My Favorite Doughnuts in the U.S.A.

I’ve traveled the country on my live tour, Alton Brown Live, and have found some of the country’s best doughnuts while doing so. The best part about this list is that it’ll constantly be updated. Tough job, I know.

In no particular order …


The Heavenly Donut Co. (Birmingham): I am especially partial to their old-fashioned.


Sidecar Doughnuts (Costa Mesa): Two words: Buttermilk Drops. Don’t leave the store without at least 20. Eat half in the car then go back and get another 30. Take the rest of the day off.

The Donut Man (Glendora): If you’re in the remote vicinity of this establishment, run. Don’t walk. And order the tiger tail.


Do-Rite Donuts (Chicago): My favorite old-fashioned doughnut in America resides here. There will be a line. It is worth it.

By the Dozen Bakery (Rockford): This old-fashioned doughnut is the reason people like me keep eating old-fashions.


Long’s Bakery (Indianapolis): Order the cinnamon fries at Long’s. Don’t be surprised when you have to wait on a line down the block for them. Your patience will be rewarded.


Nord’s Bakery (Louisville): An institution. I don’t think there’s a bad doughnut in the shop, but if you’re going to have one, make it the French fry.


Holtman’s Donuts (Cincinnati): I am so pleased they offer a dunking stick at Holtman’s — and it’s mighty good too.


Paula’s Donuts (Buffalo): Their sour cream old-fashioned absolutely hits the mark. They’ve nailed it.

The Donut Pub (New York City): New York City is home to many doughnut shops. Many of them are good. This just might be my favorite though. Every time I visit, I pick up an old-fashioned and a cruller to-go.


Gibson’s Donuts (Memphis): Order the classic glazed. You won’t be sorry.


Madbrook Donut Co. (Clearfield): Mad Brook loves me and I love Mad Brook equally.


Daily Dozen Donuts (Seattle): Frankly, if I lived in Seattle I would have a dozen of these every day.


Cranky Al’s (Milwaukee): The cruller is so good you’ll be dreaming of it long after it’s gone.





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    Mike Liedtke

    Next time you’re in Richmond, VA check out Country Style Donuts – Their Old Fashioned and Blueberry Chip are especially remarkable as are their Apple Spice, Glazed Custard and Raspberry Jelly filled donuts, with fillings made from scratch! An employee from one of their competitors turned me on to them, telling me they had the best donuts he’d ever had- me too!

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