AB Road Eats: Boise


Big City Coffee: Early in the morning, I ordered a Monkey Tail (four shots of espresso and a Mexican mocha).


Boise Fry Company: I believe it’s a requirement to eat potatoes in Idaho. And since three orders are better than one: Regular, curly and purple fries from the Boise Fry Company.

Bleubird Sandwiches: I love a family run establishment. My pick? Their take on a reuben.


Westside Drive-In: Thanks to my fans, I ordered finger steaks, which are deep-fried strips of steak, from Westside Drive-In. If my fingers looked this good, I’d look like a seal.


Guru Donuts: Putting french fries (Boise Fry Company) next to a doughnut shop is dangerous. But so smart.


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    Amy Burton

    Amaru is the shizz. They’re cupcakes are to die for. Also partial to A Cupcake Paradise downtown. Bar Gernika has an awesome grinder and the croquettas shouldn’t be missed….the Basque Market is across the street. That’s where they have crazy good paella (it’s not at Bardenay, as commented above–it’s next door at the Basque Market). But you can get a kick ass martini at Bardenay–we distill our own vodka, gin and rum. And it’s strong. 🙂 Tenth Street Station makes a mean whiskey ginger too. Enjoy yourself! I love Boise!

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