#ABRoadEats Fall 2017: Calling All Fans For Recommendations

#ABRoadEats Fall 2017: Calling All Fans For Recommendations

If you’ve been following me for the past few years, I’m sure by now you are familiar with #ABRoadEats (and if you’re not, what have you been doing?!). Ultimately, #ABRoadEats is a program I created and used tour-after-tour to get recommendations from YOU on the best eateries to stop at while I travel across the country.

I have consumed more doughnuts, tacos and burgers than you could ever imagine, and… I’m back for more. Since all of your suggestions thus far have been so spot on, I’m bringing #ABRoadEats back yet again, as I am going on the last leg of my Eat Your Science tour this fall. For each city I’m scheduled to go to, I am seeking your native advice on where to get the best brewed coffee, casual lunches, and late-night grubbing spots for after the show. You may leave comments below on this post, or on Facebook or Twitter.

And remember — It’s very important that you include the corresponding hashtag to the city you’re recommending for:

Springfield, MO: #ABRoadEatsSpringfield

Wichita, KS: #ABRoadEatsWichita

Columbus, OH: #ABRoadEatsColumbus

Cincinnati, OH: #ABRoadEatsOH

West Layfayette, IN: #ABRoadEatsWLAF

Dayton, OH: #ABRoadEatsDAY

Midland, MI: #ABRoadEatsMidland

Mashantucket, CT: #ABRoadEatsFoxwoods

Boston, MA: #ABRoadEatsBoston

Stamford, CT: #ABRoadEatsStamford

Burlington, VT: #ABRoadEatsBTV

Concord, NH: #ABRoadEatsCON

Buffalo, NY: #ABRoadEatsBuffalo

Newark, NJ: #ABRoadEatsEWR

Washington, DC: #ABRoadEatsDC

Philadelphia, PA: #ABRoadEatsPhilly

Hershey, PA: #ABRoadEatsHershey

Easton, PA: #ABRoadEatsEaston

Richmond (VA), VA: #ABRoadEatsRVA

Newport News, VA: #ABRoadEatsNN

Bowling Green, KY: #ABRoadEatsBWG

Bloomington, IN: #ABRoadEatsBMG

Waukegan, IL: #ABRoadEatsWaukegan

Richmond (KY), KY: #ABRoadEatsRKY

Memphis, TN: #ABRoadEatsMemphis

Little Rock, AR: #ABRoadEatsLIT

Chattanooga, TN: #ABRoadEatsCHA





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  1. 1

    North Carolina..Tony Ikard in Maiden, NC needs to be discovered. His work in insanely good and plays pianoi and sings eloquently! This soubds cliche but im dead serious Alton..Call him!!! 9192445499

  2. 4

    Southern Creamery in Marianna, Fl. Some of the best ice cream ever. They own Ocheesee Dairy which provides the cream. They pair that up with locally sourced ingredients. Corn?? Tupelo Honey?? Bay Laurel?? And all the favorites as well . . .

  3. 6


    Alcenia’s — incredible soul food from a place loaded with culture and personality. Nothing watered down here.


  4. 7

    In Philadelphia, my absolute fave is Rx, on 45th & spruce. Super delicious breakfast, lunch & dinner, AND it’s a byob, so you can bring whatever you like.

  5. 8

    Brioso Roaster in Columbus, Ohio has been the best coffee I’ve had even compared to some places in different states, as well as different countries. Maybe I just don’t know how to find the really good places… Brioso’s owner, Jeff, sources out great coffee by actually going to visit the farms. I prefer the natural, unwashed coffees (particularly the fruitier ones) as they retain their own personal flavors from the terroir. My favorite part about Brioso is being able to smell the aroma before I even see the place as I bike, then going to the bean station, swirling the tubs, opening them, and inhaling. Enjoy! Hope this comment isn’t too late!

  6. 12
    Amy Wright

    Athens, Ohio…we’re a great college town with a lot of great eateries, food trucks, breweries, etc. Come see us! We’ll throw a big Iron Chef party…in your honor! We have a lot of up and coming chefs!

  7. 13
    Coble Shearon

    If at all possible there is a place in Tennessee called bell buckle which has one restaurant, on coffee shop and one ice cream parlour straight out of a southern 50’s hangout spot. Each place should be visited and once you have you may thank me. I would also like to add that this town has a deep and rich history you would love I imagine

  8. 15
    Mike Hurley

    Memphis Taproom 2331 East Cumberland
    Chicken fried chicken with Mac and cheese and greens
    Kraftwork 541 E Girard Ave
    Beer can chicken sandwich
    Reading Terminal Market
    Roast pork sandwich with provolone and hot peppers

  9. 17


    For breakfast have the the farmhouse biscuit sandwich from Milk and Honey. It is the best breakfast sandwich ever.

    For lunch have a burger from the Tremont tavern. The best burger in Tennessee.

    After the show go to the Flying Squirrel which is a bar but which has excellent food. Or go to Stir and sample the chicken picatta just ask for extra sauce.

  10. 19
    Jim Whitmore

    #ABRoadEatsLIT Bourbon Coffee Cortado. How about single sourced beans from a family farm in Guatemala, aged for 45 days in an aged smoked bourbon barrel, roasted to perfection by the son of the family here in Little Rock, and then perfectly extracted into one of the finest Cortados’ you have ever had. #drinkyourscience.

  11. 20

    Mr. Brown you are so inventive and have such a great way to approach food that you have to try at the corner in the Market place in Little Rock this Saturday or Sunday for Brunch. They have 2 chefs Chris Busick and Tom Rigg who can
    deconstruct ,smoke, foam, molecular-gastronomy with fruit and all different kinds of stuff. Chris makes all their sausages, Canadian bacon and specialty meats and they have their own grind and blend on their burgers then they Sous Vide them and grill to perfection and Tom comes up with all these great creations that will just blow you away. So please if you are looking for a GREAT BRUNCH @THE Corner is your place and oh yeah if you want drink from hell, then Heather is your Bartender, her drinks are not only good but so well thought out to match each brunch. The Corner is owned by Miss Helen and Mr. Dutch and their two daughters and their future daughter in law.

  12. 21

    @ The Corner for Saturday &/or Sunday brunch! The modern diner is owned & operated by 3 sisters and a mother. They’ve taken the old-school diner concept and matched it with modern expectations- a farm-to-fork diner with menus that constantly innovate. Oh they are doing a Science-Inspired Brunch this weekend! #ABRoadEatsLIT I think this will be perfect!

  13. 23
    tracy wooldridge

    in Waukegan there a few places…. Louie’s has been around since the 40’s great Italian (Thursday is lasagna nite). The Waukegan Yacht Club has a great view and the food is good. Russ’s is the place to go if you want fish fry. Big Ed’s BBQ has great authentic BBQ. Oops! Almost forgot Quonset Hut for great thin crust pizza!

  14. 24
    tracy wooldridge

    in Waukegan there a few places…. Louie’s has been around since the 40’s great Italian (Thursday is lasagna nite). The Waukegan Yacht Club has a great view and the food is good. Russ’s is the place to go if you want fish fry. Big Ed’s BBQ has great authentic BBQ.

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