AB Road Eats: Wichita


Espresso To Go Go: I went to this fine coffee establishment twice (wanted to check out both locations). Why? Because one has a giant disco ball and the other a unicorn (with glowing eyes). On my first visit I decided to go big with a Sid Vicious: Seven shots of espresso mixed with five sugars. Whoa. On my second visit I truly enjoyed their Vietnamericano (sweetened condensed milk and espresso, I skipped the whipped cream). Nice going, gals.

Reverie Roasters: I also went here twice — once to check out the roasting of the actual beans. The guys making coffee here are serious about their brews and took the time to educate me on just about everything. I enjoyed their coffee and latte, as well as their cold brew which I got to-go for the bus. They also have a pretty cool logo.


Public at the Brickyard: This place is awesome — inside and out. Before the show, I tried a little bit of a lot including the sliders, fries, pickles, wings and potato chips. Not in that order. Everything was good and I especially enjoyed the pickles (just as my fans said I would).

Tanya’s Soup Kitchen: Tanya has one of the most loyal followings I’ve seen yet. Everyone on Twitter wanted me to come here and try her Curry Chicken Soup. Sorry to say it wasn’t on the menu when I was there, but the Tomato Italiano Bisque was. It was good. It was very good.


Riverside Cafe: There’s nothing wrong with comfort food and sometimes you just need a good chicken fried chicken. A couple fans recommended the dish and it was spot on. Well … so were the four desserts I ordered.

Little Saigon: I had a craving for soup while I was in Wichita and saw that Little Saigon was on the list of places to visit. I ordered the Beef Pho (which came with a heaping pile of noodles) and a Banh Mi. It absolutely hit the spot.


Nifty Nut House: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. This place is a national treasure. It’s nuts. Absolutely crazy. I walked into a store that housed enough nuts and candy to fill an airplane hangar. Literally. They had every nut covered or dusted in everything imaginable. They also stock candies I haven’t seen on shelves in years. The staff was so friendly. And let me add this. It’s nice to walk into a shop and have the ability to try what you’re about to buy. I left the store stuffed-by-samples.

Old Mill Tasty Shop: I like seeing (and appreciate) a classic fountain shop still going. If you’re walking around town, it’s worth hopping a seat at the counter and ordering a shake — or a chocolate malted like I did.

The Donut Whole: On my list of must-stop doughnut shops, I was told to not miss The Donut Whole where they’re serving cake-only doughnuts. I like how they offer simple-to-fancy options, including powdered (my personal preference here), S’mores, Root Beer Float and Fluffernutter.

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  1. 1
    Aaron Jackson

    #ABRoadEatsWichita . I am a HUGE fan. I am an engineer and complete food nerd. Wichita has really exploded with good food. I will keep mine in a few mile radius of Tanya’s. Best breakfast I ever had, anywhere in the country, is at Doo Dah Diner. Everything from scratch and very unique. Since you have had Tanya’s already, go down the street to the Anchor for lunch. Great food, high quality local ingredients from their butcher shop next door, very unique menu, and amazing beer selection. Down the street from them is Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria. New, small authentic Neapolitan Pizzeria. Usually a line to get in, and they can run out of ingredients. Which is a good problem to have. It is that good. Which is next door to one of the best breweries in town, Hopping Gnome. Sit at the small brewery, order a pizza next door and they will bring it over while you play dirty board games and drink craft beer. Speaking of breweries, in my opinion, the best brewery and atmosphere in town is Central Standard Brewery, which is a short walk from Hopping Gnome. Amazing atmosphere, very laid back, great food trucks every night out front. Best food truck, Hands down, is Flying Stove. If a cattle farmer is proudly ordering a Kale sandwich, you know that a unique, awesome food truck.

  2. 6
    Zerrin Oelze

    Please do not miss Piatto Pizza! It is AMAZING! Best food in town! The pizza with fresh arugula is our favorite.
    @Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria #ABRoadEatsWichita

  3. 7

    Alton, you absolutely 100% without a doubt MUST visit Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria. You will freak. In an awesome way. Pistachios on Pizza. I know, right? Mind blown food. #ABRoadEatsWichita

  4. 9
    Linda Hodnett

    Please visit the Marrakech Cafe. The lamb dishes are great and the service is incredible. Even the food on the children’s menu is wonderful! They have a lunch buffet during the week.

  5. 12
    Erika swafford

    Fusion restaurant! The corn fusion dip, and cauli-potato soup, and the tilapia, and the meatloaf, and the sister salad, and the chilequiles, and everything! Lol

  6. 13

    Hmmm… Newport grill. Piatto. Saigon is better than little Saigon.. The broth is fuller. Coffee? Can’t beat Wichitas oldest coffee roaster, Spice Merchant. Angelos is an old reliable for spaghetti and cheese manicotti.

  7. 14
    Katie McCutcheon

    Milkfloat is great for dessert! Just down the street from that is Sakura, which is a little Japanese restaurant with amazing ramen and sushi. Doo Dah Diner has great brunch. On the west side, Homegrown has FANTASTIC breakfast that’s locally sourced. Dempsey’s Biscuit Co has good chicken, but don’t get JUST chicken. It’s dry rub and it needs gravy and biscuits to complete it.

    Good call last time with Reverie. Along that same vein but on the west side is Ecclesia. Their cold brew is my favorite. They also have food. Their gouda apple panini is pretty good.

  8. 15

    Piatto Neapolitan Pizza
    Dempsey’s Burger Co
    Dempsey”s Biscuit Co
    Bella Vita Bistro
    Churn N Burn
    Funky Monkey Munchies food truck
    Let’m Eat Brats food truck
    Flying Stove food truck
    Manna Wok

  9. 16

    The kitchen, Yokohama ramen joint, Wichita brewing company, Ziggys pizza, Dempseys Burger pub, dempseys Buiscuit Company #abroadeatswichita

  10. 18

    Little Saigon is alright but Saigon, which is basically next door, is absolutely stellar. Of course, as a resident of the Delano District I can’t just NOT recommend Picasso’s, which is my favorite place to get pizza and a local beer. Los Compadres has fantastic street tacos, which I cannot recommend anywhere near enough. Lastly, again a Delano restaurant, I HIGHLY recommend Delano’s Diner.

  11. 19

    My favorites for many years. #1 Picasso pizza, it’s truly a slice of art. #2 Krispys chicken., small, local, no frills. The catfish & chicken are sooo good and yes you’ll need some napkins to wipe the tastiness from your fingertips. #3 Angelos- a revival from a local Italian place. Manicotti! Italian salad. My family fights over the chunks of olives & eggplant.

  12. 21

    AB, as a fan from the very beginning I’m telling you that the folks at Doo-Dah Dinner and you are cut from very similar cloth. Their food is scratch made and mind blowingly delicious an absolute can’t miss.

  13. 23

    The Kitchen is a must!! The desserts are to die for. Especially the creme brûlée and carrot cake!! All there menu items are good as well and a light but filling meal is the quinoa salad. Yumm!

  14. 25

    I really love Marrakesh Cafe–it’ s the best lamb I’ve ever had. I don’t think I’ve ever been given a knife there, and you don’t need it. It just falls off the bone from the tagine. George’s is also pretty great, and while you can get a good burger at Dempsey’s, their chicken and biscuit establishment is a thing of beauty.

  15. 26

    For Pho definitely go to My Tho!! It is the best Pho in town!! Been going there for almost twenty years now and the service is the best!! Don’t forget to try the sandwich either… So good!! Also try Ziggy’s pizza in Clifton square, it is delicious!!! For Italian you can’t beat DeFazios!! For the best sandwich, go to the Artichoke and get the famous number 8!! Can’t go wrong with any of these choices!!

  16. 27

    Try some food trucks! Let’m Eat Bräts serves up authentic German cuisine and is the only place in Wichita doing so. Operated by a true German woman with family recipes – very tasty and popular in town!

  17. 29
    Nicole :)

    You should definitely make a stop at The Kitchen at union station. There are so many delicious choices to enjoy and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Not to mention the sensational desserts. Along with great food, you receive great company. The staff are a very welcoming bunch and the atmosphere has a friends/family get together vibe. Don’t miss out! You’ll be glad you stopped by.

  18. 30
    Michaela Tomsen

    I must compliment you on your fine tastes. Although if you’re into really authentic, Saigon is a across the street from Little and is better. Not as fancy, but better. And you hardly even have time to check your phone before your food arrives. Some new additions Wichita is very pumped about is Dempsey’s biscuit company and Milkfloat. Biscuit anything at the former and the latter, I mean, what don’t you want? From-scratch pop tarts, lemon bars, and blood orange soda are my personal favs. And if you’re a coffee snob, you should def try their pour overs.

  19. 31

    Dudee you need go to The Kitchen @union station. This is coming from a Brazilian that loves flavor and great seasoning on his food with healthy ingredients . can’t pass on them.

  20. 33

    You absolutely must get cookies from The Cookie Guy when you come to Wichita! Their gourmet goodies are the best I’ve ever had! They are a small, locally owned and veteran operated company. Delivered still warm and with cold milk too!

  21. 34

    The Kitchen @ Union Station is a hidden gem in Wichita, whether it’s Triple grilled cheese panini with tomato bisque soup for lunch or the Apple Chop for dinner, You will be pleasantly surprised with every bite. Also this is the only place in Wichita that I know of that has Disco Fries aka Poutine and they are gooooood!

  22. 36

    @altonbrown a must see / eat place is The Kitchen in Old Town! The desserts – to die for! An absolute gem! It’s great to hear you’re back in Wichita!

  23. 37
    Marcia Mies

    Parsnipity Cafe located in the Epic Center at 301N Main. Chef Cynthia Wilson and her husband Craig Bjork own it and a Food Truck LumpiaPalooza. They offer homemade food inspired from their travels all over the world. My favorite menu item at the cafe is the Coronation Chicken Salad. They are becoming famous for their Lumpia which is offered traditional recipe as well as numerous options including my favorite pizza Lumpia and dessert options. It was so popular that they started the food truck just for the Lumpia! Visit both if you can. You won’t be disappointed!

  24. 38
    Marcia Mies

    Parsnipity Cafe located in the Epic Center at 301N Main. Chef Cynthia Wilson and her husband Craig Bjork own it and a Food Truck LumpiaPalooza. They offer homemade food inspired from their travels all over the world. My favorite menu item at the cafe is the Coronation Chicken Salad. They are becoming famous for their Lumpia which offered traditional recipe as well as numerous options including my favorite pizza Lumpia and dessert options. It was so popular that they started the food truck just for the Lumpia! Visit other if you can. You wo t be disappointed!

  25. 41
    Glenda Burkett

    The Kitchen! Fresh! Best grilled cheese, quiche, carrot cake, lavosh…..everything! A MUST stop. Loved the Chef’s cooking class too!

  26. 51
    Sarah E.O

    You must try Sweet Allie B’s for either lunch anytime or brunch on the weekend, it’s our favorite! Also, R Coffee House for coffee and food in Riverside, favorite burger and fries place is Fizz Burgers and Bottles, and Felipe’s for Mexican food..go to the one at 21st and Woodland. And yes Churn and Burn for ice cream

  27. 52
    Jessie Leonard

    Mannnn!!! You have to stop by Pig In Pig Out BBQ! It’s the best selection of BBQ in wichita hands down Derek the owner and the team down there are the greatest group of people you could ask to serve you!

  28. 55

    It’s a little bit north, but Cy’z in Sedgwick has the best (and largest) chicken-fried steaks I’ve ever tasted, and delicious gravy. I’m told The Barn in Burrton is also a great place, as is the Carriage Crossing in Yoder for some great local farmhouse eats.

  29. 56
    Sherre Sawyer

    You simply must go to The Kitchen located at Douglas and Mead. The menu is not over blown and over done, but there is simply not a bad dish on it! I personally love all of the salad selections, but you MUST try her Chicken Piccata! My daughter and I refer to it as “Crack Piccata, because you will want it again and again. She slices the lemons so thin that you can eat them with the dish. THE BEST!!!

  30. 57

    Hi Alton,
    LA Gillette is a bistro located on West Douglas Tony and Michelle are awesome owners. Everything in the bistro is delicious but the pastries are amazing please give them a try. Also My Way Cafe on W. Douglas is an original. They have delicious loose meat sandwiches, awesome onion rings and store made root beer. If you are craving a hot dog you must try Dog and Shake. They have shops in several areas of the city
    The name says it all. I hope you have an excellent visit when you are here. If you need a local guide let me know.

  31. 58
    Jessica Bowman

    Go foodtrucking!!!! We have SO many amazing food trucks now. We even have a pop up park downtown on Douglas that hosts a different set of trucks daily. There is a Facebook Page that helps track them – Food Trucks Wichita.

  32. 59

    Alton, check out Milkfloat! It’s a new coffee/dessert shop and I think you will enjoy it! The baker comes up with creative and delicious desserts that cater to the season and local/global events. I’ve had their homemade poptarts a few times and would totally stock my freezer with those if I could! The coffee is great and the staff is energetic and ready to serve you. My husband and I also frequented Dempsey’s quite a bit when we were living in Wichita, awesome burgers and a fun atmosphere. Churn and Burn might be the best place to get some ice cream, we were spoiled living under a mile away when it opened! The homemade mint ice cream is the best I’ve had, almost tastes like you’re eating a mint leaf from your garden out back!

  33. 60

    When you come back (pretty soon, from what I hear!), you must try these places: Doo Dah diner, N&J cafe, Los Pinos (best fried taco EVER), TJs Burgers, and Ziggy’s Pizza.

  34. 61

    Ty’s. Got to have their burger and fries, should you return. As well as the hot pork at LaChinita. Also The Burger Barn in Peck, just south of town. Their burgers are very good as well. We eat out a lot around here, apparently. Oh, and the Doo-dah Diner. The place is horrid-looking, but the Doo-dah balls are delicious. And N&Js. And . . .

  35. 62
    Michael Bulger

    Alton, I enjoyed your blog about Wichita eateries. However, but, you missed a couple of the best places to satisfy your stomach that there is in the area. Next time you are here, you really do need to try Luciano’s Italian, in Mulvane, just south of Wichita. Luciano is from Tuscany, and he and his staff can provide an outstanding meal. Another is N and J’s Cafe. It is Lebanese and there is not a bad thing on the menu. Don’t get me wrong, you hit some high spots in Wichita, but you missed a couple of the best.

  36. 63
    Day Vivid

    Man! Garden Grille Cafe is a national treasure! you missed out! Worth the return trip alone and Defazio’s Italian is the finest I’ve had – try the Arancini it is for real!! Other than that thanks for the credit where credit is due

  37. 66

    So glad you enjoyed your time here and thank you for the kind words about Wichita! Should you come back, a few places come to mind having been born & raised here…Oasis Lounge – best burger in town, Kanai – sushi to die for!, DeFazio’s – you must try the house salad with pickled eggplant, Copper Oven – oh everything is good! LaChinita – authentic Mexican and still family owned.

  38. 67

    If you’re looking for a good burger there is a little known hidden secret. It’s called bomber burger. A little on the pricey side but the place is great. The venue is small but the guy who runs it is awesome and has fun with his customers.

  39. 68
    Pamela Smith

    I am so sorry no one directed you to Cocoa Dolce. I am currently living in France, and haven’t found any chocolatier in France, Italy, Switzerland or Belgium that is better than Cocoa Dolce. Their strawberry balsamic chocolate is perfection.

  40. 69

    So glad you enjoyed your time here. Next time please try LaGalette, one of the best places for lunch in town! Another well kept secret is El Patio.

  41. 70
    Casey Bartley

    Those are some of the best spots in Wichita. You went the the wrong Saigon though, as Saigon a block north is the better Saigon! Honestly it is a hotly debate topic by which friends become enemies. Little Saigon has much better atmosphere, but that is all…

  42. 73

    It’s not IN Wichita, just a short drive south, but you should try Luciano’s in Mulvane. It’s authentic Italian food, owned by an awesome couple. Wednesday is gnocchi night, Thursday is pizza night. They also have specialty coffees and a great wine list.

  43. 76
    Amy M.

    Next time you come this way I suggest trying The Anchor, Doo-Dah Diner, Churn & Burn and Le Monde Cafe! Glad you got to try some great food and dining while you were here!!! Also I second the food truck idea. We have some real winners there! So good!

  44. 77

    Riverside Cafe is wonderful. I remember going there about 10 years ago (I am only 15 now) with my dad and I had a great time. The owner is incredibly friendly and I looked forward to always spending time there with my dad and some chicken fried chicken and pie. Another good place here is Mead’s Corner, although you have probably been there, as well as Doo-Dah Diner. Thanks for stopping by and reminding me what pride I have in our local businesses!

  45. 78
    Scott Blanchat

    Too bad Takehoma Burger is closed. Their motto was “We didn’t invent the hamburger, we perfected it.” This is so true, and their fries were outta’ sight. Ty’s is excellent

  46. 79
    Radeana Wilson

    You visited several of my favorites. I’m glad you enjoyed them. Nifty Nut House is extra special because my late mother used to buy chocolate covered raisins for me when I was a kid. Next time you visit, you must try Doo-Dah Diner. It’s a favorite of my family’s.

  47. 80
    Heather Hill

    Next time you come back, you MUST stop in at Ty’s Diner. It’s a hole in the wall serving classic pressed hamburgers. David and Kristen, the owners, are amazing people and awesome home made fresh cut fries!!!

  48. 81
    Michelle P

    Next time you make it in to our sleepy town make sure to check out our food trucks!! The Flying Stove is ahMAZING. As a Wichitan I am one of the lucky ones who get to frequent all of these and then some. Taste and See is another must… I love Good Eats and you are one of the reasons I’m such a foodie!

  49. 82
    Maria J.

    My husband and I were born and raised in Wichita, then he joined the Air Force and we moved around the US and Germany for twenty plus years until he retired two years ago and we settled in Colorado Springs. We still go back to Wichita once or twice a year to visit family and friends and the first place we always stop to eat at (usually a few times while in town) is Nu Way. They have loose meat sandwiches, homemade onion rings and their own root beer they make daily. I don’t drink soda, but I always have their root beer, served in a frosty mug!! They have been around since 1930 and we still visit their original location on Douglas Ave. If you are ever back in Wichita, I highly recommend stopping by Nu Way!!

  50. 84

    There are so many yummy places to eat here, you really have to visit three or ten times. Next time, try TJs Burgers, Brint’s Diner, or my personal favorite When Pigs Fly BBQ. 🙂 I was really sad that I messed you. I went to buy tix and they were all gone…

  51. 85

    You may not remember, but you actually had a donut from Donut Hole years ago. It was of the maple-bacon variety. Same trip when Han Solo stumbled into the same restaurant at dinner time.

  52. 86

    You have to go to Tanya’s on a Wednesday for the chicken curry, for future reference, if you ever make it back to ICT. There’s a marathon every spring & fall here to help justify eating more calories 🙂

  53. 87
    Eric bellinger

    I am so jealous that these coffee shops get the opportunity to make you a cup. I work at a large corporate chain in colorado, so I doubt I’ll ever see you there. I would probably die if you walked in.

    Thanks for all your work Alton. You are seriously the most epic TV personality ever. Also if there is anything I can do to get more good eats episodes on Netflix let me know!!
    Thanks again Alton!
    Safe travels!!’

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