How to Keep Your Burger Buns Dry

How to Keep Your Burger Buns Dry

Since mayo and ripe avocado are mostly fats and therefore hydrophobic, spreading a thin layer of it on the bottom bun will prevent the bread from being soaked by burger juice. And they taste good to boot.


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    Not exactly what I had in mind.
    I just don’t like mayonnaise in high quantities.
    You sound like every other perverted employee I’ve ever worked with in a kitchen.
    What I meant about the statement, “clean anal eaters,” is for people that don’t want to make a mess when they eat. The anal part refers to their ANAL RETENTIVENESS!
    Not a sexual ize statement like you refered to Pufferfish.

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    Jim Arlotta

    I never thought of that. Quite ingenious!
    What about the “clean anal eaters’ out there?”
    You know, the ones’ that don’t want to make a mess or get dirty!

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    I use cheese slices on the top and bottom before adding the burger and condiments, the cheese prevents the bun from getting soggy too

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      Cheese slices get slippery. Mayonnaise preserves the texture of the bread. Cheese makes a sled for the meat. In my experience.

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    Water and fat don’t mix. It’s that simple. The fats in a layer of mayo create a barrier that prevents a great deal of the moisture from the burger from penetrating through. I would also suggest toasting the bottom half of your bun on both sides for extra rigidity. Also, put your lettuce under your patties. The perfect burger is out there…

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    Shannon P

    My mom used butter on my dad’s sandwiches do keep the bread from getting soggy when he worked in the coal mines. Otherwise his sandwich would be inedible halfway through a 12-hour shift. My gram made my pap’s sandwiches the same way!

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    I do not like mayo on my burgers, so I use BUTTER! I use no veg oil and cook using lard and mu colestrol is 87! Veg oil is the worst oil you can eat! I use mayo in my coleslaw that is made from olive oil or make ky own fresh, using Alton’s method!

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