AB Road Eats: Oklahoma City


Coffee Slingers: We arrived in OKC early, so I decided to take a walk. I found this place along the way … and that’s how my day started.

Elemental Coffee: And because you know now that I never just have one cup … I ordered an iced latte and it was fantastic. So good I didn’t even snap a photo (went down that fast).


Kitchen No. 324: Coffee was quickly followed by breakfast. I really enjoyed the space (open, white and bright). I highly suggest you order the green eggs and ham.


Tucker’s Onion Burgers: If I lived in OKC, I would have their onion burger once a month. At least.


The Mule: How do you follow up an onion burger? Grilled cheese, of course (with a side of tomato soup).


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    Francis tuttle technology center the rockwell campus has a great culinary program you should come try it out i oklahoma city…

  2. 16
    Dwight Irving

    You simply MUST try Off The Hook Seafood & More,125 W Britton Rd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The number one restaurant of its kind in the state has two of the nicest, most hard-working owners, not to mention EXCELLENT chefs, you’ll ever want to meet.

  3. 21
    Jamell Taylor

    Definitely go check out Off The Hook!!! The atmosphere is great!!! The staff is courteous and, kind, and the food is wonderful!!

  4. 22
    M Mason

    Come to Francis Tuttle School of Culinary Arts and eat in the Garde Manger lab! Both the chef and the students are amazing!

  5. 23

    OFF THE HOOK IS JUST THAT…….. OFF THE HOOK!!!!!!! It is a definite must see must try must taste kind of PLACE

  6. 24

    If you skip out on OFF THE HOOK you will regret it lol…the best seafood ever!! Great atmosphere with food to match. People from all cultures and heritages love OKC’ s Off The Hook

  7. 31
    Gary Jones

    You need to stop by and check out Off The Hook Seafood and More – it’s not even an question. HANDS DOWN the best lunch spot in OKC. Their seafood fries are amazing!

  8. 32

    Please stop by and check out Off The Hook Seafood and More when you visit Oklahoma City on April 30, 2017. The food is prepared and cooked in an open kitchen. This makes my stomach growl just thinking about their food. Don’t forget a few Kool-Aid pickles! 125 W. Britton Rd. OKC

  9. 36

    You should totally come by Francis Tuttle School of Culinary Arts Garde Manger Lab! It’s AMAZING!!! The students and Chefs are some of the best and the labs are great!!

  10. 40
    Alyssa U.

    You should come visit Francis Tuttle culinary school grade manger lab! It’s an amazing culinary school with teachers who are truly passionate about their students and teaching them to love cooking!

  11. 45
    Elizabeth Cox

    What they said about stopping at Francis Tuttle! It’s not just a great culinary school full of eager students, it’s OKC’s beacon of hope! Vocational training for high school students is what our country needs and they are doing it right! Mike Rowe would want Altona to visit. Just sayin’ 🙂

  12. 49
    Jessica Enriquez

    You should definitely go visit Francis Tuttle Garde Manger Lab ! Full of wonderful chefs and students. It would mean a lot to the chefs in training.

  13. 50

    Come check out Mama E’s soul food restaurant. Food taste to perfection a great love filled environment, good costumer service

  14. 54
    Audrey Howard-Harris

    Alton we are excited about your visit.
    While here, you must experience a taste of heaven at Mama E’s.
    I’ll see you there

  15. 59
    Jeremy williamson

    Please come visit Francis Tuttle garden manger. Also you should come check out singature grill for dinner, in the sous chef up here and you won’t be disappointed!

  16. 63

    Every time I’m in okc, got to make that stop by mama’s E for so good soul food,, it’s like Sunday dinner with the family at big mama house…Love that place

  17. 64

    “Off The Hook Seafood & More”
    125 W Britton Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73114
    Is a must-try. Everything is delicious there, a couple of my favorites are the Smothers Seafood fries and the Jumbo Fish, Shrimp and grits. I’m so addicted. Oh! Excuse me that’s “SO HOOKED”.
    Mr. Alton Brown, I left you the address so you won’t get steered, in the wrong direction. #GETHOOKED

  18. 71
    Jahreese west

    There are a lot of good places to eat in okc. I could give you a big list that would blow your mind but my favorite place to go is “off the hook” ! Everyone knows about this place and every weekend you will get a amazing special created by the chef something different every weekend trust me on this

  19. 77

    Better get your tail over to #OFFTHEHOOK! and catch you a real addition to some amazing food! Made and owned by some of Oklahoma’s finest!

  20. 80

    You really need to try Off The Hook. I’m definitely not a seafood lover, but I love this place. Sometimes I will drive through at lunch and just get greens and grits or even some Mac and cheese. Chicken salad is seasonal, but is out of this world good. The absolute best for seafood haters however is the Flying Pig, if I wouldn’t resemble the namesake I’d eat that every day with their house chips!

  21. 87
    Camille Sanders


  22. 88
    Jason G.

    You have to stop by Off The Hook Seafood and More!! It’s one of the best food spots in the state of Oklahoma. Don’t mistreat yourself. #GetHooked

  23. 92

    I live in Texas when ever I go home to Oklahoma City. I go to Mama Es for some good ol soul food. Go by Mama Es and try it for yourself. You’ll not go wrong.❤

  24. 93
    Stephanie McCoy-Williams

    You will NOT go wrong at Mama E. My daughter doesn’t understand while we can’t make that 2 hour drive every week for dinner.

  25. 98
    Kaye Jones

    Please Try moma E’s Omg you will not be disappointed I wish I could show you the video of Pastor Fred Thomas which has over a million views, his reaction after he ate there.. can you google moma E’s Fred Thomas video… tell Stephanie & Keith the owners that Ms. Kaye sent you!!!

  26. 100

    You gotta try mama e’s. The best soul food in the okc area. The wings and waffles. You wouldn’t won’t no other. Come on AB come to mama E’s.

  27. 108
    Tonyetta Hooks

    You have to try Mama E’s. Soul Food Restaurant that was featured on the food network you will enjoy the experience and the great food!!!

  28. 109

    You have to try Mama E’s Soul food great food, friendly service… Takes me back to my country roots… You definitely will not be disappointed!!

  29. 110
    Robert Nielsen

    Try The Hatch for Breakfast on Broadway, Off the Hook for Lunch and finally for Dinner try Cafe Pranzo for authentic Italian food like Mom use to Make. I am an Uber driver and would love to chat while driving you to these places…lol

  30. 116
    Annette Leesekamp

    Off the Hook Seafood is one of the Best Seafood Places in OKC for Fast Food. People are friendly and welcoming. Food is always outstanding, the Chef is never afraid to try something new for the Daily Special. He always gets the word out in plenty of time to make your lunch plans for the day. This has got to be one of your Stops in OKC.

  31. 119

    Try Mama E’s Soul Food Restaurant and Leo’s Barbecue they are down the street from each other and both have been featured on The Foodnetwork Triple D’s

  32. 124
    Julia Assef

    Republic Gastropub- the Jalapeno Glazed Salmon is amazing, Irma’s Burger Shack, Cheevers Chicken Strudel Appetizer, Golden Phoenix (Asian District) the 12 course beef menu is pretty great, Packards (all the menu is awesome and interesting)

  33. 125
    Fernando Sarmiento

    Half-Time Sports Bar and grill! Ask for Aldo and he will recommend you what to get. Hole in one burger is amazing, Okidelphia sandwich is definitely a must, a the fried chicken is everyone’s favorite. Ask to try their jalapeño ranch made from scratch, goes great with their fried mushrooms and fried green beans.

  34. 130

    You absolutely have to go to Urban Teahouse. The owner is one of the most knowledgeable when it comes to brewing tea in OKC and probably just oklahoma in general. There’s over a hundred options!!

  35. 131

    Your old fashion fried onion cheesburger, with some homemade chili at Ron’s Hamburgers in Midwest City!! Portions are as big as your appetite, and all of the food is definitely worth trying! Friendly faces, and amazing food!!!

  36. 132

    Irmas burger shack, S&B Burger Joint, or Nic Grill if you get in for lunch. Cattlemens is the place to go for steak. Mcnellie’s pub for good Ruben Sandwich with mushroom gravy mash potato. Drink a pint or two. Then cross the street for some rum raisin ice cream.

  37. 134

    In Oklahoma steak is a must…
    For steak, Cattleman’s is the real deal…
    Just ask Guy…maybe you can even do what Guy couldn’t…try tge calf brains.

  38. 135
    Randee Morris

    Chae has some AMAZING mondern takes on traditional Korean fare. Cuppies and Joe has a bomb cappuccino and the salted caramel cupcake is a must. Chick-n-Beer for your post show wings and adult beverage is recommended as well. Good luck!

  39. 136
    Shelby pearson

    Kongs tavern is my recommendation for an amazing and unique experience!!! Fun but also extremely delicious food and the adult milkshakes you won’t find anywhere else!!!

  40. 137

    You have to please go to cafe kacao!!! Try the most amazing pancakes they do everything fresh by order and they also have amazing coffe their menu is different and unique! You won’t have their breakfast menu anywhere! It’s a Latin breakfast spot with South America flavors and they are located in the Asian district! Now just go go go!

  41. 141

    I’d also recommend Hatch for breakfast. Cuppies and Joe for coffee (maybe a cupcake too if you’re in for a snack). Cheevers is a must for really anything on the menu, but they are known for their jalepeno gravy on their chicken fried steak. Iron Star BBQ is also great. All these were mentioned above, I’m just agreeing. Although I believe that Hatch, Cheevers, and Iton Star are all part of the same restaurant group. Their first restaurant was Cheevers.

  42. 142

    Waffle champion! Best place EVER! I have never been on a day where the line wasn’t wrapped around the building and into the street! For dinner try Signature Grill in Edmond. Only about 10-14 tables, so you have to make a reservation. I also LOVE Pizzaria gusto! You must try the EVOO salted vanilla gelato!

  43. 143

    You should try Fung’s Kitchen for some REALLY GOOD Chinese food! Totally go on the weekends bc that’s when they served DIM SUM.

  44. 145
    Skip Lamb

    Kong’s Tavern all day! Amazing Burgers, Bombritos, Bibimbap and alcoholic milk shakes with a mountain of sweets as a garnish that will blow you away! Fun atmosphere as well.

  45. 148

    Try a brown butter donut from Belle Kitchen (the hibiscus iced donut is great too).
    A smoked tongue taco from Big Truck Taco for lunch. Cheever’s jalapeño gravy on the chicken fried steak is fantastic and would be great for lunch or dinner. And Ludivine is doing some amazing things with fresh local ingredients and would be a great dinner choice.

  46. 150

    You did well for yourself last time around. Those are 3 of our personal go to places. Hopefully you tried the Okie Poutine at The Mule, otherwise you need to go back and give that a try!

    I second the above post recommending Hatch for breakfast/brunch/lunch…they have a legitimate coffee bar as well. Waffle Champion is another breakfast place that stands out.

    Cafe Evoke is a great choice for a brew, and there’s also Cuppies and Joe for a coffee and sweet tooth combo.

    If you want a taste of Oklahoma BBQ, you’ll want to try Iron Starr, Back Door BBQ, or Earls Rib Palace. They are all Oklahoma originals.

    Cafe Kacao is great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a South American Latin flair. They too have true baristas to supplement your dining choices.

    Big Truck Tacos puts a gourmet spin on burritos and tacos. Their “Brunchish” specials are always a treat. You can also ask for the “5th Ammendment”…it’s different every day and you can’t find out specifically what you ate until they post the dish ingredients the next day to Instagram and FB.

    For another Oklahoma original burger, you can try Irma’s Burger Shack and eat their “No Name” burger.

    If your crew is craving pizza; Empire Slice House, Hideaway Pizza, and Upper Crust all produce fine pies.

    The Sushi Bar is hands down the best sushi you will fine in OK. I know you don’t really associate Oklahoma with great sushi, but wholly moly it’s so good!

    We are going to be at your show and should you need a host for any of your eating adventures throughout the day or 2 you are here, I happily volunteer to serve in this capacity!

  47. 152
    Lindsay Haltom

    2 words… Kongs Tavern!!! The most ah-may-zing alcohol milkshakes in the ! It’s new, but I want to eat and drink there Every. Single. Day. It’s a must do! Yum!

  48. 153
    Lindsay Haltom

    2 words… Kongs Tavern!!! The most ah-may-zing alcohol milkshakes in the ! It’s new, but I want to eat and drink there Every. Single. Day. It’s a must do!

  49. 154
    Mara Davis

    KONG ‘S TAVERN is a must! Alcoholic milkshakes, Wagyu burgers, kimchi fries, Kong’s Chicken– not to mention an amazing atmosphere. Coming from someone who’s been wined and dined after living in five countries the past five years, you won’t be disappointed.

  50. 155

    You can not go wrong going to La Baguette Bistro for any meal. I won’t lie though their bakery is the best I have found. For lunch go talk to the guys at Kamps Meat Market. For dinner Wilshire Cafe just yum! Their steaks really need to stay a secret.

  51. 156

    Try Hatch for breakfast/brunch/ lunch. Its fantastic. Lunch or dinner would be fun at Slaughters hall for you. Great food and amazing drinks. If you’re feeling more exotic, try Sheesh Mahal on may. AMAZING butter chicken with rice and garlic naan. I like the mango lessi there as well. I hope I’ve been helpful. I’m an OKC native, foodie, and chef. Love what you do and teach!

  52. 158
    Brandon J. Li

    Just have to go to OKC to try a “Cheesy Mother Tucker” with bacon, lettuce, tomato and jalapeno and ask for pickles on the side or I’ll be dreaming of it forever.

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