AB Road Eats: Richmond and Lexington, Kentucky


North Lime Coffee & Donuts: When I go to a coffee shop, I like to ask, “What’s the one coffee I should order here if this was my last?” I enjoy seeing what baristas will come back with, like the Dolce Veloce at North Lime. It’s not my usual, but that’s the point: Layers of French vanilla syrup, cream and espresso. A bonus: they also serve doughnuts. I didn’t get there in time to try a plain glazed, but I did enjoy the vanilla-frosted.

A Cup of Common Wealth: Here’s a cool concept: a pay-it-forward coffee shop. A fan of mine tweeted that she left me “any drink I wanted” here. So I left her one too. Anyone can pay-it-forward, and you can also add stipulations like, “sing for your coffee” or “any drink when you dance.”

Common Grounds Coffee House: Only in Kentucky can you order your coffee made from bourbon barrel-aged beans. And son-of-a-gun, the aroma and taste of bourbon came through. Interesting concept.


Spalding’s Bakery: Spalding’s been around since 1929 and their current offerings (the day I was there) included doughnuts, apple fritters, cheesecake and cookies. I suggest the jelly filled glazed doughnut.


Lexington Diner: Order the Kentucky Nachos. I’ve never done crack, but I imagine it’s like this. Enough said.

Babylon Gyro’s: I always like to source out local ingredients for my show, and in Richmond, K.Y., I used gyro meat from Babylon’s. But before it made it to the pizza, I snacked on a couple slices. Really well-seasoned.


Apollo Pizza: If there was one establishment that fans of mine wanted me to visit in Richmond, it was Apollo Pizza. While I didn’t get the chance to actually go, we ordered our after-show food from here. The pizza was good, but the toasted ravioli was great.


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    Taste of Texas BBQ in Richmond and Blue Door BBQ in Lexington, your tongue will slap your brains out. Ramsey’s in Lexington is a local tradition that uses locally sourced foods when possible. Great southern food.

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    Thomas Barker

    Madison Gardens in Richmond has some good hot wings!! Also Amons bakery, perhaps holesome backs in somerset, Original Kfc in corbin could be good. Doc watsons in louisville, marks feed store, parkette in lex, popalenos pizza in berea. I’ll go eat if you tell me!

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    Donald Pancake

    Alton you have to try a little hole in the wall bbq joint called Smittie’s southern style bbq. Some of the best bbq I’ve ever eaten.

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