#ABRoadEats Spring 2017: Calling All Fans for Recommendations

#ABRoadEats Spring 2017: Calling All Fans for Recommendations

If you’re a follower, you may remember #ABRoadEats, the program which encouraged fans to nominate places for me to nosh as I toured the country for my live culinary variety show. From morning coffee to late night snacks and everything in between, I respected your wishes and have about 20 extra pounds to prove it. Well, we’re hitting the road again with the Eat Your Science 2017 Spring Tour and once again I’m in need of your gustatory guidance. For every city on the schedule I’ll be looking for coffee joints, casual eateries and perfect places for late night after-show snacks. Leave your recommendations in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t forget to include the appropriate hashtag for the city you are recommending for, so that I can ultimately give credit where it’s due:

Bakersfield, CA: #ABRoadEatsBakersfield

Santa Barbara, CA: #ABRoadEatsSBA

San Luis Obispo, CA: #ABRoadEatsSBP

Los Angeles, CA: #ABRoadEatsLAX

San Francisco, CA: #ABRoadEatsSF

Fresno, CA: #ABRoadEatsFresno

Modesto, CA: #ABRoadEatsModesto

Davis, CA: #ABRoadEatsDavis

Eugene, OR: #ABRoadEatsEUG

Seattle, WA: #ABRoadEatsSEA

Portland, OR: #ABRoadEatsPDX

Bellingham, WA: #ABRoadEatsBLI

Spokane, WA: #ABRoadEatsSpokane

Boise, ID: #ABRoadEatsBOI

Salt Lake City, UT: #ABRoadEatsSLC

Denver, CO: #ABRoadEatsDEN

Colorado Springs, CO: #ABRoadEatsCOS

Sioux City, IA: #ABRoadEatsSUX

Rockford, IL: #ABRoadEatsRFD

Cleveland, OH: #ABRoadEatsCLE

East Lansing, MI: #ABRoadEatsLAN

Milwaukee, WI: #ABRoadEatsMKE

St. Louis, MO: #ABRoadEatsSTL

Fort Meyers, FL: #ABRoadEatsFtMeyers

Fort Lauderdale, FL: #ABRoadEatsFLL

Sarasota, FL: #ABRoadEatsSarasota

Tampa, FL: #ABRoadEatsTPA

Orlando, FL: #ABRoadEatsORL

Jacksonville, FL: #ABRoadEatsJAX

Birmingham, AL: #ABRoadEatsBirm

New Orleans, LA: #ABRoadEatsNOLA

Houston, TX: #ABRoadEatsHOU

Austin, TX: #ABRoadEatsAUS

Dallas, TX: #ABRoadEatsDallas

Oklahoma City, OK: #ABRoadEatsOKC

Madison, WI: #ABRoadEatsMSN

Indianapolis, IN: #ABRoadEatsIND

Evansville, IN: #ABRoadEatsEVV

Iowa City, IA: #ABRoadEatsIOW

Des Moines, IA: #ABRoadEatsDSM

Green Bay, WI: #ABRoadEatsGRB




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  1. 1

    You NEED to visit Hawkers Asian Street Fare while you’re in JAX. They cook Asian Street Fare and specialize in small plates (also have full portion sizes but the small are so delicious and unique), the food honestly speaks for itself. The Roti Canai was some of the best curry I have EVER had, an absolutely delicious blend of flavors that worked together beautifully served with light flatbread. The Hawkers Baos were another standout dish for me – the steamed bun was a perfectly soft, smooth vehicle for your meat of choice and they added a nice slaw to give it a good crunch and add a little acid to give it another element (I really loved these!). Being from New York I wasn’t expecting too much from a small restaurant by the beach in Florida – little did I know! Hawkers set my expectations straight is really something special, you’re going to love it, trust me! #ABRoadEatsJAX

  2. 2

    I want you to bring your show back to Atlanta, Ga. I could not attend the last time.
    Who do I have to bribe, kill and cook (if so what recipe), beg, kidnap, or pay to get you back to the home city. One night will be enough but I bet you would have 2 sold out shows if you wanted. I represent a good number of foodie/good eats fanatics that would come to one or both nights.
    Please??? Evan

  3. 3
    Larry Gustafson

    When you stop in Madison, WI on May 2nd, start your day off right with a visit to the Bloom Bake Shop on Monroe St. Along with expertly crafted, locally sourced pastries and sweet treats, I would recommend , The Southern: Black pepper biscuit, peach preserves, fat slice of ham, & aged cheddar. Sounds like the perfect choice for you. #abroadeatsmsn

  4. 5

    Definitely need to visit Francis Tuttle Technology Center’s Culinary Arts program and District 21 Restaurant. Nothing like it! #ABRoadEatsOKC

  5. 6
    Kathy M

    While in St. Louis you must go a little south of downtown to Festus, MO for Taytros Bar & Bistro. The BBQ Shrimpalaya is amazing as well as everything else on the menu!

  6. 7

    My hometown is San Luis Obispo. You have to go to the Thursday night Farmer’s Market. It is all about the beef rib and tri-tip BBQ and curb seating (literally, sitting on the curb eating your dinner). Another staple is the Madonna Inn for gigantic cake slices, topped with shaved chocolate, at the Copper Cafe. You can’t beat the Madonna Inn kitsch, especially, for late night dessert!

  7. 8

    Hey Alton im a huge fan!!! there are a bunch of awesome places that you are traveling to but you are skipping the best state of all Minnesota! Minnesota is the home of the Juicy Lucy and you will not find a better Juicy Lucy than Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis Minnesota. Please Stop by this amazing spot while you’re in the area!

  8. 9
    Brad Ayer

    I would recommend Bru Burger Bar in Evansville, it is in the old Greyhound Station that you stopped at when you came through Evansville for Feasting on Asphalt. Moonlight BBq in Owensboro has Burgoo a year round. I would also recommend Thompsons BBQ in Henderson I do love their baked beans.

  9. 10
    Suzanne Stagg

    I recommend trying Fiddlers at the Knob Tavern in Newburgh, Indiana (just east of Evansville) and I also highly recommend going south on US41 across the Ohio River to Thomason’s BBQ and trying their award winning baked beans and the regional specialty BBQ Mutton or any of BBQ. Also BBQ sauce is referred to as a dip in this part of the country.

  10. 11

    For Orlando…
    Coffee – Foxtail Coffee or Black Bean Deli for a double
    Donuts – Market on South
    Breakfast – Buttermilk Bakery (conveniently located by Foxtail Coffee) or Se7en Bites (get there early – it will be packed!)
    Lunch – Depending on what you’re feeling…Pizza Bruno, Mediterranean Blue, or Yellow Dog Eats
    Dessert – Gideon’s at East End Market…these cookies. Are. Everything. And you can get another coffee while you’re there, the vegan cold brew at Lineage is amazing!!!

  11. 14
    Dave Swazey

    Fort Myers Florida..you must try Kings kitchen. The variety of excellent quality dishes will leave you wanting more. Do yourself a favor and get here!!!

  12. 15

    Sarasota, FL: #ABRoadEatsSarasota
    We have lived in the Sarasota area for the last ten years and have been to almost every restaurant possible from the high end to road stop. Secret: They are just “okay”. YOU MUST go to this hidden gem of a place that serves traditional Peruvian food. YES! Peruvian food. It was the most amazing find in a long time. The building is a remodelled fast food place but the inside is warm, cozy with bright colours that soothe the soul as does the food. The ceviche is terrific, the noodles and rice unbelievable, the chicken tender and the calamari is the best I have ever had. You feel as if you are eating a home cooked meal and the owners make you feel part of the family. The place is called INKAWASI on Fruitville which is not too far from the Van Wezel… about 15 minutes. You will not regret the experience.

  13. 19
    Megan Farny

    In Evansville, Indiana I highly recommend Pangea Kitchen. Authentic wood fired pizza and thai cuisine that never fails to impress. #ABRoadEatsEVV

  14. 21
    Jacob Walker

    Alton, you have to check out The J Clyde for a good casual meal! Great local beer selection and some of the best food in town! Also, for something a little more upscale, check out Hot and Hot Fish Club! Chef Chris Hastings is a genius! #ABRoadEatsBirm

  15. 23
    Larry Gustafson

    How does this sound for a morning fuel up:

    The Southern. Black pepper biscuit, thick sliced ham, peach preserves and aged cheddar.

    You’ll only find it at the Bloom Bake Shop on Monroe St in Madison, Wi. Stop by when you visit us on May 2nd.

    Add a, farm to table, sweet treat from the bakery case and a French press coffee and you’re all set for the day


  16. 24

    #ABRoadEatsFtMeyers #ABRoadEatsFtMyers – everything at Nice Guys Pizza (Cape Coral), Taqueria San Julian (Ft. Myers), Mad Fresh Bistro (Ft. Myers), Fancy’s Southern Cafe (Fort Myers)

  17. 25

    #ABRoadEatsFtMeyers Chef Brooke’s NAtural Cafe on Boy Scout Drive! Chef Brooke is Wonder Woman, Tinkerbell and The Good Witch of the East all in one. She Bakes, She Cooks, She waits on every customer singlehandedly and everything is made from scratch. Crazy Bakery, Comfort Foods and even specializes in Vegan and Gluten Free. Bring yo Daddy, Bring your Uncle, bring the Meat n Potato lovin fast food gulping BBQ diehards you know and love. She’ll win-em-all over in a nanosecond

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