AB Road Eats: Tucson


Cartel Coffee Lab: I have to admit that I really like the fact they call themselves a “lab.” The coffee was good and the space was great.


Eegee’s: If there was one place I had to visit, according to my fans, it was Eegee’s for a iced-thing. I tried half strawberry and half pina colada. It was really refreshing. Next time, I’ll probably just order the pina colada by itself.

El Guero Canelo: If Eegee’s is an institution in Tucson for drinks, the Sonoran hot dog is the official food. Three words: Oh heck yeah. A hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with basically everything (onions, relish, tomatoes, mayo and mustard).

Just Churros: Strategically placed right outside El Guero Canelo is a food cart frying fresh churros. Save room for them.

Tucson Tamale Company: The best bite of the day (maybe even week) goes to Tucson Tamale. In fact, I ordered them for after-show food too. My top picks? Order the Santa Fe and Chile Relleno Tamales.



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    If you’re going to make it all the way to Tucson, you actually just need to venture 4 more hours east and stop in Las Cruces, NM. If there is a better Mexican food Mecca in the lower 48, then you’ll have to show it to me, then you have to feed it to me to attempt to prove it to me. With a direct pipeline to Hatch (NM) green chile (we use poblano’s for baby food), you know you’re in for one hell of a culinary feast! You could even stop by the NMSU Chile Pepper Institute for S & G’s.

    So…until you’ve had a taste of the finest “true” New Mexican cuisine , you’re destined to just be quasi acceptable and/or palatable eats (see what I did there?).

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    Mr Brown Next time when in Tucson you need to try the Just Churros ( Churros ala Mode ) Ice Cream in a 16oz cup wrapped with 6 churros and topped with your choice of sauce ( Strawberry is my favorite)

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