#ABRoadEats Fall 2017: Calling All Fans For Recommendations

#ABRoadEats Fall 2017: Calling All Fans For Recommendations

If you’ve been following me for the past few years, I’m sure by now you are familiar with #ABRoadEats (and if you’re not, what have you been doing?!). Ultimately, #ABRoadEats is a program I created and used tour-after-tour to get recommendations from YOU on the best eateries to stop at while I travel across the country.

I have consumed more doughnuts, tacos and burgers than you could ever imagine, and… I’m back for more. Since all of your suggestions thus far have been so spot on, I’m bringing #ABRoadEats back yet again, as I am going on the last leg of my Eat Your Science tour this fall. For each city I’m scheduled to go to, I am seeking your native advice on where to get the best brewed coffee, casual lunches, and late-night grubbing spots for after the show. You may leave comments below on this post, or on Facebook or Twitter.

And remember — It’s very important that you include the corresponding hashtag to the city you’re recommending for:

Springfield, MO: #ABRoadEatsSpringfield

Wichita, KS: #ABRoadEatsWichita

Columbus, OH: #ABRoadEatsColumbus

Cincinnati, OH: #ABRoadEatsOH

West Layfayette, IN: #ABRoadEatsWLAF

Dayton, OH: #ABRoadEatsDAY

Midland, MI: #ABRoadEatsMidland

Mashantucket, CT: #ABRoadEatsFoxwoods

Boston, MA: #ABRoadEatsBoston

Stamford, CT: #ABRoadEatsStamford

Burlington, VT: #ABRoadEatsBTV

Concord, NH: #ABRoadEatsCON

Buffalo, NY: #ABRoadEatsBuffalo

Newark, NJ: #ABRoadEatsEWR

Washington, DC: #ABRoadEatsDC

Philadelphia, PA: #ABRoadEatsPhilly

Hershey, PA: #ABRoadEatsHershey

Easton, PA: #ABRoadEatsEaston

Richmond (VA), VA: #ABRoadEatsRVA

Newport News, VA: #ABRoadEatsNN

Bowling Green, KY: #ABRoadEatsBWG

Bloomington, IN: #ABRoadEatsBMG

Waukegan, IL: #ABRoadEatsWaukegan

Richmond (KY), KY: #ABRoadEatsRKY

Memphis, TN: #ABRoadEatsMemphis

Little Rock, AR: #ABRoadEatsLIT

Chattanooga, TN: #ABRoadEatsCHA





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  1. 1

    UNDERGROUND’S COFFEE HOUSE and ROASTERY not only has fabulous food – made to your specifications of course – fabulous roasted coffee, fabulous local bakery items, etc., but the ambience and service to back it all up! It’s to die for… Underground’s is a homegrown gem!!

  2. 2
    Brad Ayer

    #ABRoadEatsRKY The last time you came through the Lexington / Richmond area I debated on telling you about the best place to eat and talked myself out of it. The more I thought about it the more I regretted it. Even though you are a BIG TV STAR I think of you as a friend so why would I not tell a friend where to get the best food when he comes to town. This is not one of those places I when to once and had a fancy meal with fine linen. It is a place that I have been going to for over 25 years , it is a small chain restaurant ( there are 5 in Louisville and 1 in Lexington ) that has the best fried chicken I have ever had. I have been known to drive 140 miles one way for this food ( more then once ) . Their spicy chicken is different then any where else , It is not coated in a sauce like Nashville style it is just fried chicken that is hot and the potato wedges are just a good. The rest of the soul food is like it is made by someone’s grandmother. I would walk across broken glass for their greens . When you come to Kentucky you will regret not stopping. This little place with the best chicken is called Indi’s it is on the corner of N Broadway and W 7th ST it is a walk up / drive-thru no seating. It well wreath stopping by the good news is it stays open late. So Alton you have a great trip and be safe. Your friend Brad

  3. 3
    Tim Dawson

    For the best donuts you must try Spaldings bakery in Lexington Kentucky. Also I’d hit Magee’s for breakfast and a good cup of coffee. Both relatively close to one another.

  4. 4

    1. Himitsu in Petworth – The heart, the dedication, and the hope in the food that you will eat, I hope, will be as inspiring and heartening to you as it is for me.
    2. Tail Up Goat in Adams Morgan – The best pasta maker in the district makes the pasta and the house made 7-year-starter sourdough toasts all tell great, fermenty stories. Wine selection – 10/10 would sip through this well curated list again.. and again.. and again…
    3. Colony Club in Petworth – Best coffee in the city. Full stop. Ask for Pablo or Ben.
    4. Gus’s Famous Fried Chicken in Greenbelt (MD) – They don’t play around.
    5. Meats and Foods in Shaw- Adventure to find out what a “cholito” is and you’re welcome because your life just improved exponentially.
    6. Wiseguy Pizza in Chinatown – Slingin delectable slices for your whole crew after some good drinks wherever you choose. I recommend the grandma pizza. Gmama knows best.
    7. Rice Paper in the Eden Center in Falls Church (VA) – All the things. Sherpa recommended.
    8. Vietnamese Chelsea in Columbia Heights – Such a low key place, tucked away behind a colossal Target, but you will find the nicest owners and some of the cleanest and realest Pho broth within the district. No hoisin or siracha needed.
    9. A Litteri in Noma/Eckington/Trinidad area – Italian deli in the back of this warehouse-like mart. Italian subs on hard rolls – oh yes.
    10. Philz Coffee in Adams Morgan or Navy Yard – NOT for the coffee! Find the CROISSANTS made by Bluebird Bakery.
    11. Right Proper Brewing Company in Shaw – Actually good local beers – they’re not just trying too hard.
    12. Bantam King – Chicken dumplings. $5.50 umami bombs.
    13. Taqueria Habanero – 99% Mexican (their words, not mine) tacos and micheladas. 100% goood. Oaxaca cheese exists in glory here.
    14. Mezcalero – Bubbly cheese in a molcajete and mezcal negronis? Si, por favor.
    15. 2 Amys – Wine bar seats always. Skip the pizza and go for the small plates and wine bar special items.
    16. Duck Donuts – Cake donuts done right on the spot. No toppings – let it shine natural in it’s lipid fried glory.

  5. 5
    Like Gifford

    A couple of places! An absolute must is Pasta Garage if you’re going to be near Lexington, KY. I come from a line of Italians, and every one of them say this is the go to spot for amazing Italian food! Also, Cherry Seed Coffee House as well, it’s a great new coffee house in Lexington, KY if you have the time! ABRoadEatsRKY

  6. 7

    #abroadeatsrky while in Richmond you MUST get your late night fix at Winks Bar. It’s operated and owned by one man, John Dale Warner. He will serve you up the best food in town.

  7. 8
    Connie Soto

    #ABroadeatsky. Carson’s is the best new restaurant in Lexington Ky. It has it all great food great atmosphere and great people working there.

  8. 9
    Emily Teegarden

    #ABRoadeatsRKY In Lexington, The Local Taco for Korean Beef BBQ taco and chicken and waffles taco. Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine for homemade Mediterranean food that usually sells out by shortly after lunchtime. Chicken schwarma and hummus are delicious. Joe Bolognas for a GIANT breadstick and authentic Italian set in an old synagogue. Windy Corner Market for cheeseburger with bourbon bacon jam, shrimp po boy on homemade bread, and enormous desserts like cheesecake, pie, and cake.

  9. 10

    #ABRoadEatsRKY Carson’s Food and Drink for lunch, dinner, brunch… Doesn’t matter, just go!
    They also have live jazz!
    Its easily my favorite place in Lexington.

  10. 11

    #ABRoadEatsRKY – This is a teeny bit outside Richmond, but if you head down to Berea, KY (it’s at Exit 77 on I-75! So close!) you’ll find Noodle Nirvana, which serves kickass noodle bowls while also donating all of their tips and some of their profits to one featured nonprofit every year. Mae Suramek is the owner, and most of the recipes are all the Thai-inspired recipes she’s learned from cooking with her mom over the years.

  11. 13

    #ABRoadeatsRKY you should eat at Jackson’s. It’s downtown Richmond on third street. You should also try out Apollo’s pizza downtown; it’s wonderful! I hope you enjoy Richmomd! I’m a student here at EKU. I won a chef competition at the state fair a few years ago and won a scholarship to Sullivan University. I didn’t follow steps in culinary arts but I still practice cake decorating!

  12. 14

    Wink’s in Richmond, KY. Seats only a handful of people and only has one employee, who makes the best homemade black bean burger on the planet. #ABRoadEatsRKY

  13. 16

    #ABRoadEatsBuffalo Undergrounds Coffee House and Roastery has wonderful brewed coffee and large portions for quick, delicious lunches. Would recommend going on a Saturday or Sunday for a Tim Russert breakfast sammie. Allentown Burger Venture is also awesome for late night food. For dinner, the Five burger with the peanut butter is amazing, and the late night menu, can’t go wrong with the truffle fries or tots!

  14. 23

    Some not so obvious places except Aretjlha’s
    1. Aretha Frankenstein’s for their pancackes
    2. Sofa King for their liquid nitrogen made to order milk shakes, their burgers aren’t bad either
    3. Chatter Box BBQ- great smoked meats+great brisket taco
    4. Sluggo’s- great vibe and all vegetarian menu

  15. 24

    #ABRoadEatsColumbus. Go to Hounddog’s Pizza on N High St for the best pizza ever. I suggest ordering the Smokin’ Joes crust and the spicy sauce with basil, onions, mushrooms and spinach. I live in Chicago (with great pizza) but can’t anything to compare to Hounddog’s. Afterwards, visit Graeter’s Ice Cream for the bourbon pecan or Buckeye flavors.

  16. 25
    Michelle Byng Wahl

    Please stop by this wonderful food truck with delicious and creative breakfast burritos while you are in Wichita.
    #ABRoadEatsWichita #Datbureetodoh #DapperyDodoBreakfastBurritos!

  17. 26

    Try Polly Claire’s for their teas, great food, and ambiance. They serve small bites on a tiered serving dish. It’s a 3 course meal that is excellent. You can even try on their hats! Nothing like it on this side of The Pond. Thanks

  18. 27

    Mike’s Wine Dive on Douglas has consistently amazing quality fresh food and perfect service every time we have visited. I’ve never eaten anything I didn’t love, with lots of options even though I am gluten-free. My husband believes the sweet potato fries are the best in town, and his favorite is the pork chops. #ABRoadEatsWichita

  19. 29
    Johnnie Tate

    ABRoadeatsCHA. In Chattanooga, Polly Clair’s has the very best food. You will eat in a wonderful, over one hundred year old house, on real china served by the friendliest servers. I suggest you go for lunch. You will be talking about this place for a long time to come.

  20. 30
    Cindy Lee

    #ABRoadEatsCHA Zarzour’s Restaurant in Rossville Ave. it has been a Chattanooga institution for 100 years. Best hamburgers in Chattanooga and great Pork Chops. The owners are the best.
    Tera Nostra on the NorthShore has a Tapas restaurant the has an elcletic menu and delicious food.

  21. 32
    Sandi west

    #ABRoadEatsCHA Mean Mug has excellent coffee and really great humongous cinnamon rolls.
    Bluegrass Grille is a must do for a hearty breakfast with several unique menu items.
    MIMI’s deli is an excellent sandwich shop and serves handcut fries with their tasty sandwiches.
    Feed co. Captured my heart with their fried Brussel sprouts., but St. John’s restaurant has the most wonderful food you have ever put in your mouth

  22. 33
    Scott C. Wilson

    Two wonderful places to try; Dockside Cafe inside Harrison Bay State Park, just outside downtown Chattanooga and The Feed Co. Table and Tavern on Southside downtown Chattanooga. Enjoy your stay in our wonderful city!

  23. 37
    Diane M.

    Lots of good places in Chattanooga mentioned, Hot Chocolatier for sure, Stromboli at NY Pizza Co., Main St. Meats is amazing. I didn’t see anyone mention Uncle Larry’s fish and Conga is Central American food, empanadas and pupusas and cerviche are excellent, good price, generous portions. Plantation BBQ also. Sushi Nabe is the place for Japanese.

  24. 38

    Breakfast at the Red Door weekdays and Brunch on Sat
    Coffee spot Milo’s or Boulevard in the Heights
    Late night Samantha’s Tap Room or Raduno’s
    All locally owned and source local farms/LR is a great food town!!

  25. 41
    Anne Bridgforth

    For Chattanooga, you need to go to Polly Claire’s! Located in the historic Dent House (est. 1854), this immaculately appointed tea parlor has so much more to it than just tea (which is fabulous). They offer lunch, a full four-course afternoon tea service and dinner. Menu items include delicious and fresh salads, soups and hearty entrees.

  26. 42

    Try the Boston Public Market for tons of fast local food–Bon Me is my favorite, but there are plenty of options. If you’re there in the summer, the South End farmers’ market (between Cinquecento and Gaslight Brasserie, two of my favorite high-end restaurants) has a ton of food trucks.

    Life Alive in Cambridge is almost as hipster as possible, and good if you’re openminded. Rice bowl sorts of things, mostly raw and vegan, kombucha on tap.

    Davis Square in Somerville is my favorite neighborhood for casual eating. (I used to work at their farmers’ market, so I ate a lot of lunch there.) Amsterdam Falafel is my personal favorite. Flatbread Pizza is great (and has bowling). Diesel Cafe has good sandwiches and coffee (and has pool). Locals rave about Redbones, which is decent, but you know barbecue–I wouldn’t recommend it too highly unless you just desperately need barbecue. I also love Anna’s Taqueria for my “I miss Mexico” fix.

    And if you feel like driving out to metro west, I’ll cook you dinner.

  27. 43
    Byron Mulligan

    Chattanooga has some of the best coffee on the planet @ Velo Roasters and while it’s in all the best eateries in town you should still visit their Main St. location where they use a state of the art machine to roast the beans. No kidding, you need to check this special place out if you value coffee as a food group like I do and I suspect you do. Just down Main St. a few blocks on Market St. is The Hot Chocolatier where the hand made truffles are to die for but another winner is their featured Creme De Pot. But go to Velo Roasters and tell them Byron sent you. Otherwise you’re missing the best this town has to offer. Period.

  28. 47
    Loribeth L.

    Breakfast or Lunch: Maple St Biscuit Company, downtown on Broad St
    Dessert: Hot Chocolatier, downtown by the Choo Choo Hotel

  29. 48

    Breakfast: bluegrass
    Lunch: taqueria Jalisco
    Dinner: Public House
    After show drinks: Tremont Tavern
    Coffee: Velo at Speed Deluxe
    Dessert: Hot Choclatier

  30. 50
    Jayne Harbour

    REAKFAST: Bluegrass Grill
    LUNCH: I live the burgers at Slicks, eclectic atmosphere.
    DINNER: Stir
    SNACKS or Chocolate Fix: the Hot Chocolatier; Wendy has done a great job of becoming a success starting out in local fairs to where she is now.

  31. 51
    Hayley Brown

    #ABRoadEatsCHA You NEED to go to Lupi’s Pizza (Broad Street)**, The Inside Restaurant (Chestnut Street downtown Chatt)**, The Camp House (coffee and food), and Universal Joint for burgers and must have tater tots!!

  32. 52

    There is a taqueria inside the Carniceria Loa on the corner of Main street and Broad street. You have to order at the register when you go in and then you take your ticket to the right side of the store where the taqueria is. There is a toppings bar with avocado and tomato based salsas, pickled onions and habaneros, limes, cilantro, and diced onions.

    The tacos de barbacoa are the absolute best, but I think those are only served on saturday. Next best choice is the tacos de asada o de lengua. They have agua de mango, piña, y jamaica. And if you are extra nice they might throw in an extra taco free of charge. These are the best tacos in town.

  33. 55
    Brandon Sharp

    Dinner: Mt. Vernon restaurant another local institution with great classic southern food. The Amaretto pie is God sent.

    Drinks: Hutton & Smith, Oddstory and Chattanooga billiards club.

  34. 56
    Brandon Sharp

    Dubs Place. Amazing smoked chicken, burgers, and specials. A classic homemade from scratch American dive. A local institution since 1952 with a recent refresh. My family loves it.

  35. 65
    Betsye James

    Oh!, The HOT CHOCOLATIER, for your after dinner dessert. Delicious handmade chocolates and desserts. The owners, Brandon, Elliott and Wendy are quite possibly your best Chattanooga fans!

  36. 67
    Pam Collins

    #ABRoadEatsCHA – 1885 Grill in St. Elmo (Chattanooga). The home-made southern pimento cheese with cornmeal fried okra served with grilled pita is wonderful! In fact, everything is wonderful here.

  37. 68
    Deidra Sellers

    #ABRoadEatsCHA. Check out Taco Mamacita. Amazing variety of tacos and such. Not your typical menu! Great homemade salsas and mexcian street corn. Plus there is a great gelato and coffee shop next door.

  38. 70
    Angela Russ

    You have GOT to 2 Sons kitchen and market !!! The biscuits are AWESOME and you will not be disappointed… try the homemade jam too!

  39. 71

    For #ABRoadEatsWLAF, head across the river to Lafayette, too. Coffee: Fuel and/or Star City. Donuts: Mary Lou Donuts. Eats: The Black Sparrow, Sixth St Dive Bar.

  40. 72
    Alexis Bryan

    Main Street Meats hands down to all! It’s a carnivore’s heaven. They use bread from the local Niedlov’s bakery and source meat from a local butcher(s) for all their sandwiches. You can even buy the meat and cheeses by the pound there. A lot of people are promoting their own local businesses which, I understand; however, while there are many fantastic eats in Chattanooga, this one stands out on top. For breakfast, Aretha Frankenstein’s has amazing grub, and the environment is incredibly fun. Enjoy an amazing coffee or coffee stout with your breakfast! Both these places are local only. You won’t find them outside of Chattanooga. Though, Aretha’s pancakes are so popular that, they sell their mix at the local grocery stores.

  41. 77
    Anne Munns

    I Chattanooga, don’t miss Clumpies Ice Cream Store! Imaginative ice cream and sorbet flavors! We love it! Local favorite!

    We also enjoy Terra Mae for a nice dinner for for brunch. The chef has a great flair for food excellence!

    Niedelov’s Bakery is the best in town for breads, period! The meat store next store has the best product in the region!

    Enjoy your visit!

  42. 79

    I can’t believe I’m not seeing more of Two Ten Jack on here.
    Dinner: MUST GO TO Two Ten Jack. Out of this world Sushi and Ramen.
    Lunch: River Street Deli. You just order the special. What ever it is that day, it’ll be good.
    Coffee: Rembrandts. Their own roasted beans, handcrafted coffee, and their own house made chocolates, pastries, desserts, and food.
    #ABRoadEatsCHA #LoveYouAlton

  43. 80
    Christina Kim

    The Hot Chocolatier in Chattanooga, TN is the best. They have gourmet hot chocolates with GIGANTIC marshmallows. Different truffles and cakes and pastries… they’re all sooooo good. #ABRoadEatsCHA

  44. 82
    Sara Ormenyi

    MeanMug is my favorite coffeehouse in the world and I don’t even drink coffee. I would seriously consider moving to The Noog just cause they’re there…. and The Noog is amazing.
    Please visit them!

  45. 85

    Southern Sqweeze for fresh organic juice, the
    raw vegan spicy pad Thai is incredible! Open for breakfast and lunch during the weekdays. They also have delicious vegan desserts!

  46. 86
    The 14th Doctor

    If you’re driving the 101, Bon Temps Creole Cafe in San Luis Obispo is a must. My wife had her usual, the crispy shrimp po’boy with Cajun fries, and it looked delicious. The shrimp was lightly battered and not greasy. The fries were nicely spiced, and it came dressed: lettuce, tomatoes, Creole mayo, pickles, yum. On the server’s suggestion I tried the Muffaletta. I got half a one and could barely finish it! It came dressed, with ham, bacon, and the welcome addition of locally made, thinly sliced Creole sausage. All with the famous New Orleans olive relish. It would almost be worth another trip, to try dinner there and sample the local wine. #ABRoadEatsSLO

  47. 89
    Tanya Wilson

    Coffee: Rembrandt’s
    Lunch: Conga, Mojo Burrito, Urban Stack, Clyde’s, Tremont Tavern
    Dinner: Alleia, Boathouse

    Definitely Alleia!


  48. 96
    Cindy Klassen

    Dockside at Harrison Bay State Park. Locals love the food, the view and the company of everyone in the restaurant.
    We also love a little place called Highway 58 Bar BQ. Burned down and we are awaiting the reopening soon! Family owned. Not a chain

  49. 97
    Heather Miller

    Chattanooga, TN:
    Breakfast: Food Works, Bluegrass Grill
    Coffee: Rembrandt’s
    Lunch: Main Street Meats, Mojo Burrito, Stir, Urban Stack
    Dinner: Hennen’s, Alleia, Public House

  50. 99
    Elizabeth Richards

    ABRoadEatsChattanooga- Fiamma Pizza Company 405 N.Market Street Chattanooga, Tennessee is a must! Locally owned and run. It has authentic Neapolitan pizza, house made meatballs, sandwiches and salads. It also has an extensive beer list and wine. Creator and head Pizzaiolo Brion Voges trained with Robert Caporuscio and his daughter. It is love at first bite! There is also a bocce ball court to enjoy!

  51. 100

    #ABRoadeatsCHA Bluegrass Grill has the most amazing breakfast, a few more of my faves are 1884, Feed Co, Il Primo, and of course Tremont Tavern has the best burgers.

  52. 101
    Kat Janes

    #ABRoadEatsCHA I recommend getting Mexican at Taqueria Jalisco 1634 Rossville Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37408. It is a real hidden gem in the area. If you are in the mood for breakfast, check out Aretha Frankensteins 518 Tremont St, Chattanooga, TN 37405. Their pancakes are extremely unusual and a local favorite. Finally, you have to get dessert at the The Hot Chocolatier 1437 Market St, Chattanooga, TN 37402.

  53. 102
    Chester McCluskey

    So honored and super excited about you coming to Chattanooga! Whatever you do, check out “The Hot Chocolatier” across from the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel. My favorite place for French Pastries, truffles and so much more. I suggest the Mexican Pots De Creme. It is locally owned by an awesome married couple. The staff are great too! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! #ABRoadEatsCHA “The Hot Chocolatier”

  54. 104
    Amiee Smith

    #ABRoadEatsCHA The Hot Chocolatier can’t be beat. Hands down. Even Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) had to try their amazing treats when he was in town. Insanely good made from scratch delishousness!

  55. 105


    You need to check out Deli Boys in Cleveland. Great local sandwich shop. The owners are wonderful and always take care of their customers. I’ve never had a bad meal there.

  56. 106
    Nancy Smith

    Chattanooga, TN You must try the Screen Door Cafe! They were located down the street from my home but moved 20 minutes away. We gladly drive there just for the food and great people! They use fresh locally grown products when possible. They also care and give back to the community.

  57. 108
    Jennifer G.

    You definitely need to try The Hot Chocolatier. It is locally owned by a couple who were raised here in Chattanooga. They have the most amazing and original Hot Chocolate you have ever had. Truffles, pastries, gelato and much, much more. My favorite is the Tennessee Whiskey truffle! #ABRoadEatsCHA

  58. 110

    #ABRoadEatsCHA – Dominica’s Caribbean Kitchen (Hixson) – great tostones and try the flan! Aretha Frankensteins – best pancakes around and the Shrimp & Grits never disappoint. The STIR ( adjacent to the historic Chattanooga Choo-Choo) is a definite treat…the mashed celeriac could be a dessert as much as it is a side item. For something a bit more upscale, St. John’s is in a class by itself – the best farm-to-table in the region. And if you find yourself near the Chattanoogan Hotel, stop into Stroud’s Deli and get some of Becky’s Chicken Salad. Each of these restaurants in their own way exemplify the city and it’s diversity.

  59. 111

    #ABRoadEatsCHA +coffee brew some amazing coffee, River Stree Deli makes me wish I ate lunch more often and late night eats have to go to The Bitter Alibi. Welcome to #CHA!

  60. 112
    bart ferguson

    #ABRoadEatsCHA For a casual lunch… Mrs B’s Jamaican Restaurant. Great sandwiches, plate lunches, Jerk pork, chicken, ox tails, rum cake, and THE BEST BREAD PUDDING ANYWHERE!

  61. 113
    Kelly Jenkins

    #ABroadeatsCHA Mean Mug Coffeehouse is the breakfast/ coffee stop to make! They are locally owned and serve Velo coffee and homemade pastries as well as a full breakfast and lunch menu! Try the cinnamon rolls! P.S. I saw the show in Nashville and LOVED it! Can’t wait for Good Eats’ return!

  62. 114

    Maple street biscuit company is great!
    My family thinks lupis is thd best pizza in town
    We also really enjoy pablanos on the north shore, their carne asada torta is very good!

  63. 115

    Most definitely you need to go to The Hot Chocolatier on Market St in Chattanooga, TN right across the Choo-Choo. You will not be disappointed. Try the dark raspberry hot chocolate, it’s delicious!!!! #ABroadEatsCha. Thank you.

    • 116

      UGH!!! I forgot to mention the Hot Chocolatier in my comments! Definitely a fabulous place to stop for a sweet treat! Love the chocolate covered ginger!

  64. 117

    The Hot Chocolatier across from the Choo Choo, and Rembrandt’s over in the Art District area are the two must go places in Chattanooga. They are amazing!!! If you have to pick one, pick The Hot Chocolatier. Its a locally run small business, with great owners who are Chattanooga locals. IMO, they have the best desserts in the city.

  65. 119


    The Hot Chocolatier for all things dessert!!
    Canyon Grill atop Lookout Mountain is a wonderful place for dinner. Locals love the drive out to enjoy fresh cuisine. And don’t forget to BYOB.

  66. 121
    Thu Dang

    Best Brewed Coffee : Velo Coffee Roasters // Hands down my favorite place for coffee in Chattanooga.
    Casual Lunch : Chattanooga Smokehouse // Great food and lots of it.
    Late Night Grubs : Flying Squirrel // Wonderful atmosphere and serves food until midnight!
    Beer : Oddstory Brewing Company // Beer flights.

  67. 126

    Breakfast at Bluegrass Grill or Bitter Alibi and dinner at The Screen Door Cafe just a few minutes from Chatt. The screen door is one of a kind and has fabulous food!

  68. 129
    Katie Donahue

    The Hot Chocolatier in Chattanooga, TN is one of the best desserts I have ever had. The talent they have for chocolate, pastry, and sweets is spot on! They have seasonal, as well as regular, goodies for you to peruse. A treat for the eyes and tongue! #ABRoadEatsCHA

  69. 131
    Robin Hussey

    #ABRoadEatsCHA A bit out of the way, but well worth the drive. Screen Door Cafe in Dayton, TN is made from scratch everything on the menu.

  70. 132
    Kristin Tucker

    There are so many great places in Chattanooga but I suggest:
    Food struck- Fatboy’s Roadside Eats
    Breakfast- Blue Grass Grill or Puckets
    Brunch- Foodworks or Stir
    Lunch- Feed Tavern and Grill
    Dinner- 1885
    Dessert- Hot Chocolatier City Cafe

  71. 136
    Lawrence G. Miller

    Chattanooga Nov 19
    Best brewed coffee – actually its Cuban coffe, but great at Embargo 52
    Casual lunches – Taqueria Jalisco, Rossville Ave
    Late-night grubbing spot – Frothy Monkey at the Choo Choo

  72. 139

    #ABRoadEatsCHA – The Hot Chocolatier is a must!! This local, woman-owned business is a gem and their products are delicious!!! For coffee, Chattz is amazing and never disappoints! For food, we love the burgers and truffle fries at Slick’s or head to Mojo Burrito for the bestest, freshest Tex-mex around! Aretha Frankenstein’s has great breakfast! Can’t wait for the show in November!! ps – the Canyon Grill on Lookout Mountain is outside of Chattanooga, but this is a great restaurant and definitely worth a trip – it’s in GA and so are you, Alton (sometimes)!

  73. 140
    Bethany Hill

    Coffee – Mayfly Coffee! Amazing lattes
    Breakfast – Aretha Frankensteins (best pancakes)
    Lunch – Southern Star for some real southern, comfort food and the banana pudding is amazing
    Dinner – Tony’s Italian (everything is fantastic)


  74. 141

    I’ve lived in Chattanooga my whole life & the food is fantastic!! My favs are
    Breakfast: Maple Street Biscuit Co.
    Lunch: Blue Plate/Mojo Burrito
    Dinner: Totto’s Sushi/Hennens
    Dessert: Definitely The Hot Chocolatier (a Chattanooga must)

  75. 143
    Carly Lewallen

    Breakfast-Arthea Frankenstein’s, Blue Grass Grill or Julie Darling Donuts.
    Coffee-Cadence or Meeting House
    Lunch/Dinner-Flying Squirrel, Meeting Place, Feed & Co, Boat House, St. John’s, Tony’s Pasta, Il Primo, Opa
    Dessert-Hot Chocolatier #ABRoadEatsCHA

  76. 146
    Shannon Fuller

    While in Chattanooga, please consider having lunch with us at Zarzours. We’ve been open 99 years. My husband is forth generation and we’ve built our home next door.
    Our burgers have been featured in Southern Living and our meat and three has been featured by Jane and Michael Stern.
    Thank you…Shannon FULLER

  77. 148
    Shan Wilkinson

    The Hot Chocolatier is a local, woman-owned business that uses no preservatives and has tons of options from truffles to gelato, pot de creme to frozen hot chocolate, espresso to cheesecake, macaroons to macarons, and chocolate dipped almost everything. #ABRoadEatsCHA

  78. 154

    Definitely stop by The Hot Chocolatier! They have great, locally sourced coffee, and amazing hand crafted desserts and chocolates! They are delicous!

  79. 156

    Definitely The Hot Chocolatier for dessert and/or coffee!! They have amazing truffles, pastries, coffee, gelato AND specialty hot chocolates. All of it is amazing!! #ABRoadEatsCHA

  80. 158

    #ABRoadEatsCHA Come see us at The Hot Chocolatier! Everything we have is made in-house, from our hand-dipped truffles to our house made French macarons. We also have AWESOME hot chocolates and coffee drinks, and we are conveniently located next to the Tennessee Stillhouse!

  81. 161

    #ABRoadeatsCHA Bluegrass Grille or the Daily Ration for breakfast, Slick’s Burgers for lunch, Public House, Terra Mae, or Easy Bistro for dinner.

  82. 165
    Chris Beasley

    #ABRoadEatsCHA In Chattanooga.

    Tremont Tavern for a burger, the best burger in the state, I like the gouda burger and I have them put an egg on it because egg.

    The best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had is at Milk and Honey, it is like an all grown up McMuffin. There is actually two, the Mega Biscuit or the Farmhouse Biscuit, both are amazing, but I give the farmhouse the edge.

    My favorite plate of food in town is at Stir, in the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo. Their chicken picatta is amazing, just make sure to ask them for extra sauce or to serve it well wet (they’ve changed it since they first opened and the original wet iteration was better). I have, in the past, gone there and ordered two entrees of it, it is that good. No appetizer, just bring me the two orders of picatta.

    For quiet fine dining I recommend St Johns.

    For drinks (but still good food) The Flying Squirrel.

    Honorable mention: The Boathouse for the grilled squid salad.

    You’re also welcome to come over to my house and I will cook you something, possibly something you taught me how to cook.

  83. 166
    Jennifer Bissett

    Back Stage Bar for brunch. Start with a breakfast shot (Jameson and Butterscotch, then a shot of OJ, followed by a piece of bacon) then get a bucket of mimosas and sit back and relax the morning/ afternoon away. The menu is small, but everything is delicious. Try the doughnuts with maple bourbon dipping sauce. Stay long enough and you’ll be able to catch a live music show or a standup routine. Several venues are on property and you really can’t help but have a good time. #ABRoadEatsCHA

  84. 168

    Breakfast: Aretha Frankenstein, Bluegrass Grill
    Snack: Hot Choclatier, Wildflower Tea Shop, Bread and Butter Bakery
    Lunch: Purple Daisy Picnic Cafe, Opa
    Dinner: Feed and Company

  85. 170

    The Feed & Co. for dinner. Pot roast is a must!
    Yellow Deli for lunch or Taconooga
    Milk &Honey for dessert/coffee/light lunch
    Tremont Tavern – burger!
    Stone cup – coffee
    Daily Ration -brunch

  86. 171

    2 Sons Kitchen and Market for breakfast (or lunch or weekend dinner) and it’s neighbor, Champy’s Chicken are a couple of my favorites! #ABRoadEatsCHA

  87. 173

    Taco Town (located in Hixson – a Chattanooga ‘burb)
    Dominica’s Caribbean Kitchen (Hixson)
    Fresh Pot Cafe (Hixson)
    These are all strip mall places and they are all excellent!

  88. 174
    Jeff Schwenke

    The Daily Ration for Espresso and breakfast
    The Bitter Alibi for brunch
    The Flying Squirrel for appetizers
    Alleia for dinner

  89. 176
    Heather R

    #ABROADEATSCHA Amazing food in Chattanooga! Not nearly acknowledged enough! Some faves are Julie Darling Donut (their cake donuts, any flavor, are to die for! My fave is the maple bacon!) The Flying Squirrel Bar-the pimento cheese, house fries and Tony’s Lechon are my picks and are so well executed! There’s a lot of creativity from the chef and don’t forget the drinks and atmosphere are fantastic! And of course, The Hot Chocolatier-anything and everything there. I’ll add Community Pie for some fun pizza options! Need an eating buddy? 🙂

  90. 177

    #ABROADEATSNN you must try Viking Burger in Newport News. All their food is made fresh when you order. Their fries are hand cut daily and are the best around. The Viking sauce is to die for. Their staff is very friendly. You need to check them out.

  91. 178
    Alison A.

    #ABRoadEatsNN you must go to Viking Burger! Best fries and burgers in the state. It didn’t look like much but the food is fresh and the flavors are excellent.

  92. 184
    Carolyn Prickett

    #ABRoadEatsNN, come down to Newport News, VA and we will show you welcome hospitality, especially at Viking Burger. This one of a kind small place has been killing the competition since it opened 3 years ago. Everything made fresh, menu shifts to accommodate availability, award winning fries, fresh cut from potatos right there in the store. Plus a wonderful staff and crew who make eating there a treat. Please come, it will be worth your while.

  93. 185

    Harvest Restaurant #harvestmissouri what happens when an award winning chef from Big Sur CA marries the Farmer’s Daughter from Missouri…they move back to the farm… in the family since 1932 AND they open a restaurant sourcing local as well as growing produce on their own farm for Harvest. This all happens every weekend, 9 minutes east of Springfield in the middle of an Apple Orchard.
    Voted by Midwest Magazine as one of the top spots not to be missed when in Springfield. #ABRoadEatsSpringfield

  94. 190
    Lisa Uzun

    #ABRoadEatsCHA Terminal Brewhouse on Market street. The good is awesome and their craft beer is made locally as well as most ingredients are local as well. Pot roast nacho appetizer and the philosopher burger are the best.

  95. 191

    Buckeye Donuts on OSU campus. A staple and a piece of delicious history!
    Fox in the Snow Cafe. Yummy pastries, coffee and super trendy
    South of Lane, tucked away in a neighborhood. Sooo good, amazing omelettes

  96. 192
    J. Miller

    I lived several years in Berea, KY but my favorite local place to eat is Babylon Cafe in Richmond. Gyros and tzatziki sauce, you can’t go wrong! The food is delicious! #ABRoadEatsRKY

  97. 193
    Liz Anderson

    Purdy’s in downtown Richmond, KY for coffee, Four Sister’s if your feeling like some tea instead of coffee and both Purdy’s and Four Sister’s serve Clementine’s Bakery goodies, Noddle Nirvana in Berea, KY for lunch, and The Kitchen for late night snack!! #ABRoadEatsRKY We just got tickets yesterday and can’t wait!!! See you in November!!

  98. 194
    Henry Marshall

    Noodle Nirvana! It’s a 15 minute drive from Eastern Kentucky Unversity, in Berea, Kentucky. It’s a great noodle place owned by two awesome people! Come try it! #ABRoadEatsRKY

  99. 195

    London Coffee House Brew at Shane Confectionery’s Chocolate Cafe in Philadelphia; it’s brewed cacao and coffee! They also have a ton of single origin and historically inspired drinking chocolates that they make right in front of you! (Most of it vegan, to boot!) #ABRoadEatsPhilly

  100. 196

    You really need to eat at Cafe Burrier while you are in Richmond, KY. The cafe serves meals prepared by Dietetics students and is conveniently located on the EKU campus. A must visit in my opinion.

  101. 197

    Viking Burger of Newport News, VA! Not only are all the workers fun, friendly and helpful — the food is fantastic. My husband and I have never had anything that we didn’t like.

  102. 198

    Alton, for the love of all that is good, do not listen to anyone that says you should eat at Mexican Villa while you are in Springfield, MO. I know that everyone here likes it, but they shouldn’t. I think two of the best restaurants here are Cafe Cusco on the North end of town and Farmer’s Gastropub in the center. Cafe Cusco’s food makes me tear up anytime I eat it because it is so good, and Farmer’s burger has never let me down. Big fan, and so excited you are coming to our city! #ABRoadEatsSpringfield

  103. 199

    Noodle Nirvana! It is absolutely phenomenal food and its nonprofit supporting business model is impressive and innovative, aiming to help meaningful places within the community and source as many products locally as possible. A truly amazing place! TripAdvisor don’t lie! 😉 #abroadeatsrky

  104. 201
    Nikita Vundi

    #ABRoadEatsRKY Noodle Nirvana in Berea, Ky. The food speaks for itself. Just 10 minute drive south of Richmond. You need this flavor explosion in your mouth. You’ll thank me later. Drunken sauce!!!!

  105. 202

    #ABRoadEatsRKy Noodle Nirvana! Delicious noodle bowls, & wonderful people! Local entrepreneurs, locally sourced foods, & benefits local charities! This year, their beneficiary is the local backpack program which helps provide kids with food on the weekends and when school isn’t in session. We ❤️ our !

  106. 203
    Kathy Brice

    Between Richmond and Newport News, you go very near Williamsburg, VA. I highly recommend a pitstop and recommend the following (not too far off Interstate 64):
    –The Cheese Shop (must try the house dressing and the french bread is excellent) – Duke of Gloucester St., Merchant’s Square. There is usually a line, but it goes fast. You can also call ahead for the pick up window.
    –Paul’s Deli (GREAT deli sandwiches that I’ve never been able to get anywhere else) – Scotland Street
    –Pierce’s BBQ (near Great Wolf Lodge) – great sandwiches and normally expect a line (no frills). About 15 minutes outside of downtown historic area — Enjoy! #ABRoadEatsRVA and #ABRoadEatsNN.

  107. 204

    Alton! You have to stop by Noodle Nirvana in Berea, KY when you visit Richmond! It’s about 15 from EKU and serves the best Thai noodle bowls around. Their ingredients are locally sourced, they support a living wage for employees and sponsor a local charity every year to partner with. The food is phenomenal and the spirit of the place will leave you feeling great. #abroadeatsrky

  108. 216
    Amber Perry

    #ABRoadEatsBWG Definitely eat at the White Squirrel and order the Duck Poutine! Then maybe try Home Cafe and marketplace. I haven’t checked the date you’ll be here. It on Wednesday nights they have Burger Night! The Summer Burger is the best! Shogun is amazing too but not as unique. Welcome to BG! I saw this tour in Evansville earlier this year! It’s amazing!

  109. 218
    Michael Parker S

    #ABRoadEatsNN Let me put in a few words for Viking Burger. They have the best burgers and fries. Very generous portions. Their Death Reaper fries are awesome.

  110. 219

    Expand a little outside of #ABRoadEatsBWG…look south toward Nashville but stop in Franklin. Long time local favorite Frosty Freeze is a great stop for a burger and shake…give Rylan’s a hit for breakfast, lunch or an early dinner…Hot Plate is a hopping breakfast spot too! If you’re feeling a little Mexican there’s two Sol Azteca’s AND the fabulous El Potrero. The best eats aren’t always in the “big city!!”

  111. 220
    Anna Wray

    #ABRoadEatsBWG Definitely Montana Grill for a phenomenal dinner. Other places to not miss: Yangon Bistro for Burmese comfort food, Yuki for authentic Japanese. Spencer’s for coffee, and GAD (Great American Donut Shop) for amazing apple fritters!!!

  112. 223
    Kelly Marsteller

    District Taqueria – Cemita Sandwich with Pork is amazing, great guac too!
    Reverie Coffee – The Coco Dolce coffee is amazing, oh and Coco Dolce has amazing chocolates.
    R Coffee House – In Riverside park, most unusual biscuits and gravy, has hard boiled eggs in it, delicious, sells out fast.
    Doo Dah Diner – a MUST in Wichita. Everything is amazing, if they have pork belly anything get it!
    Fetch – great food and where else can you take your dog into the restaurant with you?

  113. 224
    Melissa Scott

    #ABRoadEatsNN Viking Burger, Midtown Eats, and Sunrise Doughnuts. They are all amazing!

    Sunrise Doughnuts makes the most amazing breakfast sandwich on a doughnut!!!

  114. 225

    #ABRoadEatsBWG Thirds BBQ is really good and having eaten at alot of BBQ places in Kansas, i can honestly say it reminds me of the BBQ from Arthur Bryants. Order extra corn cakes, you wont regret it. They are the corn cakes of the god’s and really complement the BBQ. Its a small hole in the wall at 200 College Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101 not far from Sky Pac.

  115. 226
    Chris V.

    #ABRoadEatsNN Go check out Viking Burger in Newport News, you won’t be sorry. It’s a two hour ride for me, but I will gladly make the ride for a Viking Burger

  116. 228

    #ABRoadEatsPhilly Beiler’s donuts in the Reading terminal market. The only donuts I’ve ever found that are as good as Gibson’s in Memphis and so much better than Federal Donuts.
    #ABRoadEatsBoston Yumo Wo Katare in Porter Square Cambridge, MA. It’s the biggest, fattiest, tastiest bowl of ramen I’ve ever had. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  117. 229
    Jenn Duncan

    #ABRoadEatsNN Viking Burger!! It’s a hole-in-the-wall with some fantastic eats. I’m not a huge fan of burgers, but I will eat theirs any time.

  118. 230

    #ABRoadEatsNN Viking Burger is a tiny place with a huge personality! The burgers are so creatively planned that you have to allow extra time to read all the menu choices and make your final decision. First timers receive a free sample of their Viking Sauce. The fries were ranked #4 in Virginia in one survey, but I’m a sucker for the onion rings. Every time we’ve eaten inside, the whole place has been more like a family having dinner together than an impersonal restaurant.

  119. 231

    #abroadeatsnn viking burger AND Phở 83!! Get you some family made phở before you head down the road to get you the best burger in the city!

  120. 232

    Viking Burger, outstanding food, excellent people. The stuffed Vahalla burgers are amazing, their fries fresh cut, and their viking sauce is delicious. To top it off, if memory serves me correctly, the owner/founder (if it’s changed hands, I doubt it though) also fights in the Society for Creative Anachronism. A warrior’s meal cooked by a warrior himself #ABRoadEatsNN

  121. 234


    Coffee: Tipico Coffee, Public Espresso
    Brunch: The Dapper Goose, La Cruit Brasserie
    Lunch: Expo Market, Deep South Taco,
    Dinner: Las Puertas, Sato Brewpub
    Late night: Angelica Tea Room
    Other: Fry Baby Donuts, Butter Block, Blue Table Chocolates

  122. 236
    Jonni Lynch

    Cincinnati, OH: #ABRoadEatsOH (technically just across the river in Ludlow, KY) Folk School Coffee Parlor for the best coffee, and some really great local music and local foods. Home of the Jerry Springer Podcast, every Tuesday night and the owners are the founders of the Whispering Beard Festival. Eat, drink and be a Beardo!

  123. 238

    #ABROADEATSwaukegan silo pizza (technically lake bluff but close!!) Their pizzas are fabulous, can’t go wrong regardless which you choose! We CANNOT wait to see you here

  124. 240
    Betsy Thoman

    The Cooked Goose in Westerly RI when your at Foxwoods. Best breakfast around! Seriously Good Eats! Looking forward to the show and Goid Eats coming back.

  125. 241
    Tee V.

    #ABRoadEatsOH: If you are a fan of both Latin and Asian food, you shouldn’t skip Lalo -Chino Latino. You will be surprised how tasty and unique the dishes are. #lalocincinnati

  126. 242
    Marci H.

    I second Root Cafe #ABRoadEatsLIT. Small local place in Little Rock, AR that tries to locally source as much produce and meat from the area. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the lines can get long but are so worth the wait. Anything on their menu is delicious. The toasted curry chicken salad sandwich is my favorite. They have great burgers, vegan options and salads too. Dine with mismatched cloth napkins and an Arkansas beer.

  127. 243

    #ABRoadEatsHershey After a long day of coasters at Hershey Park, enjoy a late supper at The Hershey Pantry. Creative comfort food and environment.

  128. 244

    #ABRoadEatsDC You’ll find great coffee, pie, breakfast anytime day or night at 24-hour Bob & Edith’s Diner across the Potomac in Arlington, VA. Or, visit the historic Old Ebbitt Grill next to the White House for 1/2 price oysters on the half shell between 11pm and 1am.

  129. 245
    Donna Wilson

    Cincinnati, OH. Late night eats: Knockback Nat’s, between Elm and Race on Seventh. The best Smoked Wings, naked, sauce on the side. Lightly rubbed with Jerk Sauce and smoked.

  130. 246

    When you come back to Cincy, don’t get caught up in chili or waffles for lunch. You need to go to Pho Lang Thang in Cincinnati’s Findlay Market. Everything is absolutely killer and insanely light on the wallet for the quality. #ABRoadEatsOH

  131. 248

    Having lived in both places, you need to check out Graeters ice cream in Worthington on north site of #ABRoadEatsColumbus and Al’s House of Eggs in Norfolk, VA, just a quick hop through the tunnel from #ABRoadEatsNN in Newport news

  132. 250

    #ABRoadEatsWaukegan Quonset Pizza. Get a large pie with Italian sausage. Just do it buddy, seriously. Also the Bomber Sandwich is as good as it gets. I’ve been eating at this place since I was a young kid, my grandpa would always order the bomber. Thank you for including Waukegan in your road trip, you will not be disappointed.

  133. 251

    #ABRoadEatsMidland Alton, I am the 2017 barista champion here, and I would absolutely LOVE to be your personal barista while you are here in Michigan!

  134. 252


    N&J’s -delightful Mediterranean food. Puts chips are like crack- you will want some to go
    The Anchor- looks like a tattoo shop, all meat comes from the butcher shop next door. Try the haystack burger and anything from Walnut River Brewery- Irish Warbeard is a fave.
    Avivo- brick oven pizzaria and Italian food. Great tortellini alfredo
    Passage to India- just plain yum.
    The Donut Whole-pretty sure you mentioned you have been there before but worth mentioning again
    Hurt’s Donut- I believe they have another location in Springfield MO, but the two locations we just got here are good.
    Il Vicino- great pizza, even better cannoli
    Buster’s Burger Joint- there is something about that griddle that just makes the burgers right

  135. 254
    S. Strayer

    #ABRoadEatsColumbus Stauf’s coffee in German Village. There’s lots of cool places to eat down there, too, and it’s closer to downtown where you’ll be than heading out into the suburbs. I haven’t been there, but I hear cool things about 16 Bit Bar and Arcade as well.

    If you want awesome Korean food, Diaspora on N. High Street. For a taste of OSU tradition, Buckeye Donuts also does great coffee and makes fresh donuts daily (also located on N. High).

  136. 256
    Janice mastriano

    Instead of Newark, NJ head down the NJ Turnpike to Hightstown, Exit 8 and stop at the Hightstown Diner
    where you can get award winning corned beef hash with fresh fried potatoes. Hightstown Diner has been
    serving the locals great food for over 90 years.

  137. 259

    #ABRoadEatsLIT best coffee in town is at Zeteo! It’s downtown in the River Market area, only a few blocks from where your show will be.

  138. 261
    Cindy Smith

    The Bagel Experience in Brodheadsville PA is hands down the best bagel spot near the Lehigh Valley. I know it’s a bit north, but it’s well worth the drive. If you don’t want to drive, I’ll deliver! Easton, PA: #ABRoadEatsEaston

  139. 262
    Matt Dura

    #ABRoadEatsSpringfield Gotta try smokin bobs. They have pork belly burnt ends. But they sell out fast so not something you want to miss.

  140. 264
    Deta Adams

    #ABRoadEatsCHA Chattanooga has blossomed in the past decade. So many good choices. But there are two places that I time my entire trip around visits to: The Blue Plate on the south shore and Julie Darling Donuts on the north shore. At Blue Plate try the Chicken and Pancake (add blueberries to the pancake). Yes, I meant to say one pancake. Said pancake is over an inch thick and covers the bottom of the cast iron skillet it must be cooked in. Chicken is fried nicely, but not over seasoned. You taste the chicken. Make sure you get the broccoli casserole too. Julie Darling is a dive donut bar. Many flavors of whatever they decide to make that day. Owning a free-wheeling culinary alcove like this is a personal dream of mine.

  141. 266

    Runcible Spoon in a weathered cottage for breakfast in Bloomington. Large coffee list. College institution. I feel it’s a “breakfast all day” kind of place, but not sure. Probably best to avoid weekend late mornings.

  142. 268
    Jackie Johnson

    Come to Savannah and eat at Chazito’s Latin Cuisine in Pooler,Ga. Amazing food! Outstanding Cuban sandwhich but my favorite is the Boricua Burrito which has everything awesome about Puerto Rican food in one wrap.

  143. 270

    Chazito’s Latin Cuisine POOLER GA. Awesome food, and a great place for family and friends to hang out! The owner along with his staff and family strive to please their customers.

  144. 274

    Find an excellent cortado at Greenstreet Coffee Co.; follow up with fried chicken and a doughnut at Federal Dounuts #ABRoadEatsPhilly

  145. 276
    Judy Watson

    TC’s in Battleground, IN (a short ride from West Lafayette and Purdue) is a gem. It’s a small country restaurant with the best New York Strip in the area. It’s bare bones but where else can you get a great NY Strip with salad, potato and roll for less than $20? Sure, it’s not fancy, but the steak makes it worth the trip. And you can’t beat the Hoosierness of the place. No pretense, just good meat.

  146. 280
    Liz Eagan

    #ABRoadEatsWaukegan It’s not really near Waukegan, but Washington Square Restaurant in Sauk Village, IL is our family favorite for any meal. Friendly staff, healthy portions and great flavors. They are located just off of I-394, so it’s a great stop over kinda place when on the road.

  147. 284
    Renee Coppola

    #ABRoadEatsEWR for casual lunch try Green Chickpea. For dessert, Nastos ice cream. It’s a must. Get the ice cream cake, you will not be disappointed.

  148. 285

    #abroadeatsbtv – for pizza Verita is located right near the Flynn. Hands down the best pizza in the 802. For a burger, try The Shopoing Bag the best I have had. For classic Chinese home style, can’t beat Single Pebble. Thanks for the trip to VT AB. Looking forward to the event!

  149. 286
    Erin Yoder

    #ABRoadEatsHutch. Come to Hutchinson, KS to experience Roys BBQ. Only open 11-3 or until the meat runs out. After noon this quaint shed style backyard heaven is standing room only, almost everyday. Delicious.

  150. 287

    #ABRoadEatsBMG We have so many unique restaurants it is hard to pin down just one. For pizza: Mother Bear’s. 4th Street has almost any nationality of food you could wish for. For dessert Baked of Bloomington. They mix the cookie dough with ingredients on site and bake them fresh for you. Opie Taylors on the square or Grazti Italian. You could stay here for days and still be surprised.

  151. 288

    #ABRoadEatsHershey The Mill in Hershey, Little Amps for coffee in Harrisburg (a 20-min jaunt over?), plus the Broad Street Market in Harrisburg if you happen to be there between Thursday-Saturday

  152. 289

    #ABRoadEatsWLAF The town isn’t exactly know for its food, but for late-night you can’t beat the Triple XXX. You have to get the Duane Purvis burger and a big root beer.

  153. 291

    #ABRoadEatsColumbus Thurman’s Cafe has the best burgers in town (the Texas dogs are pretty amazing, too). Sandman’s cheesesteak downtown has the best Philly cheesesteaks you will find outside of…well, Philly.

  154. 294
    Lacy Stephens

    You should come to Mt Sterling, KY (30 minutes east of Lexington) to Spoonful of Sugar bakery! Everything is homemade with the best ingredients and local product used as well.

  155. 296
    Christina Swanberry

    #ABRoadeatsCON O’s Steak and Seafood, Itchiban for sushi, Crust and Crumb for dessert. Aroma Joe’s for an espresso based drink. I’m still searching for the best coffee.

  156. 297
    Garret Saunders

    #ABRoadEatsCON In Manchester NH, just south of Concord, is The Bacon Barn. Great local breakfast place with a variety of different bacon to choose from. Can’t beat their breakfast! If you’re looking for a great after show haunt though, has to be the Red Arrow Diner in Concord. The Concord location is their newest, but they have been around for AGES and you can’t beat the 24hr service and GREAT food! I recommend the chicken tender dinner, and you have to tell them you’re a first time visitor!

  157. 300

    Why no stops in Florida? St. Augustine is becoming a food town that followed the music with 300+ restaurants that are mainly independently owned.

    See Michael’s Tasting Room, Gas, Milagro on 12th/Oddbirds, Ice Plant, Kookaburra, and Beachcomber for starters. The Spice + Tea Exchange was even founded here in the oldest American city!

  158. 302
    Andrea Woodward

    15 miles down the interstate from Richmond, KY, is historic Berea where the first inter-racial, co-educational college in the south was founded before the Civil War. The local food scene there is booming, and it’s definitely worth the extra little bit of driving to check it out! Clementine’s Bakery has the most amazing pastry selection around, Native Bagel has phenomenal bagels and salads, Noodle Nirvana has the best noodle bowls in Kentucky, and the Berea College Farm Store has a food counter where you can order great sandwiches and other goodies from one of the oldest continuously operating college farms in the country. #ABRoadEatsRKY

  159. 303
    Rebecca Taylor

    Elementary Coffee at the Broad Street Market in Harrisburg, Pa. and if you need a donut to go with your coffee- Evanilla Donuts is right next door! #ABRoadEatsHershey

  160. 304
    Selena Terrell

    Pizza in Bloomington: Mother Bears. You just have to.
    Coffee: hopscotch has some unique choices, Blu Boy chocolate cafe (somewhat hit or miss, but if you get a good barista, they make an excellent latte from locally roasted beans), and Uptown Cafe (A delicious place to eat too. Their lunch and dinner options are good, but their brunch menu can’t be beat and their espresso is excellent.) (P.S. many others may say Soma but their espresso is not espresso, IMO.)
    Bagels: Bloomington Bagel Company. Any of their bagels with schmear are delicious, steer clear of any of their bagelwiches with egg on them (preformed patty. Blech.)
    Greek: Trojan Horse. Get the falafel and fried pickles with jalapeno mayo. Flavortown.
    Italian: Deangelos. In a strip mall, unassuming place. Hands down the best Italian in town, and reasonably priced too! Homemade cheese lasagna is my favorite. Homemade cheeses, pastas, sauces, and a healthy wine selection… go there!

  161. 305
    Corri Page

    #ABRoadEatsColumbus: Lunch Spots: Hot Chicken Takeover (amazing mac and cheese), City Barbecue, Borgata Pizza Cafe (best NY style pizza outside of NY), Late Night: Food Trucks & Duck Pin bowling at PINs Mechanical, Mikey’s Late Night Slice. Coffee: Java Central (Westerville), Sassafrass Bakery (Worthington).

  162. 306

    4A Coffee in Brookline, MA. Family run, roasted on site, best cortado in town. Also 2 doors down from Union Square Donuts, should you get hungry. #ABRoadEatsBoston

  163. 307
    Corri Page

    Lunch Spots: Hot Chicken Takeover (amazing mac and cheese), City Barbecue, Borgata Pizza Cafe (best NY style pizza outside of NY), Late Night: Food Trucks & Duck Pin bowling at PINs Mechanical, Mikey’s Late Night Slice. Coffee: Java Central (Westerville), Sassafrass Bakery (Worthington). #ABRoadEatsColumbus

  164. 308

    #ABROADEATSWLAF Go to Triple XXX Family Restaurant. They make their own root beer, have great burgers, and have breakfast all day. BOILER UP!

  165. 309
    Gary Lewis

    While in memphis area Wiseguy’s Chicago pizza in Horn Lake, MS (just a short drive south on HWY 51) is a must. Get the deep dish.
    If you are traveling I 55 south out of Memphis stop in BTC grocery in Water Balley, MS for a burger and a beer if you want.
    Como Steakhouse just off 55 is amazing if you can get inside.

    In Little Rock check out the Arkansas burger company. Has to be a top ten burger of all time.

  166. 311
    Dawn Sponsler

    #ABRoadEatsMemphis Fell in love with the ribs at Rendezvous. In the basement of a bank down an alley. Seems as though location speaks to your adventurous side. 52 S 2nd Street.

  167. 312

    #ABRoadEatsDAY. For coffee, I like Boston Stoker. Can’t beat the Pine Club’s steaks or lamb chops for a great dinner with a retro vibe. The Pine Club was in the Food Network’s five top steakhouses.

  168. 313

    #ABRoadEatsRVA You HAVE to get brunch at Perly’s!!! Bagels, lox, latkas, corn beef hash, matzoh ball soup, dill fries, house made soda, black and white cookies…soooo good!!

  169. 314

    #ABRoadEatsBoston – Otto Pizza is amazing. Coolidge Corner has the most extensive beer and wine offerings, the one on Commonwealth Ave is great, and the one in Harvard Square is standing room only. They also serve Maine Root sodas. Last time we went, my 2 year old son rejected his cheese pizza to chow down on a black bean and corn slice. For coffee, I recommend Karma Coffee if you’re swinging through Sudbury, Gracenote in Boston (which was the first place I heard of serving Nitro ice coffee).

  170. 315

    #ABRoadEatsLit For casual lunch in Little Rock DEFINITELY Three Fold – they have house made noodles, dumplings, and steamed buns with a choice of either chicken, pork (the best), and tofu. The dumplings are killer, especially with a side of house made taro chips. Cheap, simple, and super fresh. It’s also in the same area as the venue you’re speaking at.

    You can get a great brunch and local beer at Lost 40, and everyone loves South on Main if you’re looking for a sort of “gourmet” southern dish. If you want some super authentic Thai food check out KBird, they’ve got a new (tiny) menu daily with amazing curries.

    For coffee hit up either The Meteor (in the back of a bike shop), created by one of the co-founders of intelligentsia, or Zeteo. The Meteor might play into coffee snobery a little more depending on what you’re going for.

    Or if you’re after a place that roasts their own beans, Mylo makes a great cortado and also happens to have a really tasty mochi donut.

  171. 316
    Britany Scogland

    #ABRoadEatsWLAF in West Lafayette youhave to go to XXX for a burger. I love just a good ol’ cheeseburger, but my hubby will tell you to get the one with peanut butter on it!

  172. 318

    I would say Gibson’s in Memphis, but I know that’s probably on your Memphis schedule already, so I’m going to recommend the whole wings and banana pudding at The One and Only BBQ at Perkins and Southern – #ABRoadEatsMemphis

  173. 319

    #ABRoadEatsNN #CNUALUMN #wishIwasbackincollege While attending CNU (and having classes in the ferguson center!), my friends and I always went to the Subway Station across the street. They have been around since ’77. With it’s Orange and Yellow paint, you can’t miss it!!

  174. 320


    Coffee: The Coffee Trike, 4A, Wired Puppy
    Brunch: Masa (brunch special on the weekends!)
    Lunch: Baraka Cafe, India Quality, Pho Pasteur
    Late night: Double Chin, Taiwan Cafe
    Other: When Pigs Fly Bakery

  175. 324

    It’s a little out of the way, but Java Joint in Trexlertown has some of my favorite coffee in the Lehigh Valley. And while you’re there, pop up the street to Three Men and a Bagel for breakfast or lunch. #ABRoadEatsEaston

  176. 326

    When you are in Newark, NJ, you want to try Ridgewood Coffee in Ridgewood . It is a little schlep but so worth it for the Cold Brew and an iced Vietnamese.

  177. 327

    Taste of Belgium
    Bones’ Burgers – started as a food truck, now a sit down restaurant
    Any stop on the Butler County Donut Trail – we loved Milton’s and Jupiter Donuts.

  178. 328

    Purdy’s Coffee Co. is a must visit while you’re in Richmond, KY! Noodle Nirvana in Berea is also excellent and a short drive from Richmond. #ABRoadEatsRKY

  179. 330

    Bit out of your way in Batavia, NY: That Taco Place: amazing Mexican drive through; Pok-A-Dot: local dive for best breakfast and more; Red Osier for prime rib, amazing service (ask for server Heather!) and melt in your mouth carved at table prime rib, true WNY family owned food attraction #ABRoadEatsBuffalo

  180. 333

    Come to Portland, OR and visit Tapalaya. Korean/creole fusion that is AMAZING!!! The chef is amazing and is always stepping up her game. We want to see you over here in the Pacific Northwest

  181. 337

    Meadowlark and Marions Piazza for #ABRoadEatsDAY and Bonbonnerie Bakery and Taste of Belgium for #ABRoadEatsOH

    We would be more than happy to join you at any or all of these establishments

    • 344
      Marci H.

      I second Root Cafe. Small local place that tries to locally source as much produce and meat from the area. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the lines can get long but are so worth the wait. Anything on their menu is delicious. The toasted curry chicken salad sandwich is my favorite. They have great burgers, vegan options and salads too. Dine with mismatched cloth napkins and an Arkansas beer.

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