AB Road Eats: Wichita


Espresso To Go Go: I went to this fine coffee establishment twice (wanted to check out both locations). Why? Because one has a giant disco ball and the other a unicorn (with glowing eyes). On my first visit I decided to go big with a Sid Vicious: Seven shots of espresso mixed with five sugars. Whoa. On my second visit I truly enjoyed their Vietnamericano (sweetened condensed milk and espresso, I skipped the whipped cream). Nice going, gals.

Reverie Roasters: I also went here twice — once to check out the roasting of the actual beans. The guys making coffee here are serious about their brews and took the time to educate me on just about everything. I enjoyed their coffee and latte, as well as their cold brew which I got to-go for the bus. They also have a pretty cool logo.


Public at the Brickyard: This place is awesome — inside and out. Before the show, I tried a little bit of a lot including the sliders, fries, pickles, wings and potato chips. Not in that order. Everything was good and I especially enjoyed the pickles (just as my fans said I would).

Tanya’s Soup Kitchen: Tanya has one of the most loyal followings I’ve seen yet. Everyone on Twitter wanted me to come here and try her Curry Chicken Soup. Sorry to say it wasn’t on the menu when I was there, but the Tomato Italiano Bisque was. It was good. It was very good.


Riverside Cafe: There’s nothing wrong with comfort food and sometimes you just need a good chicken fried chicken. A couple fans recommended the dish and it was spot on. Well … so were the four desserts I ordered.

Little Saigon: I had a craving for soup while I was in Wichita and saw that Little Saigon was on the list of places to visit. I ordered the Beef Pho (which came with a heaping pile of noodles) and a Banh Mi. It absolutely hit the spot.


Nifty Nut House: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. This place is a national treasure. It’s nuts. Absolutely crazy. I walked into a store that housed enough nuts and candy to fill an airplane hangar. Literally. They had every nut covered or dusted in everything imaginable. They also stock candies I haven’t seen on shelves in years. The staff was so friendly. And let me add this. It’s nice to walk into a shop and have the ability to try what you’re about to buy. I left the store stuffed-by-samples.

Old Mill Tasty Shop: I like seeing (and appreciate) a classic fountain shop still going. If you’re walking around town, it’s worth hopping a seat at the counter and ordering a shake — or a chocolate malted like I did.

The Donut Whole: On my list of must-stop doughnut shops, I was told to not miss The Donut Whole where they’re serving cake-only doughnuts. I like how they offer simple-to-fancy options, including powdered (my personal preference here), S’mores, Root Beer Float and Fluffernutter.

Images © Alton Brown, 2014


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    Aaron Jackson

    #ABRoadEatsWichita . I am a HUGE fan. I am an engineer and complete food nerd. Wichita has really exploded with good food. I will keep mine in a few mile radius of Tanya’s. Best breakfast I ever had, anywhere in the country, is at Doo Dah Diner. Everything from scratch and very unique. Since you have had Tanya’s already, go down the street to the Anchor for lunch. Great food, high quality local ingredients from their butcher shop next door, very unique menu, and amazing beer selection. Down the street from them is Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria. New, small authentic Neapolitan Pizzeria. Usually a line to get in, and they can run out of ingredients. Which is a good problem to have. It is that good. Which is next door to one of the best breweries in town, Hopping Gnome. Sit at the small brewery, order a pizza next door and they will bring it over while you play dirty board games and drink craft beer. Speaking of breweries, in my opinion, the best brewery and atmosphere in town is Central Standard Brewery, which is a short walk from Hopping Gnome. Amazing atmosphere, very laid back, great food trucks every night out front. Best food truck, Hands down, is Flying Stove. If a cattle farmer is proudly ordering a Kale sandwich, you know that a unique, awesome food truck.

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    Zerrin Oelze

    Please do not miss Piatto Pizza! It is AMAZING! Best food in town! The pizza with fresh arugula is our favorite.
    @Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria #ABRoadEatsWichita

  3. 8

    Alton, you absolutely 100% without a doubt MUST visit Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria. You will freak. In an awesome way. Pistachios on Pizza. I know, right? Mind blown food. #ABRoadEatsWichita

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    Linda Hodnett

    Please visit the Marrakech Cafe. The lamb dishes are great and the service is incredible. Even the food on the children’s menu is wonderful! They have a lunch buffet during the week.

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