Announcing: 2017 Eat Your Science Tour

The 2017 Eat Your Science Tour is about to light up the map with 40+ new cities. Get ready for more puppets, songs and entertaining-yet-possibly-hazardous culinary demonstrations.

TICKETS: List of cities and tickets available by clicking here.


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  1. 1
    Jennifer Stinson

    We were SO looking forward to seeing your Eat Your Science tour! Alas, within a week’s time, I was phoned by my nearby PAC and informed that you had backed out of the Bowling Green Kentucky performance. We were really let down. Stuff happens. We know. But should you choose to continue this tour into 2018, please consider Bowling Green Kentucky again. We’ll be there with bells on!

  2. 3
    Jim Roberts

    SCORE!! Had my 50th birthday yesterday, daughter got me tixs for Eat Your Science here in Chattanooga!! Yeah, she ROCKS! So looking forward to seeing AB back in Chatt-town, hmmm, wonder if BA will be joining him?

  3. 6

    Are you going to be coming to D.C? My fiance and I love your show; he always says watching it taught him how to cook, and now he loves cooking so much!

  4. 8
    Teresa Powell

    My 12 year old son is one of your biggest fans. His main goal in life is to become the next you! But you are not coming to Virginia. I don’t mind driving so my son can see his hero, but anything over a couple hours in one direction is out of the question. Alex has what used to be known as Asperger’s, he is a smart young man who loves food and science. You so brilliantly put those together for him. We love your shows and books. Please come to Virginia soon.

  5. 15

    Are you coming back to Ottawa(Canada)?
    Your last visit was my first time ever seeing anything you’ve done. Since then, I’ve been a hooked on Good Eats

  6. 16
    Stefanie king

    Thank you Alton for coming to cities that you didn’t originally visit on your tour. I saw you in Reno and the show was amazing!!!! Please make sure you come back here for your book signing!!! I can’t wait to meet you!

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