AB Road Eats: Boise


Big City Coffee: Early in the morning, I ordered a Monkey Tail (four shots of espresso and a Mexican mocha).


Boise Fry Company: I believe it’s a requirement to eat potatoes in Idaho. And since three orders are better than one: Regular, curly and purple fries from the Boise Fry Company.

Bleubird Sandwiches: I love a family run establishment. My pick? Their take on a reuben.


Westside Drive-In: Thanks to my fans, I ordered finger steaks, which are deep-fried strips of steak, from Westside Drive-In. If my fingers looked this good, I’d look like a seal.


Guru Donuts: Putting french fries (Boise Fry Company) next to a doughnut shop is dangerous. But so smart.


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    Just an FYI Big City bakes from scratch and we don’t event have an account at Sysco 🙂
    We bake from scratch so you don’t have too !

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    Flying M is way better than Big City! Most of Big City’s food is made from Sysco mixes or is microwaved. Flying M chocolate chip cookies are the best!

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    For the best sweet treats in town check out Amaru, located on the Bench just outside of downtown! They are a local treat and they care enough about customers that they have the only dedicated gluten free dessert bakery in Boise. From cakes to cookies to mini cheesecakes and the best coconut macaroons in this side of the Mississippi, you’ll find them all at Amaru!

  4. 15

    Paella at Bardenay in the Basque district with a huckleberry lemonade. HaPenny for the best fries in BoDo. Big Juds for a guac burger and tots. And last but not least breakfast at Joe Mama’s in Eagle. I’m a country biscuits and gravy fan. 🙂

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    36th Street cafe for lunch or dinner, Goodie’s on 13 th for ice cream, JonJou at 17th & State for pastry or coffee, Goldy’s on Capital for breakfast or brunch. And there’s also the Boise Co-op for natural take out and pre made foods.

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    I second Goodies for dessert! Bar gernika if you’re interested in Basque cuisine. There is a very nice Basque area downtown with a museum. I love
    Fork and Alavita. They specialize in fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients. Anjou Bakery and (the restaurant) State and Lemp were both nominated for national awards. We have a wonderful chocolatier downtown at The Chocolat Bar. The flying M, also downtown, is a staple of Boise culture. While you’re downtown stop at Wear Boise and pick up one of their fantastic local themed t-shirts! I know it’s not food-related but if you’re going to pick up a souvenir from Boise this is a great place to find a good one.

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    Laurel Chmielowiec

    Flying Pie Pizzaria, the store on Fairview is their flagship store, but the one on Broadway is just as awesome. Goodies on 13th street for ice cream, or Delsa’s on Ustick. Mad Swede Brewing for a pint of “We Found The Village Burning” ale. Juniper on 8th for gin based drinks, and locally sourced food (their fried rival Boise Fry Co)

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    The SaladMan on Maple Grove and Emerald should be one of your stops! Just tried it this past week, only open for 4 hours a day, small family run shop, easily boises best sandwiches, cheesesteaks, and finger steaks!!

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