AB Road Eats: Portland, Oregon


Extracto Coffee Roasters: Great space, great logo and a good Mexican pour over to boot.

Coava Coffee Roasters: With Coava there are no frills, including their space. That’s because they focus on the coffee. Good coffee.


Tasty n Sons: I’m opening an elastic pants emporium next door to this establishment — because you’ll need them after ordering one fantastic dish after another. I know this sounds odd, but you have to order the breakfast board for one reason:  it’s consists of the best chicken liver pate I’ve ever had. Period.

Pine State Biscuits: Now that’s a hearty breakfast. The Reggie: Fried chicken, bacon and cheese topped with sausage gravy.


Boxer Ramen: It had been a long day and I was so grateful that Boxer let me take my meal to-go. Ramen was great, but make sure to also order the Okonomiyaki Tots (tater tots, creamy spicy sauce, bonito, togarashi and nori).

Lardo: This establishment is serving the best chickpea sandwich I’ve ever had (carrot-harissa slaw,feta and a cucumber yogurt sauce).


Clyde Common: I was encouraged to visit this restaurant for one reason … the barrel-aged Negroni. I agree with the suggestion and I’ll add another: order the punch too.


Pips Original Doughnuts: Crisp, perfectly fried and portioned. I loved the honey and sea salt doughnut.

Alma Chocolate: I’ve got a thing for drinking chocolate. In fact, I would go on record to say that I’d rather have an amazing cup of hot chocolate than coffee. Alma has their drinking chocolate down to a science. It’s deep and rich in flavor, but it doesn’t have the heaviness of a typical drinking chocolate. I can’t explain it so you’ll just have to try it yourself. While you’re there, pick up a couple bon bons.


Portland Knife House: I was lucky enough to pick up a Carter Knife at the new Portland Knife House. Very cool shop.


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    Cadillac Cafe on Broadway. The Hazelnut French Toast is so wonderful that you want to slap someone.
    Trailblazer Roasters on MLK and Couch. Primo java.
    Robot Taco on Morrison off Grand. Don’t let the tats and ‘tude fool you. They make some righteous (almost authentic) tacos.

  2. 2
    Terra setzler

    Last year I tried an adventure and I ate donuts at every donut shop in Portland. I tried a raised and glazed, their top seller, and something different (to see their abilities at variety).
    Really pips is closer to a churro than a traditional donut. But they are delicious crisp little things, and honey with sea salt and nuetella is a genius combination.
    I thought blue star donuts but the texture reminds me of wonder bread. The surprise there was my variety order. I ended up with an olive oil donut with orange powder. The citrus brought out the notes of the olive oil and it blossomed, actually blossomed. I got a floral taste off it. Coco donuts slays in texture. If you want a buttermilk donut, this is your spot. Tonallis is way too greasy and reminds me of gas station fryer oil.
    As a true towney, I had written off voodoo donuts years ago. It can’t be as good as my middle school memories; and it’s such a tourist trap now. But when I went there, they won every category. The dough had a sweet yeast flavor, the outer edges had the perfect oil, and bready flavors. The flavor combinations are fantastic, and their quality holds up in their vegan versions and old fashioned. Really tho, good things come in pink boxes
    If you come back and haven’t done voodoo, that should be your first stop. Other wise I’d say blue star if you like olive oil, or coco if you want some solid basics.

  3. 5
    Brandon Burchatz

    Want one of the best oregon burgers? Then I urge to give Killer Burger a bite, the Epic and Black Molly are my personal favorites.
    Also you can’t get much more Portland than The Roxy. Good food and great atmosphere with attitude!
    Thanks for being you Mr. Brown! You nerdy chef nut.

  4. 6
    Scarlet Passmore

    I work as a dishwasher at The Tin Shed on Alberta. It’s got great breakfast stuff, and most things have a vegetarian option to them. I especially like the french toast and the Fetch. Another is the Blossoming Lotus on 15th and Broadway. Surprisingly, the restaurant is vegan but the food is amazing regardless. Seriously some of the best tasting Portland food I’ve had.

  5. 10
    Windell Reneau

    I knew that was a Carter piece just from the small picture and makers mark. Great buy and amazing chow! Just finished some old Good Eats on Netflix and a refresher to see these posts.

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