#ABNeedsCoffee 2016: Calling All Fans for Recommendations

#ABNeedsCoffee 2016: Calling All Fans for Recommendations

Over the past few years you’ve watched as I (and my stomach) have attempted to conquer dozens of cities via #ABRoadEats. The eats have been glorious indeed.

This time, it’s #ABNeedsCoffee and I need it fast. So join me in celebrating the release of my first cookbook in FIVE long years, EveryDayCook, which hits shelves on September 27 (it can also be pre-ordered right now).

If I’m making a stop in your town on my book tour (featured below) and you know of a must-visit coffee spot, please make your recommendations on this post or through Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t forget to include your city’s #hashtag so I can give props where they’re due:

New York City, NY: #ABNeedsCoffeeNYC

Huntington, NY: #ABNeedsCoffeeHuntington

New York City, NY: #ABNeedsCoffeeNYC

King of Prussia, PA: #ABNeedsCoffeeKOP

Philadelphia, PA: #ABNeedsCoffeePHL

Arlington, VA: #ABNeedsCoffeeArlington

Washington, DC: #ABNeedsCoffeeDC

Asheville, NC: #ABNeedsCoffeeAVL

The Villages, FL: #ABNeedsCoffeeVillages

Orlando, FL: #ABNeedsCoffeeORL

Houston, TX: #ABNeedsCoffeeHOU

Austin, TX: #ABNeedsCoffeeAUS

Frisco, TX: #ABNeedsCoffeeFrisco

Wichita, KS: #ABNeedsCoffeeWichita

Kansas City, MO: #ABNeedsCoffeeKC

St. Louis, MO: #ABNeedsCoffeeSTL

Issaquah, WA: #ABNeedsCoffeeIssaquah

Seattle, WA: #ABNeedsCoffeeSEA

Portland, OR: #ABNeedsCoffeePDX

San Jose, CA: #ABNeedsCoffeeSJC

Menlo Park, CA: #ABNeedsCoffeeMenloPark

Calabasas, CA: #ABNeedsCoffeeCalabasas

Pasadena, CA: #ABNeedsCoffeePasadena

Carlsbad, CA: #ABNeedsCoffeeCLD

Atlanta, GA: #ABNeedsCoffeeATL


Add yours
  1. 3

    Hi Alton! I work at an incredible doughnut shop in PDX called Pip’s Original Doughnuts and Chai. We make fresh, mini doughnuts which feature local PDX purveyors and we also serve 5 delicious house made chai teas. Now, we serve great coffee too (PDX locals Extracto Coffee), but I think the teas are where it’s at here. It’s an amazing shop that’s proudly Portland and treats it’s employees and the community right. I think you and your team might really dig it. #ABNeedsCoffeePDX #pipcity #communitynotcompetition

  2. 4
    Sarah Satterlee-Garcia

    #ABNeedsCoffeeHOU has the best kept secret, Jane and John Dough Bakery!! The owners, Jane and John, are so amazingly brilliant with their menu! Breads, muffins, cookies, pies, all made fresh daily, in house! Coffee is a staple here, with syrups made in house as well to highlight the coffees they serve. Entire staff makes you feel welcomed to come as you are! Definitely a home away from home with the atmosphere they have created!!

  3. 7
    Christina Hurst

    #ABneedscoffeeWichita you have to try Churn and Burn! The snickers churn and burn is a delicious mix of fabulous coffee and tasty ice cream

    • 9
      Linda Hopper

      Since I last suggested Mead’s Corner, in Wichita, they have a second location in the YMCA. This is another great place for coffee and healthy snacks.
      The tip jar mission of the Meads 402 is to help with the children’s programs
      at the YMCA. I would really enjoy being his guide to great coffee in Wichita.

  4. 10

    you have got to try a little hidden gem in north houston. Javalope. delicious home brewed coffee and an amazing owner. #ABNeedsCoffeeHOU

  5. 20
    Julie Kunz

    #ABNeedsCoffeeSEA Olympia Coffee Roasters. Technically in Olympia and not Seattle, but definitely fantastic coffee and an excellent of modern coffee culture. We no longer live in Olympia, but we still order their beans by mail.

  6. 23

    Take a day trip from KC and is it 1900 Barker in Lawrence. They serve world class coffee along woth delicious handmade breads and pastries out of a converted laundry mat. #ABneedscoffeeKC

  7. 24
    Carly W

    You’ll get a lot of recommendations for Oddly Correct, I’m sure, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s the emperor’s new coffee. I mean, “too good” for cream? Hardly. Second Best and Thou Mayest are good, but I consider Broadway and the Roasterie to be institutions, in the best possible way. #ABNeedsCoffeeKC

  8. 25

    #ABNeedsCoffeeArlington — nothing near the location for the signing, but recommend that you check out Swing’s coffee near old town Arlington.

  9. 33

    Oops! I posted this info on the wrong page, so here goes again – recommendations for your coffee fix while in KC

    Coffee Girls Cafe kccoffeegirls.com
    One More Cup onemorecupkc.com
    Second Best Coffee secondbestcoffee.com


  10. 35

    I don’t see any town near me, but I’m going to try submitting this anyways. #ABNeedsCoffeeNeenahWI Shellatte’s, a well known and love coffee shop, in the peaceful small town of Neenah, Wisconsin.

  11. 40
    Nichole Ahlers

    Goshen Coffee is absolutely fantastic. It’s in Edwardsville, IL, just minutes outside of STL. I go for the original founders blend. #ABNeedsCoffeeSTL. #GoshenCoffee

  12. 42

    #ABneedscoffeeCLD go check out Sleeping Tiger, guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Fallon is your girl, she’ll hook you up with the BEST cuppa

  13. 45
    Heather Bloom

    #ABneedscoffee Santa Cruz! It’s not on your stop, but Verve Coffee Roasters should NOT be missed. I live in Seattle. SEATTLE! The fracking capital of coffee snobbery. And yet, despite trying roasts from Seattle mainstays like Cafe Ladro, all the way down to micro-roasters, my hubs and I have yet to find anything that holds a candle to Verve in Santa Cruz, California. We buy, ship, and drink about a kilo of their 1950s Blend every month. If you’re looking for a winner, you need to get to Santa Cruz.

  14. 46

    #ABNeedsCoffeePHL I know this is probably going to sound a bit silly but my favorite coffee in the Philly area is from Wawa gas stations/convenience stores. Yeah gas station coffee sounds horrible but Wawa coffee is different. Avoid the big sort of gas station canister coffee and order off the screen. Wawa espresso drinks have this roasty toasty flavor and just the right note of bitterness that they take flavors well. Plus a 24 ounce iced latte runs you a little over 3 bucks. Hard to beat that. Wawa coffee is one of those few cases where cheap and good run hand in hand into the sunset together.

  15. 50

    Hey Alton! You like coffee right I mean good coffee, like roasted to perfection in house kinda coffee? Well Sleeping Tiger in Carlsbad is your spot! Ask for Fallon shes your woman for the perfect sip after sip after sip of freash….toasty….rich….brown……gold…….mmmmmmm already sounds good doesnt it! #ABNeedsCoffeeCLD

  16. 51
    Mike Ohlhausen

    I have to assume you misspelled beer… because here in Shiner Tx… well, we happen to have the Best locally brewed ‘Import’ known this side of Austin – Shiner Bock… #ABNeedsCoffeeAUS – and… Prosit! is really close to Post it… Have a great trip!

  17. 52

    #ABneedscoffeepdx Checkout Compass Coffee, Kainos Coffee. So many to choose from. Also you should post a list of all the recommendations people give you for each city you visit

  18. 54

    #ABNeedsCoffeeCarlsbad – There are a few good places to get your caffeine on in the area. Next door to Carlsbad, and just a little ways east on Palomar Airport Road, it becomes San Marcos Blvd., and there is a small coffee kiosk called Better Buzz. They have excellent coffee, and the house special is a killer latte made with a bit of honey and steamed almond milk – delicious! They have a variety of other drinks, both for the purists, and those who like a bit of frou-frou to their java. The other favorite of mine is in Escondido, and it’s Safari Coffee. The owner, Marc, roasts all of the beans on premises, and it is the best I’ve had in ages! Hubby and I have been stocking our supply from there for years. (Heck, I’ll gladly bring you a bag of their delightful medium-roast, “Dancing Bear”, or the hands-down favorite here – the lovely dark roast known as “Black Pearl”, which makes fabulous espresso!)

    • 56
      Mi Nguyen

      Forgot to mention — The Roasting Plant has a thing called the Javabot. When an order is placed, beans are vacuumed up from tubes, auto-weighed, shot into the grinder, and then into their own brewer. Pretty nifty.

  19. 60
    Suzann Vaughn

    #ABNeedsCoffeeSEA Dorothea Coffee 2812 S Jackson St. Conor is obsessed with his beans. (Not in a bad way.) Great coffee from a small producer.

  20. 61
    Patty Warner

    #ABNeedsCoffeeFLINT,MI The Good Beans Cafe (yes, FILTERED WATER!) Brews LaVazza, sells Stauf’s from Columbus, OH. Sumatran French Roast – the very best.

  21. 63
    Cameron Peterson

    Georgio’s Coffee Roasters in Farmingdale, NY. Some of the best coffees from all over the world, hand selected and roasted in house to perfection. You absolutely have to check them out. #ABNeedsCoffeeHuntington

  22. 65
    Catherine Wagner

    Absolutely the BEST coffee roasted above 9,000 feet in the US is Camp4 Coffee in Crested Butte, CO. Many varieties available, but my favorite is Sledgehammer. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. The roasters name is Al Smith and he’s a hell of a nice guy too!

  23. 69

    #ABNeedsCoffeeKC I’d give just about anything to host you at The Laughing Place Bakery in Gladstone, MO for coffee and an amazing cinnamon roll. We keep it simple with an excellent fresh ground drip coffee and cold brew options. However, if you don’t have time to head a few minutes north to see us, I highly recommend our roaster, Broadway Roasting Company. Or The Broaday Cafe. They are amazing coffee geniuses, and while you’re there, tell John or Hannah I sent you!!

  24. 71

    #ABNeedsCoffeeAUS. Patika…my favorite. So delicious. Also Vintage Heart for some of their house made syrups. And ….because it is Austin after all, keep it a little bit weird and try Buzz Mull.
    Then stop by my house for a delicious cup of Cafe du Monde with my delicious magic condensed milk blend!

  25. 73
    Emily A.

    I highly recommend stopping at Old City Coffee in Philadelphia. Their retail/cafe location on Church Street is on a quiet cobblestone street and makes a great place to kick back and relax a bit, while their roasting hub at the Reading Terminal Market offers many more freshly roasted bean varieties. And they’ve got a LOT of varieties of fresh, small batch-roasted beans available in person and through the mail. I particularly love the Bali Bloon Moon and Balzac Blend.
    Philadelphia, PA: #ABNeedsCoffeePHL

  26. 74

    If you are driving from Pasadena to Carlsbad, you need to stop at portola coffee, preferably the Costa Mesa location. They roast their own coffee beans, have 4 different types of brewing methods (2 hot 2 cold), and they use their own water blend, so your coffee will be delicious. And they are in a center with a cheese shop and an olive oil wine bar, plus several different restaurants, so you can really make a day out of it.

  27. 76

    I second Barista. Excellent coffee in stylish atmosphere. And Stumptown is still one of my favs. I usually go to the Division St. location. No frills at all, just great coffee. Their Hairbender blend is stellar. I see you’re also going to Menlo Park. Are you at Keplers? Peets is quite close. I’d go there just because Alfred Peet brought quality coffee to America and this is one of the first locations.Portland, OR: #ABNeedsCoffeePDX

  28. 77

    The obviously correct answer in DC is Peregrine Espresso. Three locations by Eastern Market near Capitol Hill, inside Union Market in Northeast by Gallaudet University, and by U Street in Northwest. They brew Counter Culture coffee, they make solid pour overs, and their baristas consistently win awards for best … barista-ing.

  29. 78

    Haven’t tried the Philz in San Jose (118 Paseo De San Antonio Walk), but the one on Golden Gate Ave in San Francisco (399 Golden Gate Ave) is a regular stop on my way in to work.

  30. 79

    #ABneedscoffeewichita verita coffee on the west side brews Stumptown plus they serve other brews that require a designated driver…OR you could embrace the hecticness of your book tour sched and only get your coffee from the drive thru #liketheotherhalflives #doubledogdare

  31. 80
    Darlene Sanders

    Jittery Joe’s is the best! If you don’t have time to scoot over to Athens, get your fix at the location in the Ritz Carlton on Peachtree. Truly fond of the ‘Whoop-Ass’ blend for more than one reason!

  32. 81
    Dave Wilson

    There’s a small problem with you list AB… There isn’t a stop in Boston or Providence .!?!?, Thet work something out. My daughter would love to meet you!

  33. 83

    Best in the country: Onyx Coffee Labs in Arkansas i grt a few bags shipped every month, i also keep a reserve of cold brew that i make from their beans on hand for when the week gets tough.

    Four Barrel and Blue Bottle always quality coffee if you are ever in SF. Though really you should spoil yourself with some Philz once in a while, get a jamaican blue mountain and ask for it sweet and creamy , itll cost you $10 , worth every penny.

  34. 91
    Jenny S

    #ABNeedsCoffeePDX Coava Coffee or Heart for local roasters and Barista (rotating roasters from US). For snacks Little t Bakery or Pip’s Original Donuts will never do you wrong. #ABNeedsCoffeeSEA I second Vivace.

  35. 92
    Angela McLaughlin

    Go check out Narrative coffee in Everett, WA. Best damn cup of coffee I had my entire life. Natural and handmade products.

  36. 95

    While you’re in Houston, I highly recommend a stop at Catalina Coffee. Be sure to order a cappuccino for some lovely coffee art!

  37. 96
    Pat Harrison

    Jim and Pattys Coffee People. I am partial to the Fremont location but they all serve the best coffee in this town.

  38. 97

    When you’re in Philly, get stellar espresso at ICI Macarons Cafe (230 Arch St) in old city. They use locally roasted beans (but of course) from ReAnimator. While you’re there, you might as well get a delicious fig and cassis macaroon, or better yet, a basic but delectable butter croissant.

  39. 98
    Tyler Sciacqua

    Well, since you’re not going to Sacramento (seriously, go to Sac and visit Old Soul and Temple), if you get up to SF while in #ABNeedsCoffeeMenloPark you should check out Andytown in the outer sunset. You have to try the Snowy Plover (and everything else)!

  40. 105

    Frisco TX? That’s not a foodie town! Fort Worth is your best bet! Hit up Avoca on Magnolia for a cup and keep going for good eats!

  41. 109

    If you’re going to Seattle and you end up anywhere near Bellingham WA, you MUST visit The Black Drop. I have moved out of the area and I miss it everyday. Best coffee in Washington State in my opinion.

  42. 110

    I just stumbled across a delightful little place near me. Cute names for the drinks, big menu, hip music on the stereo. It’s called Starbucks.

  43. 112

    Alton I recommend either Cathedral Coffee or Jim and Patty’s Coffee People. Both will give you an amazing coffee. #ABNeedsCoffeePDX

  44. 113

    #ABNeedsCoffeeSTL Sump Coffee and Blueprint Coffee are two awesome local roasters with awesome people. You can get it at their independent shops or, for both and more, hit up Comet Coffee by the St. Louis Science Center (you can get some sweeeeet pastries there as well). Hope to see you when you come through–have a great tour!

  45. 114
    Lavone Samstag

    Vivace – best coffee in my life! I prefer the location in South Lake Union (as opposed to Capitol Hill) !#ABNeedsCoffeeSEA

  46. 115
    Tracy Brunsman

    Slate Coffee. By far, the best artisan coffee in Seattle. The original Ballard location provides the best experience. Try the deconstructed latte (but really, everything is solid).

  47. 116

    Lavender and Honey (1383 E Washington Blvd)
    Copa Vida (70 S Raymond Ave)
    Jones Coffee Roasters (693 S Raymond Ave)

  48. 117
    Jacob Wingfield

    You should check out “The Mad Bean” in Madison NC! I am the cook there and my food is the bomb! We also have live music and a rustic folly atmosphere that ust leaves you breathless and captivated. Please stop by and see us!

    -Jacob Wingfield

  49. 119

    Wish you were coming to Cincinnati!! I’d point you in the direction of La Teraza – the best place to get it is at their warehouse / roastery (is that a word?) where they have a small counter set up where you can buy a cup of super fresh *amazing* coffee. It’s an almost spiritual drinking the coffee in that place redolent with the smell of beans being roasted.

  50. 120
    Jessica zmuda

    Well AB Coffee is a wonderful this so when you are in portland oregon hit up Sweetpea baking co on se 12th and stark great local coffee along with amazing vegan baked goods so yes you can drink your coffee and eat a doughnut to well as for donuts thats just on saturdays but you get the picture hope to see you there #ABNeedsCoffeePDX

  51. 121
    Linda Hopper

    In Wichita, Mead’s Corner is the ONLY coffee shop with a tip jar that ALL goes to mission projects. It now has a second location at the Downtown YMCA, too. Check them out. Gina Buster is their marvelous manager. The coffee is amazing, too. Thanks for coming to Doo-Dah (affectionate name for Wichita). #ABNeedsCoffeeWichita

  52. 124

    #ABNeedsCoffeeArlington You must visit Swing’s in Alexandria. I love it all, but this summer the cold Nitro is my favorite! I get all my beans from there.

  53. 125

    If you are coming to Toronto Ontario Canada…one of the best cups of coffee can be found at the cafe/roastery Te Aro on Queen Street East. It is really quite special…the quality yo mr is standout, aeedome. Other eastside indie fave spots are The Rooster, Tango, Red Rocket, F’Coffee. (for the secret back patio..) Oh!! I almost forgot JET FUEL on Parliament… it is pretty much in a league of its own, the real dressed down which will annoint you a memorable caffeine fuel buzz…and their old school Pioneer stereo tuner is delivcous lustening too. As for cappuccino, the surprise for me is that Crema (several sites) makes a lovely cappucino. Enjoy. Sorry, I have no west end reccomendatio as i have not bonded there.

  54. 126

    #ABNeedsCoffeeHOU Blacksmith (if you go here, also get the Vietnamese Steak & Eggs. Don’t ask why. No stupid questions. Just do it!). Catalina coffee is also a great option but little food.

  55. 127

    #ABNeedsCoffeePDX Stumptown is all the rage but I’ve never had it. I actually live in the small culinary town of Hood River, an hour away, and I will bring you beans from Hood River Coffee Roasters. It is very balanced stuff!

  56. 131

    #ABNeedsCoffeeSTL Hartford Coffee in St. Louis, no question! I had the unique pleasure of living in the apartment above them for nearly 5 years. They are the most charming and authentic neighborhood coffee shop. They air roast beans in the back yard! The get there early and bake and every morning I woke up to the smell of muffins and bacon and coffee. They are the best!!

  57. 134
    Craig Tremblay

    I have to pitch for Cafe Codiac in Moncton NB Canada. How about a nitrogen infused cold coffee that looks like Guinness beer. It’s on me and we have lots of AB fans in Canada that would love to see you. Check out their facebook page.

  58. 136

    #ABneedscoffeeSTL I also vote for Hartford Coffee Co. I practically bought my house to be near this coffee shop. It’s wonderful!

  59. 137

    As a Los Angeles native I’m super happy to say that Groundwork’s coffee has just opened in Portland! #ABNeedsCoffeePDX #groundworkcoffee

  60. 139

    The Drunken Monkey is a local favorite in Orlando. Super cool employees, awesome coffee and tea, and a nice light meal selection, all surrounded by local art #ABneedscoffeeORL

  61. 140

    For Seattle I recommend Storyville Coffee! Great brews, scratch made pastries, and profits go to fighting human trafficking. (Come out to Bainbridge for a roasting studio tour!)

  62. 141

    For Carlsbad, I would highly recommend Revolution Roasters (Leucadia), Lofty Coffee (Encinitas), and Better Buzz (Encinitas). All within 15 minutes of your book tour spot.

  63. 143
    Shelley Keenan

    It isn’t so much coffee, but Mama Kat’s in San Marcos, CA (right next to Carlsbad) has the best breakfast anywhere. They’re only open until 2:00pm and there is always a wait. Super friendly staff, they remember our family every time. I love the breakfast burrito with roast turkey. My husband always get the friend chicken. Everything is perfect every time.


  64. 144
    Chad Mason

    Hello again,
    As a resident of Columbus Ohio, I have had everything available to me regarding coffee. Silver Bridge is my favorite. Roasted in Gallipoli and driven straight to me, it delivers fresh delicious flavor Everytime.

  65. 145
    Kaili Lynn

    You should definitely try Condesa Coffee in Atlanta! its great and they have amazing pour over coffee. Dancing Goats is also really good and really close to Ponce City Market #ABNeedsCoffeeATL

  66. 147
    Jeana Duncan

    Dearest Alton,
    You need to visit the Sea to Sky Corridor when you visit Vancouver, B.C. And head to Britannia Beach (between Vancouver and whistler ) where you will find Galileo Coffee Co. They roast all their beans there and will make you The Best Breve ever.
    You are welcome!
    Love, Jeana

  67. 148
    Lori Koonce

    It’s a bit outta the way, but when in Menlo Park, the I highly reccomend the nearest Philz. These guys don’t even think about pre grinding beans or holding pre made coffee in bulk.

  68. 150

    #ABNeedsCoffeeDC – The Den – downstairs from Politics and Prose – the coffee and pastries (no donuts :'( ) are amazing! Hope to see you there, and can I maybe buy you a pie at #CometPingPong up the street?

  69. 151

    #ABneedscoffeeKC The best coffee in KC can be found at Parisi and Thou Mayest – and Parisi’s house-made pastries are PERFECTION!

  70. 155

    It is a real challenge to choose any one coffee shop or roaster in Portland, Or, there are so many. I would recommend coffee and donuts at Blue Star Donuts.

  71. 161
    Robin Revelle

    #ABNeedsCoffeeSEA Byen Bakeri on Nickerson Street in Seattle (base of Queen Anne Hill facing Fremont). Good coffee and great Scandinavian pastries (the cardamom cookies are really good). See you in March for Eat Your Science.

  72. 164

    Cafe Ladro-several locations, KEXP at the studios, next to Key Arena-rotating roasters, you never know who will be featured. #ABneedscoffeeSEA

  73. 173
    kyle b

    #ABneedscoffeeOLYMPIA batdorf and bronson dancing goats blend… no need to say more. And they have a tasting room next to farmers market.

  74. 174

    Hey Alton #abneenscoffeeclaytonde I see the closest you are coming to me is Philadelphia but if you want to make a detour in to Clayton DE. The coffee shop Young Been has awesome coffee. They have one called a cup of hate it rocks and it will kick off your day and keep you going

  75. 175

    #ABneedscoffeeORL it’s worth the stop coming or going from Orlando to stop at Trilogy coffee shop in Deland, fl. Plus you can grab a bite at Cress or Bakechop! You’ll fall in love with our quaint town.

  76. 176

    #ABNeedsCoffeeHOU Try Barbazzaar at 702 West Bay Area Blvd. Webster, TX. This is the Clear Lake region of Houston (just east of I–45 & Bay Area Blvd exit). Local family owned.

  77. 178

    Montreal, Quebec #ABNeedsCoffeeYUL <— see what I did there ?

    Plenty of premium coffee houses here in the city and all the food you can swing a peach at.

  78. 180

    In orlando you have to try either the Drunken Monkey (next to beefy King) or Vespr Craft Coffee. The Drunken Monkey has a great specialty beverage called the mojo Jojo made with condensed milk and spices (good hot or iced). Vespr is more of a true craft coffee bar with excellent single origin offerings as well as unique specialty creations. You have to find the “secret” menu in the Animal Farm book if you go. #ABNeedsCoffeeORL

  79. 182

    Not sure of where to go in NYC, but in Western NY, in Lewiston, there’s a coffee shop called Orange Cat Cafe. If you’re ever up near Buffalo again you’ll have to stop in and try it!

  80. 190

    The first/original Starbucks is downtown right next to Pike Place Market. If you haven’t been there yet, you gotta try it!!!

  81. 192

    Lofty Bean! Gotta try thier flavored lattes. They use actual food and spices and not just syrups. Sooooo good. #ABNeedsCoffeeCLD

  82. 195

    About 90 minutes outside of Portland in the coastal town of Cannon Beach, there is an organic roaster/coffee shop called Sleepy Monk Coffee. Normally, I’m not a coffee person, and when I do drink coffee it has to be creamed and sugared. No lie, their coffee I drink black and I enjoy the heck out of it. With that said, their coffee drinks are way awesome, and they have delicious baked-on-site goodies. Beyond that, the people are wonderful.

  83. 200

    While in Kansas city Missouri.
    The best roasted coffee in this city comes from the ‘ City market roasters’ coffee shop , located in the scenic city market/ river market area .
    All of the beans are roasted in house, each cup houses the taste of the richness and care placed in each cup.
    Enjoy the best Mr.Brown!

  84. 202
    Tammi Larreau-Leroy

    #Seattle; (or 1 hr north between Bellingham and Seattle) on Beautiful Camano Island. We invite you out to coffee at our local roasters. Caffeine up!!

  85. 207

    I only drink coffee from home (Hawaii) so I’m not the person, but you should definitely try Kauai Coffee (Coconut Caramel Crunch) .

  86. 208
    Nic Bagherpour

    Not sure about Frisco, TX. But Denton, TX (30 minutes or so west of Frisco) has a few legit coffee places I could recommend.

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