AB Road Eats: Coral Springs


Mojo Donuts: And so the hunt continues for the best doughnuts in America. Mojo employs a passionate staff. What makes this establishment stand out from others is that they’re also serving good coffee with their doughnuts. I know that might sound odd, but sometimes coffee is an afterthought.


LaSpada’s Original Hoagies: The Italian Special. Order the Italian Special. I can say one thing with certainty: LaSpada’s does not skimp on anything. It was a fantastic sandwich from the bread to the fresh meat to the veggies.

“The Fish Place”: I put the name of this establishment in quotes because the locals asked me not to reveal the name of the restaurant. And after speaking to the owners, they seemed to want to keep it to themselves too. The place is already busy. Packed at lunch. And it’s no surprise. This was the best fresh fish I’ve had in a long time. These guys know how to handle their ingredients. If you can figure out where this is from the photos, good for you. Locals: I’m jealous you have easy access to this restaurant. This goes on the list of some of the best eats so far.


Falafel Bistro & Wine Bar: It’s no surprise I enjoy falafel and hummus. So when I’m on tour, I like to try it from as many establishments as possible. The falafel was good, but the hummus — that was great hummus, Falafel Bistro.


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    AB Road Eats is such fun to follow and I love to check in at the blog for the details of your experiences at the establishments. I truly enjoy your style of writing, the food photography is great and you have just enough humor to include some fun selfies.

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