had your tickets for the San Diego show for months. I’m curious what restaurants you’ll be visiting while you are here. Care to share?

  3. 8
    Kristin Houdyshell

    Would you be able to visit Tampa, FL? My mom and I saw your previous tour in Tampa and there seemed to be a wonderful and full crowd. We were hoping to see you again for your new show! Could you please visit Tampa?

  4. 9
    Rob Snyder

    While to late this time any chance you could make it to Tampa FL . It is central to the State and there are alot of AB fans in the Sunshine state that dont consider the panhandle part of the state.

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