AB Road Eats: Buffalo


Spot Coffee: This seems to be the local chain in the area and while they’re are also serving breakfast and lunch, they’re still paying good attention to their coffee, which was good.


Ted’s Hot Dogs: Oh my. These were good. I didn’t know what to expect, but I would happily come back here again. In fact, here’s a story. I went in for lunch and ordered two dogs (to share). Hours later as I was checking Twitter, I saw that I missed an opportunity. I didn’t order the onion rings. So … I went back and ordered some. I appreciate the recommendation for both the dogs and onion rings.

Anchor Bar: This is going to get me in trouble, I know. There are so many places to get wings in this town, but I only had time for one. The majority of my fans sent me here. It seems like it’s been around for a long time and is an institution. The wings were good — the chicken was moist and there was a good coating of sauce on them.

Schwabl’s: Schwabl’s has been in business since 1837 and they’re famous for a sandwich called beef on weck. For out-of-towners, that’s a roast beef sandwich on a kümmelweck roll (topped with kosher salt and caraway seeds). You can’t not love this sandwich (which is dipped in au jus). If you’re in Buffalo, you have to try a beef on weck.


Paula’s Donuts: These doughnuts absolutely rank with some of the best I’ve ever had. More specifically, their sour cream old-fashioned absolutely hits the mark. They’ve nailed it.

Images © Alton Brown, 2014


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    Alton, I’m late to this party, but wanted to thank you for your visit and the kind treatment of the food instiutions we hold near and dear to our hearts here in Buffalo. I was already a fan, but really enjoyed following your visit on social media and the non-diva entertainment you provided along the way.

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    Would highly recommend donut Kraze they have awesome stuff they have awesome coffee and I love the sour cream glazed and the pastry hearts and the cherry cake doughnut. …. they also have awesome brownies and ice cream with all the toppings thank you very much

  3. 5

    Your big miss on sweets is Donut Kraze. It’s a must stop when you’re back in Buffalo. Donuts are just as good if not better than Paula’s.

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    You missed a must stop: Undergrounds Coffee House and Roastery. Great coffee, delicious sandwiches, and friendly staff. All this in a former funeral home! Love the New Orleans decor too!

  5. 10

    UNDERGROUND’S COFFEE HOUSE and ROASTERY not only has fabulous food – made to your specifications, of course, fabulous roasted coffee, fabulous locally made bakery items, etc., but the ambience to back it all up. Underground’s is a homegrown gem!

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    Breakfast- Poked Yolk on Transit in Depew is great. Amazing daily specials, and always delicious.

    Lunch – Grovers on Transit. Huge burgers that are made very well.

    Dinner – a bit of a dive, but Santeserios on Niagara street is amazing. Low frills place, but the food is delicious and reasonable.

  7. 12
    John G

    I’ll second the East Aurora comment. There are so many good eateries in that Town. From the Pain Au Chocolat at Elm St, to the Wings/Weck at Bar Bill’s, even the coffee and small bites at Taste. Definitely a must-visit location.

  8. 13

    It’s unfortunate that so many pointed you to Anchor Bar for wings. They are far from the best. They are small and most times not even crispy. A far cry from what they once were. Bar Bill would have been my top choice for wings in the Buffalo area.

  9. 15

    I think you missed some major hidden gems. Undergrounds Coffehouse and Roastery and Bar Bill just to name two!!! Undergrounds has some of the most unique food in Buffalo and Bar Bill is the best place for your chicken wing and beef on weck.

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